9 Apr 2012

Chairman insists: 'Our manager' is a serious contender for the LFC job. Agree?

Having presided over the worst run of league form since the 1950s, Kenny Dalglish's second spell at Liverpool seems destined to be shorter than at first anticipated, and there's a very real chance that the club will be looking for a new manager sooner rather than later. The Liverpool job is undoubtedly one of the most sought after in world football, and Swansea City chairman Huw Jenkins believes when Dalglish leaves the club, there are two current Premier League managers who will be near the top of the replacement list.

In a recent interview with the South Wales Evening Post, Swansea City Chairman Huw Jenkins seemed certain that sooner or later, the league's big clubs would be in for Brendan Rodgers, and Norwich City boss Paul Lambert. He argued:

"Given the way we have performed as a club and the football we have played, it's quite natural that our manager is going to be linked to other clubs.

"Whether it is Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool or whoever, we better get used to the fact that our manager is going to be mentioned if those jobs come up.

"Brendan and Norwich's Paul Lambert are probably going to be mentioned whenever a job comes up. That's just a fact of life."

Rodgers and Lambert: What do you think? Are they serious contenders to take over from Dalglish when he leaves the club?

I personally would love to see Rodgers give a chance. When Swansea came to Andfield earlier in the season, Liverpool's players were chasing shadows for much of the game, and that was down to pace, movement, skill, and overall brilliance of the Swansea team that day.

That performance was not a one-off either; Swansea have played well all season, and that's largely down to the positive pass and move footballing philosophy Rodgers has instilled at the club.

In a press conference earlier this week, Rodgers refuted suggestions that it was 'too soon' for him to move to a 'top club'. However, if he came to Liverpool, I just don't think the club's notoriously hypocritical fans would give him the time needed to turn things around. After a few bad results, the personal and professional attacks would begin, and he'd be hounded out of Anfield just like Roy Hodgson.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Rodgers or Martin o Nell please

  2. LFC needs a world class manager!

  3. Hypocritical? Do you mean knowledgeable?
    Hodgson should never have been appointed - he was brought in by the 2 cowboys and it's a pity he wasn't hounded out earlier. Dreadful appointment - whether Kenny is right or not is another matter but the fans were right to decry Hodgsons appointment.

  4. your a joke, biggest one on here a disgrace to LFC. your comments about the manager kenny are a disgrace jamie kan make war. your name suits you ,as a liverpool born and bred scouser  and a season ticket holder and a lot older than you your so negative and why on earth do you surrport liverpool? what you need is to jog on to manchester people like you are needed there....

  5. LFC needs a world class manager!

  6. So called post 2005 lfc fans,get off the bandwagon and support your team.
    If you want instant success go and support barca.

  7. yeah. or go support manshitty. Undivided support is what the club needs now. Stop Bitching and get behind Team LFC. Dissapointed?? Of course we all are. Belief?? We must have. It is The Liverpool way. 

  8. What entitles you to refer to Liverpool fans as "notoriously hypocritical"?

    What exactly do you base this view on? The rejection by the fans of a lame duck manager in Roy Hodgson, who was only put in place to facilitate a buyout, by owners who ran the club into the ground?

    Pitifully, you look to gain notoriety via controversialism rather than insightful content

  9. I think we should see what happens in the fa cup and then assess things during the summer. What we do know is we cannot have the currrent squad going into next season. Its upto the owners if they still believe in allowing kenny a huge transfer fund. Coz the majority of new players brought last summer are just not good enough for lfc. Fingers crossed in the fa cup as we desperately need to win another cup to ease the pain and failure in the league.

  10. KD is too old school n lacks creativity. Liverpool deserves a manager who has the experience of managing top clubs. (can handle top players, win big games n manage stress..) well, at the moment, Rafa might b the one...(though he made some stupid mistakes as well..)

  11. one word......raffa

  12. Rodgers? come on you gotta be kidding, I thought we're a club who pretends more than that, its the same like we appoint back hodgson, Im against every british manager because then he only buys british players, we need a europian manager whose tactics are modern attacking display, just look at our team we need had good wingers, kuyts been playing on the right for 6 years how bad was that, we need 2 fast wingers skillful and good delivers, downing is fast but he doenst know how to use that ability he runs like a headless chicken. As for the manager my options are Mourinho or Hiddink these two, indeed i hope real madrid loses the title this year then surely they will sack mourinho so we could get him but I remember mourinho said 2 years ago that the only club in england which he would never manage is liverpool so that will be difficult but one thing is clear, kenny must not remain here for another season, FSG must react soon as the season is over.

  13. Yes please bring back rafa or someone else Franck rikard

  14. I think this topic should not be up for debate in the very first place. Kenny is still in the job and it is massive disrespect to the biggest player legend in the club history of all time. While league results have been very poor lately, it is not too long ago where the fans are rejoicing Kenny's victories over Arsenal, Man U, Man City, Chelsea, Newcastle, Everton, etc. We should all get behind the team now that the team has suffered a dip in form and confidence. YNWA

  15. Rogers is a young outstanding Manager and Coach maybe given time he could bring the good times back again. I think that he will be Managing a top six club within 12 months.

  16. i hate the lad who rights these blogs.... jamie fuck off

  17. Rafa or Rodgers! Definitely. Rodgers sends the ball up the pitch the Liverpool way and sets up around the opponent's box the manure way. If Steve Clarke stays to organise our defence, that is a winning combination. Wouldn't mind AVB either.

  18. If he can make Liverpool play attractive football then i won't mind having Brendan Rodgers as our manager but still i would prefer to see Rafa back.

  19. You talk some nonsense son!

  20. Yes I agree Rodgers will be managing a top 6 team, that team will be Swansea city !!!

  21. Ted Rodgers and dusty bin won nothing in football, does that make them contenders too???

  22. It's okay, Simon, I know the truth hurts. LFC *are* hypocritical; perhaps (from what I've seen) the most hypocritical of any top flight club:

    * Hounding Hodgson out of Anfield yet defending KD despite the fact he's done worse.

    * Ignoring issues under Dalglish yet using them as reasons to get rid of Hodgson.

    * Calling for Hodgson to leave after 3 months yet making up lame excuses for Dalglish.

    * Constantly slagging off Purslow and Broughton yet it was they who released the club from the clutches of H+G


    I have every right to say whatever I want about football fans, as do you, and I've written countless articles in the past backing up my views in detail.

    Stating that LFC fans are hypocritical is not 'controversialism', it's a bog-standard fact.

  23. JK - what is your opinion about Comolli's recruitment policy? If you overspent on mediocre players, no matter how good the manager, the team will be mediocre and the money wasted. Don't you agree?

