14 Apr 2012

Lawro slams 'ridiculous' semi-final decision, but backs LFC to beat Everton...

In the 1980s, Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson won 4 trophies at the old Wembley, one of which was the FA Cup in 1986. Liverpool's semi-final against Southampton took place at White Hart Lane that year, but things have changed since, and semi-finals are now played at Wembley. Like many others, Lawro disagrees with change, and he's slammed the FA allowing money to get in the way of tradition.

Speaking to the BBC ahead of today's semi-final with Everton, Lawro argued:

"I think it is absolutely ridiculous that both sets of fans have to go to Wembley for this game. You could say to the supporters that it will be an extra £25 a ticket if you want to play it in Manchester, and that way they don't have to pay to get down to London and the Football Association still get their money".

Lawro's ire is shared by former team-mate John Aldridge, who recently blasted the FA for 'devaluing' the competition, and I totally agree that. . Wembley is supposed to be the reward; the enticing final destination, and it's been that way for decades.

There was always something magical about semis being played at neutral venues like Villa Park and - dare I say it - Old Trafford. The atmosphere always seemed just a little bit more electric, and the games benefited from that.

Lawro admitted that he doesn't believe today's game will be a classic, but he's confident Liverpool will win:

"As well as Everton are playing, Liverpool generally have the hex over Everton and I think they will shade it".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. For once I agree with Lawro, but The Ethihad Stadium would be a better option than the Manure heap.

  2. Well the F A won't be happy till they've sucked the life out of the game ,
    gotten every possible penny they can . They should be up before someone
    fir bringing game into disrepute , hypocrites the lot of them .