26 Mar 2012

Agony and ecstasy: Could Andy Carroll ever score a goal like this...?

Former strikers Peter Crouch and Djibril Cisse have both scored against the Reds recently, with Cisse's goal particularly damaging to Liverpool's hopes of finishing in the top four. Both strikers were in action again over the weekend, but this time, it was agony for Cisse and ecstasy for Crouch.

In a major blow to QPR, Cisse - who scored a crucial penalty for Liverpool in the Champions League final against AC Milan - was sent off the second time since he signed for QPR.

What was he thinking?!

Cisse can surely have no complaints about that; ridiculous challenge, and right in front of the referee too!

Peter Crouch fared a little better (!), displaying prodigious technique to score one of the goals of the decade:

That is a world class goal, and I'm not sure there are many players in the Premier League who could've pulled that off.

Could any of Liverpool's current players score a goal like that? Steven Gerrard? What about Andy Carroll?

Crouch would've been a useful option for Liverpool this season, and I'm positively sure he would've scored/created more goals than Carroll, at about 5% of the price.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Coates and Gerrard, both scored great goals in the past week. Not to take anything away from Crouch though, great goal, but could we expect him to put on an amazing performance week in week out?

  2. The only player i can think of scoring the crouchie goal would be Jamie carragher .

  3. If Crouch's goal doesn't win goal of the season then there is no justice, that was spectacular.

  4. Question should be: "Could Andy Carroll ever score a goal ?" (Forget about one like Crouch, he can't score even from penalty spot)

  5. I'd much rather our guys score the cheap, ordinary but sure goals that manure does. We have top class creative talent like Suarez, Bellamy, Shelvey and Sterling who could bring others into attacks with them, but these others just don't seem to want to get into position. I don't think shooting accuracy is a problem for our players, but if it's always 1-on-1 with the keeper or a defender on the line we just won't convert. We need to get 3 players ready to pull the trigger everytime the final ball is delivered. Carroll and Kuyt definitely know how to finish, but they have to work on their positioning and awareness.

  6. Funny enough, Carroll scored a pretty good goal against us last season. Probably why we bought him.

  7. Indeed as Raffa bought Crouch for his performance v Southampton. Running LFC's defence ragged is a criterion for joining the club ??? Jeez that must be a hell of a shortlist

  8. Once the likes of Shelvey and Sterling prove their ability, than we should call them 'top class'. Until then, they are liable to be another Pacheco, Tallec, etc.

  9. It's probably not such a short list after our last 5 or 6 games!

  10. No comment on Le Tallec, but Shelvey and Sterling are far better than Pacheco. Pacheco may have great movement, but his shot execution falls far short of Shelvey and Sterling. Shelvey also has far superior on pitch communication. Shelvey lets his movement do the talking, Pacheco is abit hard to read for the other players. Shelvey demands the ball in certain spaces and when he moves, it allows for other players to move along with him logically and his return passes are always to someone - not only where it ought to be. Pacheco does try to be too clever, like Suarez, but he doesn't have that ability. Sterling is just too good a footballer to not become top class. Now if only Henderson had more balls...

  11. I'll sat it again, Any Carroll is ten times the player Crouch is !!!!

    Why have LFC and Spurs let Crouch go ? Why has Harry chosen a loan Striker , Adebayor over Crouch...

    At Stoke he is doing well.... Why its Stoke !!! they are a 1 dimensional team and Crouch is their main weapon of attack!!!

    Andy at Newcastle made Crouch seem like a boy trying to play a mans game !!! LFC are not getting the best out of Andy and Andy has been very inconsistent !! KD needs to play him.....

  12. Wouldn't have cost 5% of Carroll, would have cost nearly a third. Factor in the fact that Carroll is 8 years younger, there would not have been much point in buying Crouch. Not saying Carroll was a great signing (still could be though) but neither would Crouch have been.

    This goal has warped people's view of Crouch's quality. He has scored great goals like this before- volley against Saprissa, overhead against Galatasaray. Often though he hasn't delivered consistently enough.

    Still would have been a welcome addition for this season though, if you take money out of the equation.

  13. Coulda, woulda, shoulda

    Fair play to Crouch for trying it, came off for him, it was outrageous to even try it

    There's a fair few that could do it, with enough attempts, it's just a looping volley. Down to a bit of luck, 1 in a 100 chance

    Cisse never had a brain in his head. Great natural striker but 2 reds in 5 games demonstrates his true value

  14. Well I for sure am not excited about them two as much as you are, as I have seen too many so-called hyped up talents in our ranks that have amounted to nothing special in the long run. Will only know when time does its thing. Sterling could easily be just another speed merchant a la SWP in the long run or a good winger like Lennon, though neither are 'top' players that is for sure.

  15. Even with the suspensions, though, Cisse is scoring more goals than our strikers.