  24. Like him, but maybe a bit too soon? Don't know.

  25. personally i think kenny shold be allowed another season, if he does not step down himself, but one thing that worries me is lack of creativity of the team i remember kenny  saying after we lost uefa team was it benefica? i dont remember the team name but it was portugal team he was saying lack of creativiy cost them a game .and i was happy i thought kenny found ot our proplem  and we will see a good attacking and finishing team but unfurtnetly it did not happen 

  26. So called LFC fans, if you want to support mediocrity and one manager for a long time, go and support Everton or Crewe!

  27. The time for taking risks was when Benitez was moved on. Now that the stature of the club has been severely reduced by Hodgson and Dalglish, in order to attract the quality players needed to quickly get us out of this hole (without the CL status or greater financial rewards that many other teams can now afford ahead of us) we need a reknowned manager that players across Europe will instantly respect and want to play for.

    Riijkaard is that man.

    Let Chelsea go with the British manager for once, while we adopt their policy of just looking for the man with the best credentials, full stop!

  28. When Kenny loaned out Aquilani who was by far our best midfielder in the pre season and also sold Meireles, then it was pretty much clear their would be no creativity in midfield this season. Everybody wanted Aquilani to stay because he was level above the rest of the midfielders in pre season but Kenny thought Adam and Henderson are better players and our demise of this started season from that point onwards.

  29. Where is the evidence that Comolli was recruiting player's over Dalglish's heads? There is plenty of evidence to the contrary, but nothing to suggest that Comolli has been in charge of transfers of the last couple of years.

    One oft forgotten point - the only player that I can remember Comolli bleating on about in recent years was Matuidi, a ball winning central midfielder. Liverpool bought TWO more central midfielders, neither of which could be regarded as ball winners. This would suggest that Dalglish went over his head imo...

  30.  Agree. KD is a seasoned manager, and full of good intentions for the team. The problem lies with the attitude of the existing crop of players. Even my grandma commented during a game "that boy with the pony tail is lazy".. she wasn't wrong! If our strikers have been banging in goals, everybody would have said KD is a miracle worker. Unfortunately, KD would need a miracle with the mediocre players signed by Comolli.

  31. Scouting, recruiting players is in Comolli's job description. What do you expect KD to say about the list of mediocre players suggested by Comolli? Turn down every one, and continue playing with aged players? Comeon..

  32. Surprised you didn't have some "stats" to back up your views JK. 

    Perhaps a pie-chart of 2-faced goings on in the Kemlyn compared to rational reason in the Paddock?I can't see anything hypocritical about backing a manager who I was made up to see get the job, yet wanting rid of a manager who I didn't want, was foisted on us as a stop-gap by a temporary board, and who was backed to the hilt by a jingoistic press desperate to give an English manager a shoe-in.

  33. Unfortunately Aquilani wanted out. His agent kept telling the press how much Aquilani want out. Do we really need a player who does not want to be in the team to play for us? If he is not proud of LFC, he does not deserve to be sticking around. His wages are not cheap either.

  34. Everybody, apart from Aquilani. He wanted to go home.

  35. More chance of Ginger Rodgers replacing KK and she's dead!!!!!

  36. Comolli will most likely recommend A LOT of players - some unobtainable, some cheap, some better than others, some the manager would've already been aware of and some that the manager just plain doesn't take a liking to. And vice-versa. Dalglish has his own ideas and chooses which targets should be prioritized. The club then negotiates deals with players that the manager wants. 

    If Dalglish just wanted to focus on the long term future of the club, he could've turned to the same reserves that he'd been overseeing for a couple of years before becoming manager.Besides, as Comolli said explicitly, there is little benefit to be gained in the club signing players that the manager doesn't want. Unfortunately in our case, there is little benefit in signing the players that our manager wants either :-(

  37. I'm a Villa fan and travel to just about ever away game. I know as a club we can't compete for a Champions League place and our one European Cup success is now a distant memory.

    However, It saddens me to see the decline of Liverpool, which was once such a great club.

    Yes Liverpool deserved a point on Saturday, probably all three, despite Villa's resolute defending. And remember we went into the game without seven players who would normally be in the starting line-up and with our captain fighting acute leukaemia.   

    If Villa can't take on Man Utd, City, Aresenal, Spur, Chelsea then I'd like to see Liverpool up there fighting for league honours. However, lets face it, your light years behind.

    Dalglish wasted massive amounts of money on mediocre players who wouldn't get in the reserve side of either of the Manchester clubs.

    Liverpool seem to have stood still, dwelling on the past, while other clubs have moved off and have now disappeared over the horizon.

    Compare the Emirates or Old Trafford to your run down tired old stadium and compare the ability available to their manager's who have built talented squads.

    Of course next season will be the second without Champions League football for Liverpool and that means they will be unable to attract the top players again.

    It's also sad to listen to Liverpool supporters who are still convinced they have an absolute right to challenge at the top and look down on inferior clubs with disdain.

    Well welcome to the real world. You need to rebuild from the bottom and maybe, just maybe, in another 20 years or so you might be back somewhere near the top where a once great club like Liverpool should be.

  38. You don't see anything hypocritical because hypocrites rarely have the ability to see past the end of their own nose:

    * Every LFC manager should be treated with respect.  The job itself demands it; it's bigger than any individual.

    * From day one, Hodgson was subjected to personal abuse and ridicule.  That was totally out of order, and it disrespected the role of LFC manager, not just Hodgson.

    * The ability of any manager appointed is irrelevant; he still deserves a basic level of respect and time; he does not deserves endless personal abuse.

    * Criticism is fine, but personal abuse should never be condoned, and Liverpool fans shamed themselves and the club with their pathetic mob-mentality over Hodgson.

    By personally abusing Hodgson, Liverpool fans personally abused the club, and the role of LFC manager.  The ultimate irony is these fans actually believe they were supporting the club by denigrating Hodgson.  What a joke.

    What makes it worse is these 'fans' ridiculed Hodgson without acknowledging the fact that he arrived at a time when the club was going through the greatest football-related turmoil in its history.  If Dalglish had arrived after Benitez. you can bet your bottom dollar things like the court case, failing to qualify for the CL; unhappy players; boardroom civil war etc would've used to defend him, but hypocritical fans refused to accept these as reasons for underperformance under RH.

    Now, Dalglish has done *far worse* that Hodgson in the league, and the very same fans are defending Dalglish to the hilt, knowing full well that if it was Hodgson in charge now, there would probably be a fan mutiny at Anfield.

    At the time, I agreed that Hodgson was not the right  long-term manager for the club (and the articles I wrote during the time prove this), but I constantly called for fans to treat him with respect, i.e. drop the personal insults.

    That didn't happen, and Hodgson was hounded out, to be replaced with Dalgish, who has regressed the club further in the league.

    (Many) Liverpool fans are hypocrites.  End of story.

  39. Still think that O'Neill is the man to rebuild the team and start getting results. If Lambert or Rodgers still have a good reputation after that, then they have done a good job. I would actually prefere Lambert to Rodgers, think he has done well for a long time now, but would prefer someone with more experience as the next manager and then a manager like one of these two, or maybe Hypia if he has done well in Germany, after that.

