10 Apr 2012

81 goals/assists? Should LFC sign this £40m star who's 'obsessed' with England...?

Montpellier striker Olivier Giroud has revealed that he is 'obsessed' with moving to the Premier League. Arsenal and Spurs seem to be the most likely destinations at this stage but should Liverpool be looking to the France International as a potential summer signing?

In an interview the L'Equipe over the weekend, Giroud - who is currently the top goalscorer in France, claimed that he's having 'great fun' at Montpellier, and that he's 'fully committed to the project', but revealed that he harbours a dream to play in England. He said:

"I have always dreamt about England. My agent...advised me to first try Ligue 1.

"However, I was obsessed by England. But I put that aside"

Montpellier owner Louis Nicollin recently slapped an outrageously inflated pice-tag of £40m on the the Frenchman, but that is clearly just wishful thinking. Having said that, Giroud is a prolific goalscorer, and they don't come cheap:

* 21 goals and 7 assists in 32 starts this season
* 70 goals and 11 assists in the last 3.5 seasons
* Averages a goal or an assist every 1.6 games
* Currently averages 23 goals/assists per season

Giroud has unfinished business in France though before he leaves:

"I want to leave a mark on Ligue 1 in my time. I want people to one day say 'I remember Giroud, the one who led Montpellier to the Champions League' "

Should Liverpool try and lure Giroud in the summer? Would he even come to Anfield? Well, he recently said the following about Celtic's interest in him:

"Celtic, wow! They have fans all over the world and it is a great showcase before joining the Premier League".

If he's willing to consider joining the SPL, then he'll almost certainly be interested in joining Liverpool.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. No.he's not the type of player we need.We need world class striker.Giroud may be another Andy Carroll.

  2. sorry i got to disagree, he is a much much more complete player then carroll, though obviously the french league is not the premier league, if we can pay £35million on carroll then this guy is well worth an offer, though were the £40mill has come from i dont know as he wont fetch an offer of half that for his current club

  3. Hope he isn't another Gignac, who I thought looked really good at Toulouse after Elmander left (he had to play on the wing a lot when Elmander was there) but hasn't really worked out for him well at Marseille. He has been absolutely dire at times and basically is now a bench warmer.

    Haven't seen much of Giroud though, admittedly. Though Spurs will be on the look out for a striker as they probably can't afford the combined financial responsibility of Adebayor's transfer fee AND wages. Though who knows, maybe if they make CL, they could make it work.

  4. Good luck attracting a 'world class striker' to our club.

    I don't think FSG will sanction a big money spend on a striker, after sanctioning around £60m on two strikers already (less about the current, the better). We have to find a Hernandez/Papiss Cisse-like signing, in terms of transfer value.

  5. I read somewhere that Giroud has 16m euros buyout clause.

  6. The price tag is ridiculous, but i guess everyone knows by now what we payed for Carroll so i say good luck to them. Hey do you guys think that Messi would be around 200 mill. On a serious note he looks ok don't know much about him though his stats look impressive.

  7. Get a great manager that people will want to play for, that might help.

  8. Put it this way, if we are interested then a deal needs to be completed with Monpellier BEFORE the Euro's, otherwise his price-tag will only head in one direction - and as has already been stated, I'm sure Mr Henry & Mr Werner will be quite reluctant to splash out a large sum of money on yet another striker. I'm assuming that if in fact we are interested, then given his background, Comoli will already be in discussions to try and make this happen. 

  9. interesting prospect

  10. Get newcastle scouts signed up - they make connolli look daft

  11. What we going to buy him with? Dalglish was given loads of money last year (yes, yes I know net we have spent only about 25m in the last 3 years) but why would you give anything to Dalglish and Comolli who think Carroll, Henderson, Downing and Adam are worth 70m when in reality they are worth no more than 25m between them. 

    Whatever we think of Dalglish historically, his transfer dealings are abysmal and if he were anyone else we would be telling him so a lot more forcefully than we do at the moment. I actually can't believe how many times I have clapped the players off at home this year, it's force of habit because I can't bring myself to boo even though they deserve it. Dalglish has been an absolute disaster this year on every level. I can't think how he could be worse really but there you go.

  12. If the only thing he can do is score goals the buy him.
    Because that is what we need someone who can only score and setup goals "Only".

  13. I think Belhanda is the one to look at from Montpellier. Remy Cabella looks a good prospect too. Montpellier is the kind of club that Comolli should study closely. Giroud is obviously worthy of attention too.

  14. jaime, do you know to calculate? where are the 81 assists? your math is dubious to say the least ...

  15. Do you know how to read? It says 81 goals/assists i.e combined. 70 goals + 11 assists = 81

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  16. I hear what you're saying about his age and not fitting into the Moneyball mould but, if we can sign an older player who can be prolific for us, his transfer fee would pay for itself with the extra money from finishing higher up the league and Champions League football. It's a no-brainer really, spend what money we have on a proven goalscorer, if it was up to me I'd go for Huntelaar AND Torres with Suarez playing either just behind them or to the left of an attacking 3.

  17. Read it again, mate, the second line of stats; 70 goals/11 assists in 3.5 years.