23 Mar 2012

LFC star admits: I would love to discover the 'next Steven Gerrard'...

Unfortunately for Liverpool fans, the colourful career of Craig Bellamy will be coming to an end in the next few years. The Wales international will not be resting on his laurels though once he finally hangs up his boots.

With nine goals and six assists, Bellamy has undoubtedly been one of Liverpool's best players this season, and he recently spoke about his excitement over plans to move into football coaching/management once his playing career is over.

In an interview with LFC Magazine, Bellamy revealed some very specific ideas about how he wants to do things, and outlined his preferred path into management. He explained:

"I have a philosophy on football about how it should be played but I'd like to start off at a young age and find my feet, and work my way up through the ranks and learn that way.

"I would like to start with academies, and coach young kids to try and improve them. You have to have a feeling for the club you represent, and it's important to let young players know who they are representing in the supporters.

"I'd love to find the next Steven Gerrard and help him progress; it would be rewarding".

Craig Bellamy: future manager of Liverpool FC? Given his forthright, opinionated nature, he seems to be an ideal candidate for management, and it will be interesting to see where he eventually ends up.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I see Bellamy as an inspirational player who has done amazing work in Sierra Leone, really has matured recently!!!!. I think he has a few years at Liverpool to go though!!!!

  2. Tornike Khomeriki12:04 pm, March 23, 2012

    Nice to see thoughtful talk from a player. I wish Bellamy all the best.

  3. Agreed, done great charity work for poor kids, has no respect for reputation or authority, but the people who like him love him to bits and once he is on your side he will be loyal to a fault. Exciting character, exciting player, inspirational, I think he could be a fantastic manager and would love us to have him in the coaching set up once he got his badges. One of my favourite players ever.

  4. Bellamy a manager? Very funny

    Try golfing coach..........

  5. would be an excellent coach like the tireless player he has always been. should you ever coach liverpool, shred the entire squad down and recruit top players from qpr, wigan, stokes, and fulham to rebuild the team. since they all beat liverpool, such a team would be far better than the current collection of overpaid and underperforming ball kickers.

  6. I would love to see him replacing this manager that we have right now, who I thing is doing nothing for our Liverpool that we love so much. Maxi Rodrigues have to play and he just doesn't see it. The team is getting worst and worst.

  7. king kenny needs the sack

  8. Jordan Henderson and Andy Carrol are not good enough. Yet Kenny plays them week in week out. I am not a Maxi fan but the few times he played this season, he has done well. Carrager should not be playing over Coates. I love Liverpool but Kenny needs to realize some of those English players are not good enough. when fit Bellamy needs to be staring or first change of the bench. Despite being 32, he still has a lot to offer and is a top player in the league. we need top players to challenge the big boys. I  understand Dzeko might be leaving City, He might be a good buy or Adebayor. We need another left back to compete with Enrique. We need two top wingers. Our defence is good when all is fit. Althoug we might win the double, this has been a poor season for my beloved Liverpool.