  40. Biggest PLAYER  legend. But, unfortunately, he is manager now.

    Dip in form and confidence, the team has not been in worse form since the 50s. After a major spending spree that has achieved absolutely nothing in terms of progress. If the manager's position cannot open to debate in those circumstances, then the manager is bigger than the club.

  41. If you are hell-bent on placing all the blame on KD, and choose to ignore the fact that Comolli scouts, recruits and signs players.. then such myopic view is your own choice. I believe the club deserves a better scout than the over rated, media-hungry, sweet talking Comolli.

  42. Septimus_severus12:53 pm, April 09, 2012

    OK I'm going to say something which is going against most of the fans on this board and many others.



    You see the problem is this 'Little Britain' mentality that seems to exist in the UK.
    Brendan Rogers and Paul Lambert, frankly speaking are not going to be able to attract the INTERNATIONAL class players that we need.

    I'm sorry to say it but very few British Managers are any good.
    We made the mistake with HODGSON & DALGLISH in appointing a British Manager and both have been progressively worst.

    Martin O Neil is another over hyped manager who, if he has any balls would have coached in Spain,Italy,Germany.
    At least HODGSON did that.

    You cannot keep looking INTERNALLY within the country to get decent managers.
    Look what a 'BUY BRITISH' policy did with our transfer Policy in the four horsemen of the apocalypse in CHAD (CARROLL,HENDERSON,ADAM,DOWNING).

    It's about value for MONEY and frankly speaking British Players are not value for money as we have found out to our cost.

    I want a International Manager/Coach who has won a league Europa or CL in either Spain/Italy/Germany.
    Not some manager whose had one season in the Premier League.

    I blame the MEDIA and the FANS for over hyping Managers who have POTENTIAL.
    POTENTIAL is not the finished article POTENTIAL doesn't GUARANTEE anything.
    POTENTIAL is what got us CHAD and that to me is gambling.

    As I've said before we need a Manager that has the AUTHORITY to remove players from the squad such as CARRAGHER,CARROLL,KUYT GERRARD,MAXI,AURELIO and of course CHAD.

    He needs to be able to tear up the book and think Radically about how to build for a future.
    He needs to be able to tell the fans that we are NOT going to win the league for the next 5 years.
    He needs to be able to the the fans we are not going to be in the Champions League Places for 3 years.
    Players are NOT stupid and like everyone else they don't respect Managers who've won nothing or show a lack of Authority or JUDGEMENT.

    Brendan Rogers and Paul Lambert don't have that Gravitas..SIMPLE.

    As fans we need to STOP being NOSTALGIC and SENTIMENTAL, that's what got us into this mess.

    WHEN Kenny Goes hopefully at the end of the season FSG need to look OUTSIDE the UK for a Manager.
    Someone with a Pedigree of WINNING THINGS RECENTLY who has an extensive scouting Network.

    FSG could do no worse than look at Jurgen KLOPP & JOACHIM LOWE.
    There are others but NO MORE BRITISH MANAGERS.

  43. Septimus_severus12:55 pm, April 09, 2012

    Well said NO MORE BRITISH MANAGERS  it's been a disaster recently 

  44. Septimus_severus12:59 pm, April 09, 2012

    Hoover give it a rest...I already told you in previous posts that KD has FINAL SAY ON ALL PLAYER TRANSFERS..try looking on the the LFC OFFICIAL site for the statement..instead of peddling the same old tired gibberish 

  45. how about Mourinho? I wouldn't mind if he comes back to haunt Wenger the voyeur and play mind games with Ferguson. Plus, he would truly love the attention and love of LFC fans! But for me, I would like to see KD being given the chance for 1-2 seasons more, enough time for the team to gel and get some magic into their games.

  46. Can you cite anything else other than Hodgson and related upheavals? The club almost ceased to exist!!!

    This is how I see the Hodgson situation

    - H & G desperately needed to sell the club
    - Rafa's open warfare with them may have been perceived as deterring possible buyers
    - solution was to spare new owners an unpopular sacking of Rafa as their first action
    - put in a lame duck manager who could easily be sacked if necessary

    Your truth doesn't hurt me. There are many more real life, personal situations that are more important. Commenting here is a hobby as is my weekly viewing of Liverpool matches

    I feel that you unflinchingly promote your own ideas here, which is your right, but without any real scope for honest discussion

    Can you accept that Balotelli is a total waster? That maybe former Liverpool pros see something in his behaviour that you re unable to, based on their experience?

    Can you accept that Rafa's net send figure directly reflects the paltry sum of cash investment he has received? 10.5 million per season he was there

    Personally, I thought that Hodgson could do well for us, I thought Broughton had real integrity - his interviews were brilliant

    You could concede some ground at times. It is a discussion after all.....

  47. So is the main issue whether you wanted them or not, regardless of results? If Kenny has us in league one do you still support him on the grounds that you wanted him as manager?

    I've asked a few times, but no one has ever answered, I've said, and seen others say, for some time the reasons, clear for all to see, why the manager should be considering his position, but I have not seen many decent reasons put forward for why KD should continue and what he will improve next season.

    Will he suddenly get an eye for a players and make good signings that are not ridiculously overpriced?

    Will he look as if he has a better grasp of tactics or team selection?

    Will the majority of players look motivated and look as if they are playing for him in more than the big games?

    Will some of his signings that have been poor improve, if so which ones?

    I'm not sure how anyone can still want KD to continue next season if they do not have an idea that some of the above will improve. This idea that he 'just needs more time', but no one says to do what, makes no sense. All the signs are that the team is in decline and more time will only confirm that decline. We have not been unlucky, our team deserves to be where it is, which is fine, but the club should expect more after the amount spent, compared to others, on the team.

  48. And hypocritical to not see KD's faults. So, no, whether Kenny is right or wrong is not another matter at all when we are discussing hypocrisy.

  49. Love ur post mate...its coz alot of our deluded fans who live in fish bowls keep banging on about the past and think what one manager did in the 80's will put it right agin now. The other problem is there's not enough level headed fans theses days who are afraid to admit we are just not good enough. League table never lies and even if alot of them are making the excuses about settling in period is again a sign of weakness.....and to that i just reply look at newcastle. We have made so many bad buys over years and lossed millions. Carroll classic example of a panic buy and will be sold eventually for peanuts. Again the people say support the team but maybe the players should support the fans like me whos been following them for 27yrs. We have become a laughing stock and some people seem to think its acceptable.

  50. Presumably the denigration, ridicule and personal abuse of Hodgson was carried out on forums such as this, then, JK? (I wouldn't know, because I only started reading your incisive tomes after an article on the Suarez ban caught my attention, and now I'm ashamed to say I'm hooked).
    I can't recall any abuse of him at the actual games, but then I was comatosed for the majority of the time. I DO remember a shot at Home to Wolves, though.....Was he actually hounded out, or did FSG make a business decision? - which is something they will obviously have to re-assess in the summer.You go on about *pathetic* mob mentality, yet you keep writing articles criticising the manager and the team, knowing full well that this will stir up the 'mob' even further. *ALL* football fans are hypocrites, that's the nature of the game, it's a self-defence mechanism for when shits like Owen and Torres run out on us.Just chill, and wait 'til the *summer*.Ps. why all the *asterisks* in your headlines?

