19 Mar 2012

Holloway: Liverpool Star is back to doing 'what he does best'...

Liverpool legends John Aldridge and Mark Lawrenson have recently attacked Stuart Pearce for overlooking Steven Gerrard for the England captaincy, with Aldo labelling the former Nottingham Forest star a 'joke' in one of his recent columns. Blackpool manager Ian Holloway didn't go quite that far with his views on the issue, but he made it clear that he believes Gerrard is still one of England's biggest leaders.

Speaking to The Mirror, Holloway enthused:

"Stevie G has overcome some horrific injury problems to finally get back to doing what he does best.

"That’s good news for England, who need as many leaders as possible and Gerrard can be one of those men. I can’t wait to see him going into a tournament fit, fresh and raring to go".

Even if Gerrard is 'fit and raring to go', I doubt it will make a difference to England's overall performance, which will inevitably end in failure.

On the subject of Pearce, I have a feeling the the FA will actually stick with him for the Euros:

* It would save them millions trying to buy out Redknapp's Spurs contract

* With an ageing squad and injuries/suspensions affecting key players (Rooney/Wilshere), the FA must privately know that England have no real chance of winning the tournament, which in turn reduces the urgency to appoint Redknapp straight away.

* Pearce has been working with the players for years, whereas Redknapp would have to come in sort things out in a very short timeframe.

In reality, it doesn't make a difference who's in charge; England are serial no-hopers in major tournaments, and whilst the failed 'Golden generation' is still hanging on, the team is going nowhere.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I couldn't give a toss about England, I want him fit for Liverpool.................come SG retire and stick two fingers upto the FA!!!!!

  2. Interesting how Pearce who referred to  Ince as a 'black c*nt holds his position ....No.. Wait ! Gordon Taylor exonerated it as 'banter' that must be it !

  3. Defeatist attitude

    England's problem is that they have been trying to accommodate incompatible big name players in the same team - namely Gerrard and Lamps who both like to burst from midfield to follow up an attack

    Greavsie was dropped for 66 world cup, huge decision, and they won it

    Pearce may actually pick the right team and give it a go, dropping some big names

    Or give it to Rafa for next 3 months. I'd definitely back them if he got the nod

  4. And pigs might fly. England will be out in the second round/quarter finals as usual.