23 Mar 2012

Coyle: 'Caring' Kenny's Muamba support shows what a great man he is...

Bolton Wanderers manager Owen Coyle has publicly thanked Kenny Dalglish for his support of Fabrice Muamba in the aftermath of the stricken midfielder's recent heart-attack incident.

In a press conference yesterday, Coyle - whose Bolton side recently beat Liverpool 3-1 - revealed that every one of his colleagues in the Barclays Premier League had been in touch, and admitted that all the text and voicemail support had been 'incredible'.

Coyle reserved special praise for Dalglish though, who led Liverpool with dignity and honour through the extraodinarily difficult aftermath of the Hillsborough disaster. he said:

"Kenny actually rang me while I was in the police car, I have to say going 120mph driving to the hospital straight after the game. I've got to thank him for that. He said I knew where he was if I needed anything.

"I've got a very good relationship with him anyway but to show he cared straightaway sums up the man he is. I passed it on immediately to Muamba's father Marcel and fiancee Shauna."

According to statement released by Muamba's father today, the midfielder faces a long road to recovery. He remains in the London Chest Hospital, where he was admitted on Saturday night after suffering a cardiac arrest during his club's FA Cup quarter-final with Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Outstanding Man and FANTASTIC MANAGER, Who has the dignity to run Liverpool Football Club. Nice to hear some good news about Fabrice. Get well soon lad YNWA.

  2. After what happened to Marc Viven Foe and other sports people you would thought heart checks would be regular part of a premier League footballers life with the heart conditions like  hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.
    Muamba must be made out of something special to have recovered as well as he has so soon.
    Kenny has the support of so many Scots men in football at the moment Mackay,Dickov,Lambert,Moyes,Kanwar and now Coyle. With the support of the Liverpool we will get through this Kenny. YNWA

  3. So when will the Pope canonize Dalglish?

  4. Yep, the football world is a nice caring place at times like this. Sad that Muamba could MAYBE never play again.

    Big thanks to Mourinho/Chelsea for prompting FA/PL to make more changes to immediate treatment in/around the pitch, after what happened with Cech immediately after the collision.

    Its sad but just the way it is in life, changes often come about AFTER something bad happens.

  5. Wishing Muamba quick recovery. Football needs to come together in times like this.

    Is KD a catholic?

  6. I agree - Luis Suarez statement of support from him was very good as were the thousands of other messages of support from all over the world even from Real Madrid players.

    You don't have to be a Catholic to be canonized.  

  7. Perhaps, Dalglish is a great man, but he is certainly a not-so-great manager!

  8. Yes, i will second that. Suarez made some nice comments about it, that appeared heartfelt, as they did not just descend into cliche, and i still say that he should have focused on showing that side of his character rather than keeping bringing up old stuff that made him out to be a pantomine villain.

  9. Yes, Kenny was very good over that and he has always been that kind of guy, not one to make public displays of support or seek a photo opportunity.

    Mind you, I doubt that our last 15 minutes at Loftus Road did much for Muamba's heart!

  10. I dont think he is a catholic but should it really matter, he was origionally on rangers books before joining celtic and rangers did not recruit catholics at that time

  11. By the pope?

    I'd say you do

  12. And our home peformance against Wigan wouldn't have helped his health either! We are doing our best to get Bolton relegated, apart from when we played them, of course.