14 Mar 2012

Madrid legend claims: Liverpool FC midfield target is 'worth €40m'...

Liverpool target Javi Martinez recently rubbished suggestions that he was worth a whopping €40m, but Real Madrid legend Jorge Valdano believes that the Athletic Bilbao midfielder is worth every penny.

According to Sky Sports, Liverpool have a 'long term interest' in Martinez, with any deal being subject to a buyout clause estimated to be around €40m.

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Martinez argued that €40m was 'too much money', and insisted that 'I do not think that I'm worth €40m'.

Martinez's modesty is admirable, but former Real player Valdano - who was also Sporting Director at Madrid between 2009 and 2011 - believes Martinez has shown that he *is* worth that amount of money.

After Bilbao's impressive victory over Manchester United in the Europa League last Thursday, he enthused:

"Javi Martinez is worth €40 million. There are very few like him in the world, with such mastery"

Martinez is very much in demand at the moment, and if he's selected by Spain for Euro 2012, and then has a good tournament, his price will probably skyrocket, but Valdano has advised the young star to reject a move and continue his development at Bilbao:

"Youngsters can wait a while and Athletic is the best place for him to mature."

I can't see Liverpool being in with a chance of signing Martinez, but you never know...

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. if Benitez is still here, I believe he might have become of our player

  2. Tornike Khomeriki12:18 pm, March 14, 2012

    If we sell Suarez, it will be for some good money, so in that case that could become possible.

  3. Class player, but what you also have to take into consideration is how much of a return we would get for the 40mill. Will he be able to get us to the champs league every year over the length of his contract with the current crop of players we have, how much will he want per week, how much would he generate in image rites for the club, what if we buy him and he does not fit in with are style of play. it would be a bigger gamble for us than it would be for City, united or chelsea.

  4. Meireles was sold for 12M, that was never spent. We are due 5-6M from the Aquilan sale in the summer.  FSG have spent 25M NET.  The Torres sale made their investment look huge. Don't get me wrong, Dalglsih has real money to spend and it should have been spent better but to suggest FSG have invested a lot of their own revenue is a myth. They have just used club revenues and player sales to get deals done and that's to be applauded.   

  5. Jaimie, Are you a liverpool fan?

  6. A pity KK didn't bring up the other day when he was bringing up everything under the sun to brag about the progess and good things we have done....apart from...erm...the league table/points, the one thing he is responsible for.

  7. Brilliant player. Like Busquets, he is clever tactically and knows how to gel the transition from defence to attack and acts as a good base for the players ahead of him. Obviously, it helps to play in a certain team style but still, his quality comes through. Though my fave Bilbao player is Herrera. One of the best players around in terms of technical ability and I think he could Iniesta-level type of impact, in relation to his technical ability. Just knows how to put the most perfect weight behind a pass and combine that with creativity, he is deadly at splitting defences with passes. Doesn't lose the ball easily either.

  8. If we are talking this sort of money why not make an offer for Shinji Kagawa of Dortmund ? This guy is a class act, all the attributes of Tevez but  without the attitude! With a huge fan base in the Far East he would be a brilliant marque signing. 

  9. Chi Bai lu Real, they took our players for a song and got the nerve to ask 40 mil. for Martinez! I hope he is not another Nunez.

  10. 40 million is just too much money for anyone that we are likely to get.

  11. Honestly YOU would have to be STUPID to be paying that much money for ANY 1 player (Messi maybe however)....WHEN there are literally hundreds of potential young stars ALL over the world that could be picked up for next to nothing - just like Martinez - it just takes some effort thats all...
    So much young talent around- LFC are doing the right thing - buying up HOT and TALENTED young 14-17 yr old players for next too nothing because chances are SOME of them will turn into players like Martinez, or even Messi .. it just takes more time .. 
    Look what happened with the 35 million spent on CARROLL!!!
    Lesson learnt i hope!!
    Can you imagine how many very talented young players could have been bought with that money?? 
    There is NO SURE thing - even spending 25-40 million .. better to play it smart and invest wisely = pick up players like Hoillett...(for free - potentially a star), Joe Allen,,, some Sth American and spanish youngsters etc etc..
    This WILL PAY off within a few years I am certain ..

  12. is he british crap?
     the only way to get him or other gud talents is bringing back rafa.. bcauz in KENNY we RUST

  13. Javi Martinez is the Spanish Vieira/Toure! Would be an excellent buy to rotate with Lucas, especially if we may decide to go with 2 in the central midfield at any point.

  14. We would still have only 1 class attacker so nothing would be achieved! We need to ease the attack problem by supplying assistance not simply swop the ONE player.

  15. A very good player but a luxury the club cannot afford when they have a bunch of strikers who couldnt hit a barnyard door at 5 feet away.