14 Mar 2012

Maxi, Yossi and Luis Garcia hail 'special' Liverpool star...

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is revered throughout the world of football, and his brilliant performance and match-winning hat-trick against Everton last night showed once against why he's considered to be one of the world's top players. After the game, team-mates past and present were lining up to praise Gerrard's performance.

Maxi Rodriguez scored two Liverpool hat-tricks of his own at the tail-end of last season; he watched Gerrard's masterclass from the bench last night, but after the game, he tweeted:

"Beside winning the derby today, I must say I feel honored to play with such a footballer as Steve Gerrard. Great player, great teammate"

Arsenal's Yossi Benayoun did really well for Liverpool under Rafa Benitez, and he also took to Twitter to show his appreciation, enthusing:

"This why steve G is one of the best players in the world".

Luis Garcia, who scored two great goals against Everton during his time at Anfield, added:

"Not too much to say. Just the special ones can score a hat trick on a Merseyside Derby"

Gerrard is the first Liverpool player since Ian Rush to score a hat-trick in a Merseyside Derby, and it came at a time when the club really needed it. Another defeat would've been unthinkable, but with any luck, this victory will give Liverpool a great platform upon which to build for the rest of the season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Tornike Khomeriki9:39 am, March 14, 2012

    Stevie was fantastic, and I'm amazed to see how he always manages to find motivation in himself, even in such dire times. Sadly there's just one major trophy so far that the club's managed to reward him with for his loyalty and absolutely amazing performances.

  2. I wouldn't say he's as fantastic as he used to be, however, he's got the experience, the calm, the know how and still has his pace. He is still the complete footballer. His first goal in this match demonstrates his experience and calm, in picking the right shot - none of our attacking players, even Suarez, do that. His second goal also boiled down to reading the game and reading Suarez. He saw the whole Everton backline focused on Suarez, so he nicked the ball off Suarez's feet and into the net. The third was how all of our players should be playing - with an understanding of their teammates. He is currently a little overrated, but possibly our best finisher; and without a doubt, Suarez is our best creator and I would loathe to lose him.

  3. The difference is people there was no fat boy adam slowing momentum down.  With spearing covering it allowed gerrard to make runs into the box.  Someting we never seem to do regularly.  Adam and gerrard cannot play together.  Simple..

  4. Gerrard is a magnificent footballer and looks as good as ever, we had 4 Scousers on the pitch and we have plenty more in the academy. We should start putting some of them into the squad more often, we can see that when we want to play we can destroy teams but we need to play like that all of the time!!!!

  5. great win and what a player. legend status , but one problem. he only got a few years left. we owe steve G  a league medal, but will it happen?
    first we will nee  big investment in players- talking 150 million, a complete revise on our buying players policy, either it be the scout team or the manager.the implication and inclusion of young players in the first team" losing sterlin to tottenham" and possibly even replacing daglish.

    replace daglish? yes! why ..one he's behaviour over suarez affair. having team wearing tshirt support of suarez, the refusal that suarez still done anything wrong and the some how situation of him not seeing suarez shake evras hand. when the whole stadium saw and he must have been told at half time..

    that on top of lack of balck players at liverpool! leave alot of bad feeling tru liverpool club. and not to mention , not playing players better than the one you have. e.g spearing who always make mistake , ahd a good game last night , btu not a first team player, never will be... but leave shelvey out. no wingers , but dnt give chance to sterlin..daglish play youngsters, but only if they liverpool born, defensive players.

    wake up daglish...or you might get a shock boot out.. hmm mourinho please

  6. and also with a holding player of spearing or lucas, caroll suarez and gerrard should start regularly.  No need to tinker which kenny does too much IMO.  Keep the core the same and the odd change here and there is fine.

  7. I would say he is only missing the premier league title medal. He has won the champions league, uefa cup, fa cup and league cup which i believe to be the major cups available to english clubs

  8. Completely agree with you! Great players always get tuning with each other. They anticipate what other player is going to do and they together make things happen. Last 2 goals were prime examples of that.

    Last night match showed the value of Suarez as creator. I hope people calling for his head wake up and understand his true worth in team!

  9. not sure why kenny doesnt play him all the time in this position. lucas at the back, gerrard in attack. if our impotent strikers dont score, stevie will be flexible enough to do his magic.