  51. As I have replied in the other post, u are wrong on this matter. See the LFC Official for Comolli's job description, not what Comolli choose to say to the press.

  52. Post 2005 lfc fans! What a bullshit concept. 

  53. Well let's face it any of the other managers in the prem league would've done better , amassed more points with our group of players than we have got , any of them , and if any of them didn't and had the number of points we have with this group of players they would be on the dole FACT .

  54. And Sir Alex, has he only bought English players. More like 50 50  and yet he get success.  British players or not, does not matter. 

  55. Septimus_severus1:27 pm, April 09, 2012

    Hoover..Kenny MUST have told John Henry when he asked for the money to but these players that they were good enough to get a Champions League Place.
    That's why John Henry stated that he would be 'very disappointed' if we don't achieve that at the end of the season.

    When you ask for and spend other peoples money and you don't deliver you have to be accountable.
    There is NOTHING in this squad that suggests that it will improve.
    Henderson Downing Carroll have played 70% of the games this season.
    I have excluded Adam due to him being injured.

    Kenny has FAILED no if's no but's not maybes.
    The premier league table doesn't lie.

  56. Spot on Jaimie. It seems to some deluded fans that the king can't be touched, even as they are seeing our once great team being destroyed, by their king.

    We were the most feared team in europe, beating the hell out of the likes of Real Madrid, but we been going downhill, since H&G, Hodgson and now KD, who was suppose to be our savior.

    I for one did not think that, KD was the right appointment at LFC, at the time. I just knew that, a lot of funds will be wasted on very average british players, and I regret to say that, it was the correct analysis.

  57. You must have been there when KD asked for the money from JH? Are you so sure that Comolli plays no part in scouting, recruitment and signing the players? Are you sure the budget for the players were not requested by Comolli based on the fees needed for each player he wanted to sign (with KD's blessings)? If you are right, Comolli should be sack first, since he is letting KD do all the job that he himself should be doing? Let's not be naive and myopic.

  58. Hoover....go brush-up on Google, before you post.

    KD tells Comolli which players he would like, and comolli goes tries to do the business, that is why we ended up with very average CHAD's! cr*p.

  59.  Your granny is right. Carroll is a joke. The rest of the team is weak - we need a good holding midfielder, and a good striker. Carroll does not make the cut. Look at Aguero, same price category, but this guy works a LOT harder for his team, PLUS much better skills and attitude to go along.

  60. Hoover......cut your 'IF's' and you have NOTHING!.

  61. 20 years ago, Kenny was on a 6-game losing streak with Blackburn which was ended with a drawn game. 3 years later, Blackburn won the Premiership. You couldn't use the excuse that Kenny'd been away from the game a long time then, it was just part of rebuilding a team to his style, it doesn't happen overnight. You can't take an unsuccessful team and turn them into world beaters in an instant. Blackburn showed faith in him and it paid off, I should imagine that with his history with the club, the least we can do is show the same faith in him that they did.

    Kenny, YNWA. Kanwar, you will !


  62. When manager is not interested in keeping the player, why would player want to stay. It was already clear that Kenny didn't want to keep him and he even said that he couldn't fit Aquilani in his plans so he had to leave.

  63. Show some respect

  64. i love it how you generalise Liverpool Fans. Not all of us are hypocrites and I am sure that every fan base are fickle. Please write something useful.

  65. Hoover....Your sentimental blindness is beyond compehension!.

  66. Septimus_severus2:03 pm, April 09, 2012

    Hoover I have no problem in removing Comolli as well Kenny and Comolli must go together.

    BTW Google 'Independent Comolli states Kenny has final say on player transfers.

    Or better still go to the Interview conducted on LCF TV ONLINE (the official club site) Where when asked who has final say on player Transfers in a Interview Comolli says Kenny Dalglish.

    Of course it doesn't fit your purpose to suggest that Kenny choose these players ON FINAL SAY.
    He could have said NO but he didn't the rest is Historical Fact.

  67. Why do you insist on wanting to cause unrest at our great football club? A week before the FA cup semi, we have you, allegedly one of our own talking about who can replace Kenny Dalglish. I am appalled at your constant sniping and negativity, at a time when it seems the whole of the media is putting the boot in surely we can hope that our "own" supporters can offer some hope and some support.
    We are having a tough time, we all know that, but your sabre rattling and mischievous posts are becoming annoying and serving no purpose other than to give more ammunition to our rivals.  

  68. Septimus_severus2:18 pm, April 09, 2012

    When journalists  & fans questioned Kenny Dalglish back in February that the squad was not very strong or that the team had NOT improved.
    We were told that we and I quote 'NEEDED AN INTELLIGENCE TEST' and that we 'NEEDED OUR HEADS EXAMINED'

    Do you think SHANKLY or PAISLEY would ever suggest that to fans ?


  69. What has that got to with anything? All I and the majority of fans expect from our own supporters especially in FA cup and Hillsborough week is a show of support and a unity to get behind the team and the manager for the greater good of Liverpool Football Club. If we need to have debates about management changes then we can do that in the close season but the timing of this article is totally wrong and serves no purpose other than to give ammunition to our rivals.

  70. No way, either Lambert and Rogers cannot go to a big club after the first season, the only way to see if they are good enough is if they maintained good results in the next season, plus got into Europe, and had a good run there. Look at Owen Coyle and McLeish, they're both hardly setting the world a light, and especially after the first one everybody seemed to want him at liverpool b4 Hodgson was appointed or after hodgson, so chill let's get a proven manager who has achieved something in league an europe, not a promising manager who only had an ok year in the PL first time he got there, if were're thinking about alternatives

  71. i will support KK cos he is what LFC is all abot even if we r in the lowe div so F the rest lfc is not just in my blood its part of my soul were u cannot enter a...h..e

  72. A bit sick of all that "Hodgson-the nice-man-was treated badly-by-nasty- scousers" tune.  It's outdated! It's BORING! He never was a man for LFC to start with. I wish him every success at West Brom though. That's his level. Ta ra. Topic closed.

    And no, Brendan Rodgers is a very good manager, and I hope he stays at Swansea and makes them fight for the spot in Europe next season. As well as their players. Hope they don't get taken apart by the big sharks. He has done a great job there, and it's not yet finished. People should have some respect for them, instead of trying to ruin everything he has built by luring away him and his players.

