24 Mar 2012

Liverpool? Forget it! Arsene Wenger writes off LFC...

Any observer with even the most tenuous grasp of reality can see that Liverpool have completely blown any chance of making the Champions League places this season. The QPR game underlined that harsh reality, but it wasn't the final nail in the coffin; the club hasn't realistically been in the running for months now.

Earlier in the season, Liverpool were 12 points ahead of Arsenal, who had a terrible start to the current league campaign. The Gunners are now 13 points ahead of Liverpool, and looking good for a third place finish.

What makes the turnaround especially galling is that Arsenal achieved it despite wildly inconsistent form; the energy-sapping distraction of European football, and the loss of three of their best players.

Kenny Dalglish hinted yesterday that Liverpool are still fighting for 4th place but Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger believes has written off the club's chances:

"I believe Newcastle are still in the fight, as are Tottenham and Chelsea. Liverpool are maybe too far off.

"Third is better than fourth, but if you have no choice, you take fourth and the opportunity. Let's see how it goes now.

How nice it would be if Liverpool were in a position where they had 'no choice' but to take 4th place.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. in henry we trust

  2. Septimus_severus10:34 am, March 24, 2012


    We are not on contention for 4th spot despite what Kenny Dalglish says.
    It's interesting to note that I nor any Liverpool fan can say hold heartedly that we can win today.
    Can anyone predict what the line up will be today ?
    No, this is symptomatic of the problem with the squad, the selection and the tactics.

    I've also noted that with every manager since the dawn of the Internet and Social Media at Liverpool has had a core CORE SUPPORT, LOYALTY TO THE MANAGER , not to be confused with LOYALTY TO THE CLUB.

    I think many fans who have been defending  Kenny Dalglish are confusing LOYALTY TO THE  MANAGER with LOYALTY TO THE CLUB.
    This will continue until it becomes untenable to FSG who will be the judges at the end of the season.
    To me the mere fact that Kenny seems so determined only underlays his weak position in justify his purchases, selection and tactics.

    Oh also I thought I'd mention your previous article which shows that Kenny Dalglish reign as Manager is worse than Hodgson, was EXCELLENT..well done!

  3. I'm really wondering if Dalglish is actually BIGGER than the club...

  4. I have said many times and have proven correct for the last 3 years that we would not get into the champs league and this year looks to be the same. LFC have over relied on a couple players as usual and have been very wasteful in their transfers. This season has has been a fine example. LFC are in need of at least 7 high quality players and there is no way Henry will allow a big spending spree. Foolgish should realise there are no world class English players and look else where like all the top teams. Maybe Rafa would have done a little better but he is just as stubborn as Foolgish and LFC would probably be out of the running again. Reason I say he has some stupid ideas in the transfer market. Our Aqua bought when he had a serious injury and not able to play for months. Roma were laughing at us. It is this reason I call into question the professionalism of these so called pros in the game when they make such bad investments. Depending on who he buys this year who ever the manager I think we will be struggling big time. Gerrard will continue to run out of steam (He is getting on) and frankly Reina dont have his heart at LFC any more. He knows LFC are going no where in his career now.

    I will re assess once the transfer window closes at the start of the new season but based on current trends and styles I will go with another poor season.

  5. So, what trophy do you get for 4th or 3rd?  Arsenal have been in the Champions League for almost two decades? How many times have they won it?

  6. I agree we've been very wasteful in transfer. How do you rate Adam when his club relegated? How do you rate Henderson? We should have kept Meireles.

  7. still talking about champions league? isnt that too funny? If we wouldnt have won the carling cup we wouldnt be playing even in europa league next year, and whats that talk of CL?! You wont see lfc again in cl , not as long as kenny's here, no way, just forget it and move on, lets hope we win that fa cup too maybe it will ease the pain a bit for not being able to qualify for cl despite spending 113m. 

  8. am a liverpool fan and i cant disagree more with Wenger's prediction... liverpool is  a spent force. While the gunners picked up momentum and belief, liverpool picked nothing up.

  9. Meireles a much better player, LFC just couldnt/wouldnt pay his wages which is why he left.

    Hendo and Adam just very average players which is typical of English players. If English players were so great they would be playing at Barca and winning world cups and euros. Waste of money, especially Hendo. My spurs friends were laughing their heads off after we blew that much money. Adams wasnt too bad as the price wasn't as high.

    Arsenal have a new stadium and the champs league is much more important than winning the league cup. If they never had champs league football they would not have got a new stadium built. That extra 20 mill or so each year pays down their debts. Look at it this way, in another 5 years Arsenal will be in a much more secure and financial position than LFC. Fact! LFC have nothing with the stadium happening because they have no champs football to help bank roll and they cant secure the really big funding needed to build a new stadium. LFC have lost at least 60million from the champs league the last couple years and next years lost revenue also. Do not believe for one moment that Ayre and the gang at top say they have budgeted the lost revenue. It has a much more serious complication than people want to realise. 20million is 20 million. You cannot hide that fact.

    I know people like to brag winning tropies but the cup win is yesterdays news, LFC have real issues in the coming years when they are unable to compete even less than now, which they have been struggling now for many years. The plans to move to a new stadium have constantly been set back either through funding issues or LFC messing up their transfers and not getting into the champs league. Henry wants a self sustainable model at LFC, this will not be possible at the current time. Remember if LFC did move to a new stadium and are hinting at 60000 seaters, its only the extra 15000 odd seats which is the only extra revenue they will make, which they will use to weigh up the cost of building the stadium. 15000 seats will not bring enough revenue to cover it. Why the champs footie is crucial to the model. You can forget any sort of transfers as there simply wont be any money. The stadium would be empty and eventually LFC will be fighting to stay up.

  10. sigh - some people just have to have it spelt to them.

    Clubs are owned by investors who put in money and want a return for investment.

    Clubs make money competing in various competitions.

    Clubs try to win those competitions so that investors can get a return for their investment, and further investment is made in terms of players etc

    CL is the biggest club competition in the world and offers millions for those that compete and do not even win it.

    Owners then emphasise trying to reach the CL as it offers them a return on investment and revenue and also provides the club with further investment to improve.

    The best players like to play in the best competions.

    Brookybee - this is not a personal attack but do you seriously not understand why everyone is intent on getting to 4th? 

  11. finally someone with a clue! great post

  12. Well looks like LFC have recorded another lost while Arsenal smashed Aston Villa 3:0.

    I am looking forward to the bile that Foolgish will come out during his interview, very bleak times for LFC. No surprize mind you I have been saying for to long.