  10. Gerrard was magnificent, a match winner all in himself but also lets not forget the contribution of Luis Suarez, he made good defenders in Distan and Jagielka look so average  and terrorised them all game!!!! Typical performance indicates clearly why we need him so much as his all round play is world class. All he needs now is a couple of hat tricks against the likes of Wigan and QPR and his stats might reflect how important he is to the team.

  11. Gerrard is no way overrated. He has performed at the highest level for over 10 years, carried an often average LFC team through the last decade and almost single handedly won us the FA CUP and Champions league

  12. The club's full support to Suarez was correct - because everyone saw Evra and Al Fergie fabricate a horrific fiction novel to assassinate the public persona of Suarez seen as a danger to MU's objectives and the F.A. played along. Full praise to Dalglish there. YOU sir are on your OWN banging your racial black drum.
    Then, the lack of black players in the squad?.. who gives a toss mate? Johnson deserves his spot, good for him as was for Ngog. Why the hell keep tabs on rubbish like that?
    You don't put people into your squad to fill a black quota, are you serious? It is a cringy horrible way of forcing a "statement" about racism which wreaks of racism itself belittling blacks on the squad casting doubt if they even deserve their spot.
    If you are good, you are good, period. Regardless of colour. 
    If you are black and play like sh*t, I don't want you, same goes for any other "race".. easy logic yea?.
    I want you even less if you have an inferiority complex about your colour throwing it in everyones face all the time and beating on the race drum as Evra demonstrated as an embarrasment to Senegal.

  13. We have Suarez to thank for Gerrard's hat-trick. Liverpool need to sign world class players to be able to compete with the big boys.

  14. Well said matey!!!!

  15. but the player who provided for two of those goals is excess baggage and we'd be better off without him, right?

  16. Tornike Khomeriki12:19 pm, March 14, 2012

    I meant quantity as well - players of his class tend to have several of those two major cups.

  17. Excess baggage!!?? Hardly, has had his issues but deserves a chance. As for better off without him, so many people negative towards new signings, Carroll, Henderson, Downing etc... saying they aint good enough, now we have a truely world class player we are questioning our morals and whether he is right for the club!! issues have now died down, all need to move on, give Suarez our true and full support and allow him to be the world class act he is!!!!

  18. Such in insular, short term view. Suarez has scored 2 goals in 16 league games;  his poor finishing is on the reasons Liverpool are languishing in 7th place. One game does not change that.

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  19. wrong - Suarez & Stevie are the only thing that makes supporting LFC thrilling at the moment. With no Suarez, Stevie would not be able to show anything because we definitely do not have another player on the same wavelength. Only those two boys.
    Same problem that has been ailing Suarez all this time, lack of same level players on the field, now he has Gerrard and perceptions can start changing and games can start being won.

  20. Stevie G is undoubtedly a great footballer.  LFC would have been all the poorer without him over the years.  He's got all the skills you could ask for and has been a loyal servant of the club. 

    However, I can't help feeling that some of the praise he gets is a little over the top.  As has been said before, while he is a great footballer, he is not a great central midfielder (which is supposed to be his best position).  He lacks the positional sense and tactical discipline which all truly great midfielders have (Keane, Scholes, Souness, Viera, etc.). 

    On top of that, I would say that he is a very good captain but not a truly great one.  He is a 'lead by example' type of captain and not a great communicator or motivator.  When he is on form he will inspire the team to victory (ala Istanbul).  However, when he is off form, he wont inspire anyone and can actually be a bit of a sulk.  As a result, the team usually loses to smaller teams in a way that a Keane or Terry type captain would not allow. 

    I say lets treasure this phenominal footballer but I would argue he should play on the wing or behind a front man (like Rafa used to deploy him).  We should also try to buy a real leader to eventually take over the captains role from him. 

  21. adam is such a luxury player and
    thats why he shone at blackpool whose other players were all just hard
    working and spirited. ive said all along, adam and downing are the two
    worse signings. carroll and hendo are way overpriced but at least they can
    develop and hopefully be good players now and in the future. this result
    doesnt change the fact i wish bentiez was manager, i'm not one of those
    fans who suddenly changes his mind about someone/something based on one
    or two good wins/defeats. dalglish only makes liverpool look slightly
    more improved because of how hodgson ruined us, and dalglish has had so
    much more money. also as for gerrard, he's really not good in a 4-4-2 (especially with adam), and when people (ie. every pundit going) criticized rafa for playing him behind torres, they were stupid as this was the best part of his career. its funny how no pundit will criticize kenny though which quite frankly makes me sick.