    One aspect why Rodgers is NOT a right person for LFC at this stage is: he has no name in Europe YET. He can not attract the best players. We are now in a situation where we have become a midtable team (yes, time to admit the sad truth). Yes, we still have a big name worldwide. But given the owners' policy: cut wages, buy young, etc.  we have virtually no chance to buy any player if he has a choice whether to join LFC or Arsenal, or ManUtd or Spurs or Chelsea... let alone City. Let's face it. Players want an instant fame and a lot of money. Or they want to be a part of an ambitios project. They are unlikely to buy it into LFC when they don't even know who is Brendan Rodgers? Or Paul Lambert?

    Liverpool FC needs a manager who can attract those players simply by his persona. Someone who has a proven record and a list of trophies.  Liverpool needs a manager who is a great tactitian. Who always has a plan, and a plan B. Who brings the best in the players. Who can make them stars from some no-name players of mid-table teams around Europe.

    More over, Liverpool needs a manager who is not foreign to the Liverpool way, who is not a mere chancer or a mercenary. Someone who has a passion for this club. Someone who knows things from the inside out.

    That boils down to one person, really.

  73. I think we need to sort out player issues before we sort out our managerial one's....

    Kenny i feel has let me as a LFC fan down this season, i backed him albeit tentatively... all the way up to the Suarez Evra affair.....and that was when i started asking myself some serious questions about his suitability for the job.

    Wasn't happy with how he handled all that, and wasn't happy with the way he has rotated certain players and stuck with systems that have not worked.....

    Doesn't matter who we bring in if Kenny leaves if we don't weed out the serial underperformers who are just as responsible as Kenny in getting us to this unenviable positiion in the league....we will continue to struggle.

    As Jamie rightly said the fan base would turn very quickly on another manager other than Rafa or a high profile foreign one....

    I like Rodgers, and think his style of football would suit us down to the ground but realistically we would have to be looking at bringing in some quality players and it would be a big step up for him which would in turn be a big gamble for our owners.....something they won't be willing to risk IMO esp considering the potential hostility our fan base.....

    btw - Completely agree with Jamie re Roy, that was yet another period in our recent history that i had to distant myself from, i stood up for Roy re the insults and general obsession with finding flaws even when there wasn't any there.......

    THAT was hypocrisy at its finest IMO, virtually ALL of those hardcore Roy out merchants were the same ones crying about how Rafa should of been given more time, and how any slight personal criticism of Rafa was considered blasphemy........all that back your manager or fcuk off to Redcafe hehehe......kinda crap.

    Big time hypocrites, even the personal stuff aimed at Carroll and Adam this season......but if you dared say a wrong word about Saurez you'd get cluster fcuked....or banned from the forum....by a bunch of self righteous and overlydominant and cliqued moderators who consider their opinion higher than any of their posters...TIA....though im sure RAWK is the same.....

  74. irrelevant, outdated nonsense. 20 years ago. Great. It was a totally different league then. Cliches, like 'it does not happen overnight', fail to address how bad the team has been lately.

    Blackburn showed faith and it paid off? They bought the title and the influx of foreign players in our league mean that Dalglish's recruitment strategy is unlikely to work so well this time.

  75. Good luck to you, too. You deserve a better manager than you have also, I feel.

    Hope Petrov will pull through also.


  77. Fair enough, and that's your right, but any argument with you about whether he is doing a good job or not is a waste of time, then.

  78. Balotelli is a total waster, then some of our players are somehow able to be more than total wasters. Didn't know that was possible.

  79. Does it say that he has the final say on transfers?

  80. Hey septimus_severus, weren't you in Harry Potter ? Think you were on the dark side then and you're still there along with Kanwar. Noticed you haven't got a good thing to say about your team, and won't change even with a change of manager. You see, you're one of these strange people who's team, country etc can do no right, but all outsiders are the bog's dollocks. Can't even bring myself to read what you fine-weather supporters have to say anymore. What happened to YNWA ? You're a disgrace !!!

  81. gagnauga spot on your reply to gano1.  JKs comments were exactly true.  Many liverpool fans do not show respect.  They think they can do no wrong!!!!

  82. Septimus_severus3:55 pm, April 09, 2012

    Mmm I'm not sure what to say here.
    I could address the fact you never read a book (No not Harry Potter) or bothered to Google the name.
    This leads me to the fact that your Ignorant.

    I could draw up the fact I was Happy when we were in the Champions League and seeing as I was actually there and have the tickets,pictures and memories to prove it, would fall on your deaf ears.

    We could most likely agree that the problems started when the club was sold to H&G.
    Or that I was a season ticket holder for some 15 years.

    I could say that Agger, Skertel, Lucas,Suarez,Gerrard,Bellamy, are good players and would get into most Top 4 teams SQUADS.

    I could say that Dalglish was a great servant to the Club when Roy was sacked and that he did a very good job until the end of that season.

    I could say that I want better players, style, management, coaching.

    That having been said I was always told NEVER ARGUE WITH A FOOL.

    I support LFC not KFC.

  83. Rodgers has carried on the philosophy that was put in place over ten years ago. He's has done a good job but Swansea and Liverpool are two completely different things!!

  84. Play attractive football... Just need to stick the ball in the back of the net!


  86. There is only one manager in the world who could bring back the glory days to Liverpool. Though not very popular with the anfield kop, Jose Mourinho is the man.

    He is the only guy who will be able to stand toe to toe with Alex Fegie and match him with the his renowned wagger and arrogance. Liverpool should grab him before Chelski, Man City or even Manure grab him. Anybody else and Fergie will bully them into submission just like how he has done for the past twenty years. Fergie has the media, FA, PL and the referees on his side and win his cheats win games at will.

    This has to stop and Mourinho is a winner wherever he goes. So Liverpool owners and fans must make a decision that will bring Liverpool to the forefront once more. Kenny was once a great player and manager, but times have changed and it is very clear that players are not responding to his style and tactic in this era. We need someone with a firebrand manager like Mourinho to get Liverpool to play with more fire in their bellies and balls between their legs.

    I'm sure Liverpool will be a big draw to him and all it needs is a phone call from Owner Henry and Mourinho will be on the next plane from Madrid.

  87. So jaimie lfc fans are hypocritical... so that means you are hypocritical or are you not really an lfc fan? because it certainly looks that way.  Why dont you actually support lfc and not critisize over every single last detail of the club (this comment will probably get taken down for the 500th time)

  88. I'm sure I've been hypocritical about LFC at some point, yes. I don't exempt myself from that particular criticism.

  89. What is it with you and Balotelli?

    He as undoubted football skills but has been very disruptive to Man City's cause at times this season and isn't a team player

    Therefore a complete waste of money in a team game, in my opinion

  90. Like i've already said, i don't care what the guy has done, he wouldn't be in my team. But i hate to see an agenda and hate to see a mob blindly following it. On the same basis, Rooney should never play for England again for all his petulance and his displays of poor discipline, when you consider how rare it is for players to play for their country compared to their clubs. 

  91. Everton pulling away from us, Newcastle are so far ahead I've stopped counting, are they 16 points ahead of us if they beat Bolton?

