10 Apr 2012

Should Kenny Dalglish take this huge *risk* against Blackburn tonight...?

The FA Cup semi-final against Everton is only a few days away now, but before that much anticipated match at Wembley, Liverpool face a tricky away game at Blackburn Rovers. Kenny Dalglish has prioritised cup competitions all season, so with Saturday's game in mind, what should he do? Play a full strength team, or rest key players for Everton?

I don't think it's beyond the realm of possibility that Dalglish may be considering resting the likes of Steven Gerrard, Daniel Agger and Luis Suarez ahead of the semi-final, but is this really the right approach to take?

I would hate to see Dalglish play an under-strength team; Champions League football may be gone for this season but the league should not be disrespected in favour of the FA Cup IMO.

What about pride? Self-respect? Ensuring that Liverpool don't suffer the ignominy of losing to yet another team in the relegation zone? After only two wins in the last thirteen league games, a confidence-boosting win tonight is surely a must.

Building momentum is also important, and if Liverpool can get an emphatic victory against Blackburn tonight, that would be great preparation for the semi-final.

Everton hammered Sunderland 4-0 yesterday, so they're obviously in good shape, and the confidence of that heavy victory win will stand them in good stead for Saturday.

IMO, Liverpool must try and follow suit.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Liverpool need to go full strength and for the win tonight, as you said Jamie its about momentum, and Everton have built a serious stock of it the last couple of games.

    Liverpool might be the bookies favourites but on form you'd have to say that Everton would be favourite for the tie, then again its a derby away from home so who knows.

  2. Priority should be the FA cup but not at the expense of another loss. Bring on the youngsters with a blend of the first team players. Hey, they can't be any worse than the current players.

  3. full strength team? where do u see that? full or under strength our team is poor so that wont make any big difference plus I think we have enough time to recover for the semi final 4 days so why not playing the best out there theres no point resting them because we need a win to boost a lil bit our confidence, see everton is flying atm and to be fair I see them winning it on saturday, but even if kenny plays the best possible players tonight I still cant see us getting 3 points there, maximum a I see a draw, wouldnt be surprised with a defeat either, I just pray not to see henderson again that guy will give me a cancer, kenny should play sterling from the start but i dont think he will.

  4. Weakened side? i thought that's all we have! Mind you we did win 2 on the trot when he dropped Adam and Henderson then for some unknown reason put them back in.

  5. "Under strength" would hardly be the right term to use should we decide to utilise our squad. Our second stringers or reserves shouldn't fare any worse than our first team regulars! This would be an excellent opportunity to give our younger players a run out. Their will to win would probably match Blackburn's. I really wouldn't mind seeing Sterling and/or Coady being handed starts, or Robbo, seeing as Enrique's performances have taken a dip.

    If we are going to win it, we will win it. I don't see it happening with our usual suspects.

  6. No way will KK play a full strength team and rightly so, play the kids!!!!

  7. I don't think the strolling players theatre company will be busting a gut for a win at Blackburn anyway

  8. league had long gone and in fairness our poimts total does not image the way we have played.  time to look forward to next year and start to try out sterling suso coady and morgan during out last few games.  couls save us monay to spend on 1 or 2 world class players

  9. Seeing as we played on the weekend, I think there will be and has to be 2/3 players being rotated at least. Even than, we should still be going for the win as its not like it has to be a totally different XI.

    Annoyed at how well Newcastle have spent their money :(

  10. What is a 'weakened team' on paper, may be in fact a stronger team on the pitch.

    I would definitely play Agger, he needs a match fitness, and play Johnno, if he is fit, to gain the match fitness for Saturday. Gerrard and Suarez may have some rest. Bellamy & Carroll in the attack. Maxi should play too, or play in the final. Better both, today and in the final.

    Something like:

    Doni; Johnson-Skrtel-Agger-Robinson/Aurelio; Shelvey-Henderson; Maxi-Downing-Bellamy; Carroll.

    Subs: Jones, Coates, Enrique, Flanno, Suarez, Spearing, Gerrard

  11. Carrol,Shelvey,Henderson,Spearing,Downing,Carragher,Doni.Wow! More like a team for the lower league

  12. I don't really buy into all this nonsense about professional footballers being able to play 2 games within 72 hours, but seeing as it has been drummed into player's heads I would just go along with it and 'rest' a lot of them.

    My team would include several of the youngsters, along with some of the experienced players with a point to prove;


    (Doni/ Agger/ Wisdom/ Gerrard/ Suso/ Maxi/ Bellamy)

  13. What is a full strength team though? The same guys that have been racking up the losses week after week after week??

  14. A weakened side?


    Flanagan Kelly Carragher Aurelio
    Henderson Spearing Shelvey Downing
                    Carroll   Kuyt

    Side for Everton should be but wont be this

    Johnson    Skertel   Agger    Enrique

    Sterling      Gerrard   Shelvey    Maxi


    I'm so bored of losing and Drawing that I don't care what team Kenny puts out if I'm totally honest
    Fed up of being humiliated.


  15. Fielding a team for the purposes of possibly winning the weekend semi final FA cup could of course mean that we lose against blackburn today in which case we stay on 43 points. And if the current form continues where could we possibly finish by season end? 14? I'm not quite sure what winning the Carking Cup and maybe, just maybe, the FA cup would mean if that were the case. 14th, a Carling cuo and no FA cup. In my book heads have to roll. It's opportunism nothing mmore but an attempt by "managers" to try save face.

  16. LOL... yep! surprised myself. Hope it works out.