  22. Irks me and is embarassing the paranoia complex some of my fellow Liverpool fans have, as illustrated by the first paragraph

  23. So one game glosses over the mediocre nature of Suarez performances this season.

  24. Here we go again, just how many platforms does Liverpool need? Won the Cup and branded it a great platform and what happened? Loss after loss after loss. Exactly where do they think they will be with players like Hendo? And, if you look at the bench, there is Adam, Kuyt, Shelvey and the rest, nothing to scare even the Conference teams!

  25. Suarez is not a great finisher, great footballer with great movement and trickery who needs someone to finish the chances off for the team (i.e Fowler, Owen, VanNisteroy, Inzaghi etc)

  26. Not sure on the great footballer bit yet. Beyond dribbling in and around the box and being good (lively movement but when the game is slow/build up phase, he isn't all that clever in terms of vision) on the counter attack is what he is good at. I don't think that makes him a 'great' footballer', although could prove me wrong in time.

  27. Despite the ineptitude in front of the goal by them, Carroll and Suarez did alright. As well as less moaning from Carroll and less rolling around on the floor than usual by Suarez (the one he did thought was pathetic, he really doesn't make it easy to like him does he)

  28. Chi Bai to the scums, Gerrard is a much better player than Beckham those days!

  29. No way overrated. Half the media were questioning if he still had. All i hear from fans of other clubs is that he if 'finished'.

    Hope they had there eyes open last night!

  30. Is that so? - Well when you see that your whole club, all the players you would adorn with praise, managers and all LFC supporters share my view, you should consider supporting another club. I deem you would be no loss mate, don't need your kind amongst us.

  31. Just as bad as the twisted fans who wanted to see us lose last night so Kenny would lose his job!

  32. Theycallmemrburt4:16 pm, March 14, 2012

     well said

  33. I agree Gerrard has been a great servant for the club and fans who say he's finished really need to give there head a wobble because stevie is and always was a born leader for liverpool and a great captain and lastnight just showed how good he really is fact!! thought carroll & suarez played better together than playing suarez on his own and playing spearing in the holding role in midfield payed off for gerrard because look at the outcome... play the same team sunday kenny maybe the odd change but nothing more... YNWA

  34. Williams simeon etete4:51 pm, March 14, 2012

    yes truly STEVY has shown that he has all in all for lfc and i still believe he (STEVE) still has much more to give,but the problem lfc has is kenny dalglish and pepe reina why i said so is kenny so depend on downing when a player like MAXI is arround and pepe reina is no more good in that position which kenny surpose to drop reina in some of the games,just look at the goals he (reina) conede against arsenal,also henderson and downing surpose to start lfc games from the bench unless when BELLAMY and MAXI have a problem that can allowed them to start .

  35. I said in a previous post he was a 'spent force'. For that I apologise unreservedly. I wish I could claim that my comments inspired him, but, even if he does read this tripe, he probably just thought I was a tool.

    Thank you for proving me wrong Steven. I will never doubt you again.

  36. See you CAN be positive Jaimie mate. Nice piece. 

  37. Great win last night, the team actually looked quite balanced for the first time in a long time. But you would expect every one to be up for that game, the big test to see if we have turned the corner will come against QPR. Will we still be up for it or will we revert back to type and leave with a draw or a defeat. I just hope we do kick on till the end of the season to give us something to build on next season.

  38. Steve G will get that epl title next season,if King Kenny add in midfielder as good as him..He deserve to add that trophy bfore he quit & LFC deserve it...YNWA.

  39. shardeYNWALFC4EVER11:22 pm, March 14, 2012

    Listen pal, "lack of black players at Liverpool" has sweet FA to do with anything, get you head clear, we have had some of the best ones ever, remember John  Barnes? oh yes we have plenty in the academy too, so leave it there. I am sure if we can get a decent one we will.
    Also, I would not piss on Mourinho's grave, he stands for everything I hate, would never have near Anfield other than the visitor changing room and ask him to leave after the match.
    Support the team, stop slagging the team/manager. Rebuilding will take a bit of time, have faith & never walk alone.