    Transition, progress and rebuilding. Not sure how. Surely some superfan can explain it?

  92. i remember the abuse towards hodgson, i remember one game well. we got battered one nil by wolves at home when wolves where bottom. i remember singing 'hosdgson for england and dalglish' alonf with 40'000 people, it was immense

  93. Another boring anti dalglish post . We have given him no time and now you write about his successors as though he isn't still in the job. Unfortunatly your giving liverpool fans on here the name they all deserve hypocritical like Chelsea fans.

  94. Hello? Wake up. Mourinho is:

    a) not a man for Liverpool, he is the one who is bigger than any club (in his own eyes)
    b) probably "dreaming of an opportunity" to take over a mid-table club that we currently are.

  95. I'm just saying that I wanting Kenny as manager, I was relieved and excited when he took over, so I'm not going to turn on him when things are going awry. THAT would be hypocritical.
    I didn't want Hodgson, have never been that impressed with his managerial record (was it 2 away wins in 10 years?), so wasn't that fussed when he was sacked. Actually, that's an understatement!!But that doesn't mean I slagged him off on forums, phoned up 606 moaning, slated him to people at work, or shouted abuse towards him at the match. I've never done that, and I never will. 

    We should expect more for the outlay on players, granted, but it just hasn't worked out for a whole host of reasons. I know I keep harping on about it, but we had won at The Emirates, Woodison, and Stamford Bridge and (unluckily) drawn against both Manc sides before the Suarez ban. And whatever your opinion on the justification of the ban (and I respect that you found his actions offensive, whereas I didn't), that whole episode derailed our season. Because all of a sudden Kenny was having to be a politician instead of a football man, he was having to protect his most creative player from an hysterical PC brigade, he was trying to fend off an "outraged" media, and cajole his underperforming and over-inflated signings. And instead of sticking together, a vocal minority of fans have had it in for him ever since.

    Why didn't FSG step in in January, back Kenny, Suarez and the team to the hilt, and deal with all the media crap for him? Now THAT may have made a bit of business sense, surely, to protect their investment?

  96. Not sure if that's classed as abuse. More like irony.

    If you want to see fan abuse, have a look at what Steve Kean has had to put up with.

  97. Til the summer. Yep.

  98. I'm afraid lack of experience managing a top team would be his achilles heel. But then again, look at what Guardiola managed to achieve at Barca. Sure, he has inherited probably the best squad in the world, but he also knew how to manage it well and add the right players to it.

  99.  Although i do like Brendan Rogers, he would last no more that 5 minutes in the liverpool job as liverpool fans will not give him time. If he does not produce top 4 at least and go on a great cup run, then he will be hounded out. 
    Hodgson was hounded out as he was a boardroom appointment instead of a fans appointment, this is the main reason for him not getting time from fans. The wierd bit is KD was a fans appointment, every fan wanted him when he came back and every fan wanted him to sign a 3 year contract. The fact that no one is giving; him especially time, signals that any other person who has not got an affiliation like dalglish to the club will get worse treatment and will be out of the door quickly if results dont go their way. IMO liverpool fans need to either do one or the other, they need to either support KD or hound him out. If they hound him out, then they need to understand that the next manager (maybe Brendan Rogers), whoever it is, may have us mid table by january and out of both cups.  You neeed to give him time or it will be all over for him as it has been for Hodgson and likely Dalglish. What I cant understand the most though, is how nearly 96% of liverpool fans got the decision to hire KD wrong?? and who is to say the mention of rafa back, rijkard an oneil (who just lost to everton 4 nil) etc is another great decision!
    In conclusion, if fans want a certain person to manage the club and agree with the contract they have been given then, that fan should give the person time to get it right, if not, then what were you thinking when you agreed, where you wrong and are you wrong for wanting a change now?
    IMO the only managers that i woul like to see Dalglish step down for is ones who you know would provide guaranteed success with and the only one out their is mourinho, other than that and you may end up like tottenham with ramos, a person who came with great hope and nearly saw them relegated!!!

  100. Septimus_severus5:40 pm, April 09, 2012

    I NEVER wanted Dalglish back as Manager so I stand apart from most fans in that regard.

  101. replacing kenny with lambet or rodgers who are 1 season wonders in the prem i think any liverpool manager needs time and the top four will be man city and chelsea rich clubs and man utd and arsenal who have both gave the manager time like liverpool will do with kenny dalglish a man who  will come good we needed a replacement for lucas but we never got 1 and we have always needed a striker and comolli a french talent spotter has missed newcastles french based players sack comolli  

  102. Um what's wrong with Arsene Wenger?

  103. I agree! Anyone only following LFC because of Istanbul would certainly have stopped following them by now - LFC has been on a downward slide ever since! Anyone who is a fan of LFC right now, deserves a bit of respect 'cause it's a really difficult time to be an LFC fan, and has been for a while, and will continue to be for a while.

  104. You are the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen Jamie!We need to give Kenny as this will enable him to build the team…I was not born when Kenny was managering us during his first spell but I am mature enough to tell the beat team in the premier league Manchester United has had only 1 manager for the last 20 years…consistency is what the club needs to keep on winning…and for that to happen there must be only one manager for a long period of time!!No matter whether that manager is Kenny,Hodgson,Rafa or anyone else…I think our previous two managers were sacked too soon…So personally I think we should give him until Dec to see where we are in the table and then decide whether to keep him or let him go…what if he screws up the club?Makes no difference!!!!We have been waiting for 22 years so just continue waiting for 1 more year!

  105. As a Scouser i was made up KD came back, in my heart it was trhe right thing to do, But in my mind it was not, we are living in the past, we also let our hearts rule sometimes to much as in KDs position and sometimes in as in Roys position not enough, On results alone Roy had to go, so saying that then so should KD.Hate to Say it but we need a man like Moyes who has the passion to do it, look what he has achieved with what he got, and before you all kill me, how much has he spent, we cant even beat wolves aston villa newcastle the list goes on, I will always support LIVERPOOL. But im not stupid and my heart dont rule my mind, we as liverpool fans, we gave up that right after ROY, whats good for one is good for all.
    So id say KD was brought in to falicate us, keep us happy, the owners where on a win/win, but it has not worked, so a change is need, now if the owners are as good as we hope then they will do the one thing we wont but DONT,

  106. Balotelli is not a total waster. The hooker said ''he beats Rooney in bed.'' That alone is worth it. Comedy genious.

  107. Just goes to show how far we have fallen. Alonso at Real with Arbeloa....Mascherano at Barca and Aquilani at Ac milan. Injuries continue though. 
    Do not dispair, we have Spearing--Adam.

