14 Apr 2012

LFC Legend insists: These *three* fringe players must start vs. Everton. Agree?

After the midweek victory over Blackburn, Competition for places in tomorrow's FA Cup semi-final is going to be intense but Liverpool legend Jan Molby believes that three players in particular have earned the right to start the much-anticipate game against Everton.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo, Molby - who won the FA Cup twice during his Anfield career - argued:

"One or two players may have worked their way into the starting line-up. Maxi Rodriguez has scored 11 goals in 10 Premier League starts...and his ability to arrive late in the box is a real skill.

"Andy Carroll kept going and kept going. Football is all about confidence and Carroll will surely take a lot from Tuesday".

With 11 goals in the last 10 league starts, Maxi is a no-brainer IMO, but like the 4 previous occasions he's scored on starts this season, the Argentinean is likely to dropped yet again.

Dalglish has regularly dropped players after scoring goals this season, and he'll hopefully have to explain decisions like to FSG at some point. I've always maintained that dropping players who score is the wrong strategy, but successive Liverpool managers have made this mistake, and it's cost the club.

On that basis, I would also start Andy Carroll on Saturday; I'm not his biggest fan, but he scored a vital winning goal during the week, and he should not be rewarded with demotion to the bench.

Molby also argued that the midfield partnership of Jordan Henderson and Jonjo Shelvey 'didn't work' against Blackburn, adding:

"Everton have good link-up players so it is important that we have someone in there to disrupt that. Jay Spearing is the only man that fits the bill"

My line-up:

-------------------------- Jones

Johnson ----------- Skrtel --- Agger ------------ Enrique

Maxi ------------- Spearing -- Gerrard ---------- Bellamy

------------------- Carroll -- Suarez

* I just don't think it's fair to leave out Maxi and Carroll after they scored in the last game.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. For me the Liverpool's line up should be Jones Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique Spearing Shelvey Gerrard Suarez Bellamy Maxi. Or maybe replace Spearing with Kuyt, and i am also hoping that Carragher doesn't start this game.

  2. I dont think bellamy will start, kenny never plays him in 2 games row, he wont start not after playing full 90mins at blackburn, nor will maxi or coates these type of players, the line up could be like: Jones Johnson Skrtel Agger Enrique Spearing Gerrard Henderson Downing Kuyt Suarez. Im praying not to see hendo despite hes good performance in midweek but really with one good game he wont convince me obviously,if kenny has to play him then play him at right back he was good there not at right wing but anyway kenny listens to none but himself so lets see how we do today

  3. Couldnt agree more on your line up JK

  4. I'd bench Maxi. I have to agree with Nicol that he doesn't really do enough, plus Moyes watched the Blackburn game. He will make sure the right side of his defence is tight. The pace of Bellamy would be more useful there - or, if miracle of miracles we see Raheem Sterling there.

    I'd have Luis Suarez as a right sided forward where he had been so effective for Ajax, but we'll also need him to pin Baines back. We don't want Baines to be able to get forward. I think Gerrard and Carroll up top pick themselves. Carroll won't be easy to keep quiet if he replicates his Blackburn performance. We would need Gerrard's experience in the trequartista role and to drop back to help in midfield.

    As for the central midfield pairing, I wonder if Kenny ever considered using Henderson as a holding player. The kid is pacy and can defend and then leave the ball distribution to Shelvey. I seriously hope Adam doesn't start, or we're done for. Fellaini and Rodwell aren't the easiest pair to come up against.

    If our usual back four is fit, they pick themselves. No Carra please! You don't get a much better centreback pairing in the world than Agger and Skrtel. Agger makes Skrtel play better.

  5. Maxi isn't British, so he won't start me thinks.

  6. Totally agre whit JK perhaps start whit downing and then bring on Bel and please dont play arrogant today enrique

  7. he doesnt play 2 games in a row but can play 3 times in a week