  40. ShardeYNWALFC4EVER11:31 pm, March 14, 2012

    Hi pal and thank you for your comment, totally agree. We are LFC supporters & not politicians. Suarez is pure class as is Gerrard, the two will combine and shine as they are on a different wavelength to the rest of the team, yes we do need more world class players as & when we can convince them to come to us. I simply cannot believe A Griffin's comment , is he a manure fan wishing they had him?!

  41. shardeYNWALFC4EVER11:44 pm, March 14, 2012

    Jaimie, do you actually go to any matches or do you simply watch on the telly and compile stats. Had you been at Wembley which was a classic example, you would have seen that the only player that repeatedly made very clever runs was Suarez, unfortunately for us the rest of the team simply did not see his runs and were on a totally lower wavelength to Suarez, by the end he was absolutely knackered. It has been the same story, we have become a man team relying on him to score, Henderson was astonishingly bad on the same day, we were amazed he was not subbed after ten minutes. Suarez & Gerrard can only do well if they receive the ball in the right areas and not oh shit you have the hot potato!!
    Also stating the obvious, "winning several games in a row" will only happen if the midfield ACTUALLY TURNS UP.
    So don't go blaming it on Suarez. Also remember Suarez was brought in to partner with Man-whore who decided to leave for someone with a fat wallet whose replacement is meant to be doing the same, and I am not holding my breath. 

  42. shardeYNWALFC4EVER12:00 am, March 15, 2012

    Hi there, LFC badly miss Xabi. 
    Xabi was pushed out by Rafa as he refused to travel with the team as his wife was giving birth, this was to a meaningless European tie when we had already qualified by winning the group and we were not desperate to have him play. It was about making a point.Rafa's man-management was not exactly exemplary.
    As the manager he either completely missed or chose to ignore Xabi's importance to LFC.
    We were what 6 or 7 points ahead of manure, Xabi got injured in an FA cup tie at Preston, was out for 6-7 weeks , by the time he returned manure were once again ahead of us.
    Rafa sold Xabi for 30mil and bought an injured player that frankly never really wanted to be with us, great manager, I would rather have the 30mil back.
    THe bottom line is all managers buy crap players a well as some god ones. Our managers seem to have had more than their fair share of bad buys.
    Ps, Frankly pundits have not stopped criticizing Kenny since December, have you been away or something?

  43. A Griffin's comment ?? ehh think you'll find thats called sarcasm mate..

  44. Great performance by Gerrard, I thought he was past it also, but he was excellent last night, although it was not his usual all action performance, far more disciplined, picked his moments to get forward brilliantly, hopefully he can stay fit for the rest of the season. Another part of not being past it is to last for a significant number of games in a row. His ability to be in the right place at the right time is what the team has been missing for some time, Kenny may not have been wrong to say that if Gerrard had been on against Arsenal, and played like that, we might have won that game. Henderson played better alongside him as well, so he must have some captaincy traits. It serves to show how substandard some of Adam's performances have been when Gerrard has been out. He is no replacement and Shelvey should be the man earmarked to come in when Gerrard is out.

  45. what i saw of the last two goals was amazing!!
    it was like watching gerrard and torres again... 
    it's great to see a good partnership and bond between suarez and gerrard


  46. who here thinks charlie adam is a waste of time...????
    i personally think that we won 3-0 against everton because he wasn't playing. he is lazy and too slow against the opposition..
    worst buy of the summer... sorry but that's just how it is!

  47. with out luis steve has no one that he can play to as for luis lp have to find a player not only with quality but with smarts center m players like adam just don't cut the bill.

  48. oh i think you are wrong luis can finish but his hart is elsewhere.

  49. Every time I come on to this site, there's always bound to be a sarcy comment about Liverpool fc or their players from you.

    I can't believe you support Liverpool football club or you must be our No.1 ars3hole supporter. 

    We all want to put that Evra incident to bed but you always love bringing it up and love to complain about Suarez. Give the lad a break ... he is not finishing very good at the moment but NO ONE can knock this guy for his goal scoring record for past clubs and country. He is our most creative player and other players in the club need to step up.