  108. Liverpool are such a mess that the fans really need to take stock of where they are. They have a midtable squad, on champions league wages, without the champions league money. They wasted a huge amount of money in the summer, and that is going to damage their accounts for years. 

    liverpool need to look closely at newcastle, and see how they turned themselves from a joke club, into a team challenging for a cl place on 40% of the liverpool wage bill (2011 figures) 

    Newcastle got rid of all of their overpaid players, and replaced them with a number of well scouted, cheap players in the 23-26 age category. None of these players were offered more than £40K a week and if they do well, they will get a better contract. Newcastle now are in a position where they are generating fairly serious profits, which they can use to hang onto their best players, and bring in more. 

    Liverpool's wage bill is still a mess, and the best thing that liverpool could do in the summer, is have a fairly ruthless cull of their biggest earners. Jamie Carragher has one year on a £100,000 a year contract. That is £5 million. He needs to be talked into retirement. Glen Johnson is reportedly on £120K a week. He's much improved, but he's still not £100k a week better than kelly or flanagan. Joe Cole earns £100k a week. Liverpool need to find him a free transfer, or put a fee towards paying off the difference between his new wages and his liverpool wages. 

    Dirk Kuyt is on 80k a week and he's no longer what he was. Aquilani has made enough appearances for milan to trigger a purchase clause in his contract, so that is another £70-80K a week off the wage bill. Getting rid of all of those players would save £24 million from the wage bill, cut a big chunk off the amortisation charge and make the books look a lot better, and would raise cash to spend on some new players. 

    That's before you consider what to do with andy carroll, stewart Downing, jordan henderson and luis suarez, who in their own ways have let down the club badly. The best thing liverpool could do with carroll is send him out on loan in the hope that he recovers enough value to sell. 

    Liverpool don't need to sign international class players for huge fees. They need to buy more players like jose enrique, seasoned talented professionals about to enter their peak, who cost relatively little. And they need to buy more players like sebastian coates. One of the most promising young defenders in south america, a star of a copa america, and relatively inexpensive. 

    If Liverpool try to develop a squad where they bring in a senior player in the 23-25 year age group, and a younger player, to provide cover, to provide competition, and to develop into a replacement, They'll eventually start to develop a strong, balanced, young and most importantly cheap squad. If they get their costs down and start to generate a profit, there will always be more money to improve the team. 

    Because lets face it, liverpool are terrible at buying players. They have a lot of good academy players. They should give them all a go. And if they only sign relatively cheap players like newcastle, then it's easier to get rid of your terrible mistakes. Liverpool should forget about competing with man utd over the next couple of years. Liverpool are 36 points behind man utd after 32 games, and the table doesn't lie. They need to get their house in order, and drag themselves back into the top six first of all, and that is only going to happen if they start to get better value for money.

  109. Good post, you make some very good points, a ruthless cull is needed IMO, but my worry is who will be culled.....

  110. Kenny leavrs this week and Reserve team manager replaces him

  111. I have been reading all the post and you have nothing else to say who cares about comolli he wanted more signings from the french league but dalglish as he did with blackburn thought that he could spend big on british and win the league what I dont understand is why does he continue to defend the poor purchases when they continually let him down he deserves more from them. At least the foreign players like maxi and suarez know the man they are playing for. You cant even say gerrard does because he has been a disappointment especially as we all know what he is capable of as for carroll i've seen better sunday league footballers

  112. Most of the players Liverpool have can't even pass the ball properly, everybody needs two touches to pass and passing is so slow that we hardly open up defences, only thing attractive about Liverpool's football is Suarez and his unpredictability and to some extent Bellamy and Gerrard but only in one game against Everton, rest all attacking players have been rubbish. Liverpool played much better football under Rafa Benitez. Last season at the end Liverpool played great football but this season Liverpool have been the most boring team to watch. If you are honest with yourself then even you will agree that Liverpool have been one of the most boring team to watch in the league this season. 

  113. we need to bin carroll, adam and carragher ( what a great player, but now needs to move over). downing needs to pull his finger out, henderson the same.  i'm afraid if kd does move aside and suarez wants to go, let him. great little pocket dynamite, but the club is bigger than anyone. if you don't want to play, then go.

  114. We give Kenny more time than Roy because like it or lump it, Kenny is LFC through and through. So obviously we will give him more time. Also, under Roy playing good football was a rarity. At least with Kenny especially when he took over, you know how good we can play. Under Roy there was no indication at all that there was better to come. It's only really since Feb for Kenny that this slump as really come in, before that it wasn't so bad. Am I happy with the current situation, far from it. But comparing Dalglish to Roy is foolhardy. One Dalglish has one things, many things for Liverpool so has the connection with the fans and clubs. Is it fair that he gets more time than Roy? If you took emotion out of it, probably not, but really who cares about Roy? The man had no real track record of winning any major trophies and had no connection to us. Think about it. If you had a cousin who worked for you and had done some good things in the recent past and also years ago, and was great with the clients but recent sales figures were down or you had someone else who had no family ties had similar sales figures but couldn't connect with your clients, which person would you have more faith in? Plus at least Kenny has won a trophy is his current spell.

    And yes we would give Brendan Rogers time as we know his team plays great football unlike Roy. I would take Brendan Rogers with Kenny overseeing. But if it was just Rogers on his own, I would wait a few years as I wanted Owen Coyle a few years back. Rogers needs to manage a Villa or Sunderland first.

    Also, calling LFC fans hypocrites is rather odd. You seem to position yourself as a crusading devil's advocate. But that is to assume all Liverpool fans think exactly the same. I know many LFC fans that are not willing to give Kenny any grace (mainly the keyboard warriors) and want him gone (you only have to look on your own blog). Personally, I want Kenny to see out the season, and maybe think of moving upstairs if there are viable candidates. If there are none, then he carries on for next season.

    But if you cannot understand why we would show more patience for Kenny than Roy, then not sure how you can call yourself a Liverpool fan. Fine if you want him gone I can see the reasoning, but not in terms of comparing to Hodgson as that man is an irrelevance. Kenny has earned the right to be respected at Liverpool better than Roy, that's all there is to it.

    But to re-iterate this is not to say that people are wrong saying Kenny should be gone, that's your opinion, this is just explaining the reasons why Kenny gets more breathing time than Hodgson.

  115. "You don't see anything hypocritical because hypocrites rarely have the ability to see beyond their own nose".


  116. Good post, mate, and very eloquent too. Wish I could have said the same. I tend to just use the "f" word to get my points across.

    Let's just wait 'til the summer and see what happens, eh?

  117. Yep, a lot of people don't realise that Martinez was instrumental in getting Swansea to play this great passing football.

    That said, I still rate Rodgers. Don't like the way he has a d before the g, it is odd.

  118. Hypocrites??

    Wasn't it the likes you of Kanwar that wanted Rafa out?
    Mocking him and supporting the mancs your Facebook Page?

    You should be happy about where we are now... This is what you wanted isn't it?

    Wasnt you warned by fans that you deleted of this site, that we would be in this position today if Rafa was removed!!

    But your shortsightedness Wouldn't allow you to see what us real fans could... Or maybe it was/is your need for hits on this site.

    Then you wonder why your disliked by most true LFC fans.

