1 Mar 2012

Liverpool midfield target: There's no way I'm worth €40m...

Athletic Bilbao's Javi Martinez is the latest player to be linked with a possible summer move to Liverpool, and although the Spanish playmaker is flattered by the rumours, he's baulked at the transfer fee being bandied about for his services.

According to Sky Sports, Liverpool have a 'long term interest' in Martinez, but any deal would be subject a buyout clause estimated to be around €40m.

In an interview with Mundo Deportivo, Martinez was asked about the reports valuing him at. He responded:

"I do not think there's anyone who wants to pay so much for me. I see it as too much money for me. I do not think I'm worth so much; I do not think that I'm worth €40m.

"Although it is very nice to be talked about in the newspapers; it is a product of what you are doing and says you're doing things right"

With three goals and one assist in 45 starts for club and country this season, I think it's safe to say that Martinez is right, and he's definitely NOT worth €40m.

His creative contribution this season is almost as bad as Stewart Downing (1 goal/1 assist), and if Liverpool were to spend big bucks on this guy after all the money wasted over the last year, it would be negligent (IMO).

I accept that stats do not paint the full picture, but when it comes to creative players, end product is essential, and Martinez's end product is well below par this season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Little bit harsh considering Bilbao have largely been playing him as a centre-back this season...

  2. Of course the fee may be a lot, but why compare him to Stewart Downing when they are totally different players, playing in different age groups, different levels of success experienced (WC medal and U21 European Champions) and he's singnificantly younger? Javi Martinez is a defensive midfielder, definitely one of the very best in the world in his age group, so assists and goals scored next to a winger is a ludicrous comparison. This man is the immediate and worthy successor to Xabi Alonso in the Spanish national team. If Xabi @ 28 could be worth £30 million a few years ago, then Martinez @ 23 in today's market may be worth about the same - especially if Spain win the European Cup this year.

  3. Playing as cb and and usually a defensive midfielder, he wont go for €40m but he is a superb player, Alonso didnt score many or even assist that many but we all know how essential he was to the team. Xhaka is another good shout for that type of player but he'd be alot cheaper.

  4. What is he, 23? I think his contributions would improve in a better team with better players around him but I agree, he's not worth 40m, possibly half that, due to his age and possible re-sale value if he turns out to be a fitting replacement for Xabi Alonso.

  5. Well, if he isn't worth it, Kenny is probably getting interested at this point, but he is not English so maybe not.

  6. Sorry JK but he is a defensive midfielder who has been playing quite a few games as a centre back under Bielsa's interesting and unusual system. So he isn't going to be scoring and setting up goals left, right and centre.

    He is a very good player. Bilbao have him, Susaeta, Llorente and Muniain, who are a talented bunch.I can see Martinez going to Barca and maybe playing some sort of unusual defensive role, as Puyol isn't getting younger (although they have Muniesa coming through, who is a decent prospect). As Guardiola is a bit funky like that when it comes to tactics (such as playing with a 3-man defence this season sometimes) and is a known admirer of Bielsa's methods.

  7. Since we are certain that Hendersen will be loaned out next summer,our priority now is to look for strikers for Shevlev is far more better than Hendersen. 

  8. not sure as henderson is KK love child

  9. how are you certian he'll be loaned?
    facts to back this up?

  10. Javi Martinez is an exceptional player !!!! He is worth what ever it takes to get him away from Bilbao.

    If you could add him to Lucas in the center, it would transform how we utilize the ball and allow SG8 to play further forward with very little defensive duties.

    I still feel we need to play 433, with SG8, being the most attacking midfielder and Carroll, flanked by a combination of Suarez/Bellamy/Downing & Dirk.

    As good as Javi is , i would still like to see Arturo Vidal & Walter Gargarno at LFC next season.

  11. I agree with most of the commentors here - the comparison is ridiculous to look at the statistical contribution of a holding midfielder cum centreback versus that of a winger.

    I don't think anybody bar Messi & Ronaldo are worth £40m anyway, i.e. players that are guaranteed to far exceed the contribution of other matchwinners, so I'd agree with Martinez that £40m for a defensive midfielder would be silly. 

    We should've picked him up a couple of years ago when the talent was there but the reputation wasn't. Now it's time to likewise find another cheaper alternative with similar levels of talent. And I refuse to believe that the talent isn't out there.