  119. Hypocritical!!!??? Haven't you been calling for Kenny's head for months now? You are in no position to be making comment on how people to choose to "support" Liverpool. I really think you should do everyone a favour and choose a new club to whine about and I'm sure your new club will really enjoy you slagging them off everyday. Go West Bromwich Albion needs you and then you can enjoy the marvellous football Woy produces.

  120. Both of those managers have done great this season but I'm not convinced they're ready for the big clubs just yet. FSG will definitely bring in someone qualified for the job, but don't be surprised if they give Kenny another year if FSG run Liverpool like they do the Red Sox.

  121. To answer your question:

    I remember one chap. What was his name again? Hmmm tip of my tongue. I remember Ferguson said it was an amazing achievement. Who was it...........Oh yes that's him...


    Only 5 managers have won the Premier League title. He's one of them.

    Rest of your post was quite funny though. Keep it up :)

    KD - YNWA

  122. Hypocrites and rotten fans can be found at any club but i think your answer lies duly in the fact that this club expects success.
    With the size of the club and all weighed up, it should be up there Jamie its a hard pill to swallow.
    You answered your own statements by adding the word turmoil and people all have a right to vent their frustration when something they love is being torn apart.
    I say keep Kenny the club cannot go sacking managers willy nilly but if the truth be known i wish Rafa was still in charge.

  123. beats Rooney in bed?

    I didn't know they shared a bed. 

    I'd imagine Balotelli would have to get his beer goggles on every night then.

  124. Er it's not the big games we've had trouble winning. 

  125. I certainly wouldn't have someone fire the surgeon mid way through the surgery.

    These "modern techniques" that we're not applying. Any idea what they are?

  126. Not really, chelsea is the most boring game for me....liverpool as kenny said, has play great football but cant score. 

  127. Every manager has their own preference of player... Aquilani is bought by rafa...it made no surprise at all that kenny doesnt like him.... 

  128. Are you dreaming? we just need to tweak our tactic abit and we will win the game...

  129. when Pool was barely a few points above relegation zone and the team was dishing out rubbish week-in, week-out, all you guys out there cry for a saviour. 99% called for the return of the king. progress had been made since - despite the League results. Take note - results were poor (luck/por finishing/referees' poor decision/woodwork/MOTM goalkeepers, etc). but can we also argue that , except for 3 or 4 matches, the team were poor - performance-wise? everyone - take a look at the big picture (many of the more objective and far-sighted fans and articles can be found at This is Anfield, Tomkins Times, etc). no need to read the anti-KD articles that this Jaimie Kanwar constantly dished out. what a disgrace!

  130. We want the best manager at Liverpool, not just any British manager.

  131. the problem is the team didn't feed him a proper pass.... all we do is cross in.....kenny has to change his tactic...dont cross to the box, instead we must follow arsenal style.....ATTACK the box... 

  132. please remind yourself one thing....kenny did not promise us that he will win premier league this season, he say we still in rebuilding process....if u can give time to other manager then why not kenny?

    dont expect a instance result when you overhaul the whole squad....kenny need time to gel his team plus try different tactic or formation,afterall he been out of game for quite sometimes. 

    FSG is not dump, when kenny really lose the plot, FSG will step in.... so just stick behind your team. 

  133. As the head of the team,it is obvious you need to defend your own player in front of media. if you dont then who will? 

    all we need now is Lucas replacement and stop with crossing style of football. 


  135. No doubt they have potential to be good managers...but they lack 'fighting four' experience. That's exactly what Kenny lack at the moment...or at least forgot. LFC is going to need Frank Rijkaard to implement more thinking philosophy as the current group of new guys are flippen brain dead!

  136. bin carroll, adam and carragher? are you high? if you dont want use him, then bench him....why want sell?


  138. Winston_smith19849:36 am, April 10, 2012

    What a surprise - a Jaimie Kanwar story that simply steals quotes from a real news source. Do you steal you shopping, too? Steal drinks when you go to the pub? Almost all of your site is based on using stories generated elsewhere - you are a disgrace. Where will you get your stories from when proper news sources go out of business because people like you are simply leaching off their hard work?

  139. Give Kenny a chance,,those who jump ship because It's not going there way are Pathetic..

  140. How about we appoint a foreign manager for a change. The last two seasons under British managers have been a step backwards in my opinion. 

  141. Keep telling yourself that. It's been said countless times that Dalglish has a big say in the transfer process. They're both at fault.

  142. Hasn't Rijkaard been a failure in Turkey? I'm no expert but I'm sure I heard it's not working out. Correct me if I'm wrong. At Barca he had Messi, Ronaldinho, Xavi, Iniesta to work with.

    I'm not saying he's a bad coach, but I don't think you have to be the best coach in the world to get those guys playing well. 

    But I agree with you point, let's go foreign again. I'm sick to death of British managers who only want to buy British players. I'm sure the vast majority of the millions of foreign Liverpool fans are too. 

  143. Chelsea are boring too but this season Liverpool have been the most boring team to watch. With few exceptions i don't think Liverpool have played great football at all. If i was a neutral, i would be bored to death to watch Liverpool play this season.

  144. Finally, someone who has explained why things might be different and where it has gone wrong this season.

    I was glad to see Hodgson out and can understand why KD gets more patience than Hodgson, in the same way that I would defend my friend in an argument (and maybe tell him he was wrong later) whereas there's no reason to listen to any nonsense from a total stranger.

    We did get some good results earlier in the season, but i don't think selling Meireles was the wisest move ever and more should have been done to keep him.

    Totally agree that the board should have intervened. I also think that a lot of our players should have been instructed to stay silent and Suarez should have been advised to let his personality and his hard work do the talking for him, in a way that John Terry could never do. I think that our directors still seem to not understand some of the differences between football and American sports, although their comments about coming 4th this season show that they are learning. I actually think KD should be on the board and work in a sporting director type of role in future. I wonder who the board have been taking advice from regarding the footballing side of things.

  145. I agree Simon, as posters, we aren't allowed to personally insult players/manager/fans, but it's ok for Jaimie K to, which he does all the time, "Tormentor-in-Chief of the Pro-Benitez Cult" says it all

  146. And is it not hypocritical to constantly berate Rafa? A serious case here of pot calling the kettle black.

  147. I agree Red, however, people seem to forget about what Rafa contributed to the cause, including Jaimie himself. Rafa has been our best manager in the Premier League era. I never wanted him to be sacked, I can honestly say I never wanted RH to be brought in, and although I like KD, I think he has failed to adapt to the current style of play. Under Rafa, although we bought British talent, we didn't buy them for the sake of buying them, we bought quality and when they didn't work out, we shipped them out.

  148. Yes to Rafa, absolutely not to Frank Rijkaard.

  149. How exactly is it hypcriticsl. Pleae explain.

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  150. Gaz - stop lying. I never personally insult anyone, especially players and managers. Continue to spread lies like that and I will ban you.