2 Mar 2012

Bundesliga star admits: It's 'flattering' to be linked with Liverpool FC...

With Lucas Leiva out injured for the season, and probably needing some time to get back into the swing of things when he returns, Liverpool arguably need another dedicated defensive midfielder to pick up the slack. The club has been linked with several DMs over the last few months, including Anderlecht's Lucas Bigilia, and Athletic Bilbao's Javi Martinez, and the latest player to enter the fray is Norwegian International Havard Nordtveit.

Nordtveit spent three years at Arsenal between 2007 and 2010, but he was out on loan for most of that period. The youngster currently plays for Borussia Monchengladbach in the Bundesliga.

In an interview with VG Nett recently, Nordtveit was asked about Liverpool's interest, and he seemed happy to be linked with the club. He said:

"It is always flattering to be linked to clubs like this, even if it's just rumours. It is positive and shows that I'm doing something right.

"The Premier League is a great league and it's every boy's dream to play there. I said that I will play there once in a lifetime. Whether it happens in one year, five years or ten years.

"I have not heard anything concrete about it from Borussia. If it is just rumours or not I do not know. Borussia want me to focus 100% on the job I have now. It is best we look at it after the season"

By all accounts, Nordtveit seems to be doing well for Gladbach; he's a regular in the heart of midfield, and with him in the team, the club has lost only two of its last 21 games, which is impressive considering Nordtveit's job is to stop other teams creating/scoring goals.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Nordveit has been a solid player for them and can also play in defence.

    Slightly off topic but his team are very good to watch. Got a touch of Barcelona about their passing in the last third with their short passing interchanges but quicker. On the counter attack, they are exciting. 
    One of their key players is young Reus. Too late for anyone to sign him in the summer as Dortmund have signed him back and will join them in the summer. Very good attacking midfielder who can play on either wing. Next season, Goetze-Kagawa-Reus will most likely be the attacking midfield trio behind the front man next season for Dortmund......yikes!!!

  2. We do not need another defensive midfield player Lucas will returnand enjoy a full pre season and be ready for September no problem.

  3. I'm sick of holding midfielders

    It's a relatively new phenomenon, they weren't around in Liverpool's glory days anyway

    They are a product of over coaching, stifling actual football talent in favour of very fit subservient robots

  4. Times change, move on or be left behind. Hence why Stevie G's regular box to box days in a two-man central midfield are long gone as its not needed and tactically, reckless. Balance is key.

  5. Dear Jamie. For some time i did enjoy reading what you had on mind. However i am getting increasingly tired of you constant negativity. I see it as a sign of you being impatient. I do very well understand that, but i am afraid i have to ask you for a bit more. A bit more trust, a bit more faith, a bit more respect - simply a bit more patience. I think no one can argue that we aren't slowly progressing, nobody can argue that we do not have a better squad now than we had this time a year ago. We have improved under Kenny, we have. Not as much as we could have hoped for - but progress is being made. The Mickey Mouse Cup, yes maybe the least attractive one, but at least we finally have something to show. Top four or not, our squad will be a bit better again next year and so on - we will keep improving and sooner or later win the league. I have no doubt we one day will see Liverpool back where it belongs… But please everybody, we have waited so many years - keep being patient. Be it sooner GREAT, be it later - well, we would still have that to look forward to. Let us embrace our club with a positive vibe - let us have gun, enjoy what we got, not dreaming of our neighbors wife. I think you are guilty of that Jamie. Please put you personal agenda in the background and channel all that energy of yours into something positive, something that will lift the place - and thereby the institution that we love. Liverpool Football Club!

    Kind Regards 

  6. @Lauge: From your post, I can only conclude that it is OK for Liverpool to be relegated, then promoted upon winning the Championship title the year after. By your own admission, "at least we finally have something to show".

  7. Lauge i think you have a point when you say we have slightly improved and even when you say we have to be patient but don't you think that as we improve slowly so will the likes of Tottenham, Arsenal, Man U etc...      so what i am saying is we would like to make more ground on the others a bit more quicker and i think for us as fans we have that right . I don't know what all our supporters think but not wining a title in what 22 years, mate for the most successful club in english football that is f#$$%^g incredible. I remember the last and i can even tell you i am i have lost my patients but there is nothing i can do about it so if the likes of Jamie seem a little inpatient how about we just remember when was the last time. By the way i personally think that the tittle should be our main concern before all other competitions and you will find that CL football will fall into place.

  8. and if he gets injured again? Liverpool arguable dont have the quality to replace him in the squad. Adam and Gerrard don't have the legs although you can't really blame Gerrard because at 26 he would have been solid. 

  9. Don't agree with you. If you have seen any of the games, like the most recent one you could see that Cardiff caused Liverpool problems because Adam was jogging and totally bypassed when they attacked, and Gerrard does not have the legs to put in a relentless performance. Liverpools best form was coming to light when Lucas picked up his game, but he got injured at the most ridiculous time. Like to note that if Liverpool signed Mata, Lucas may have never got injured in the first place. Rotten luck!!

  10. There is a time and place for your comment to be right in terms of positiveness, but I think this is not the time to ignore facts . People argued that Lucas was crap when he first started for Liverpool, fair enough, although I never thought that. Henderson you can put in that same category because he is young and still developing. But the startling thing to me is if you looked at who commanded a first team place ahead of Lucas, it was Mascherano, Alonso and a younger Gerrard. Henderson has more pressure because of the price tag, as well as the fact that players in his position; Adam, Spearing and an older Gerrard is not helping. Its that lack of quality that shows where Liverpool are lacking. I know he plays on the right quite a bit, but I don't remember one performance where he was a threat. Benching him isn't going to be the answer, he needs game time to figure out his strengths but something is stifling that. Its up to Kenny to figure it out. 

    I remember games where players play really well. And I can tell you now, that the only games Downing has showed up was on his debut vs Sunderland, return vs Villa, and final Cardiff, and the games up to the final. What does that tell you about his commitment on game days? Henderson doesn't have the mentality of a winger, and Downing doesn't do it week in week out, Adam does good but the bad is outweighing that.

    On another note well done to Bellamy, Enrique and Suarez. One thing separates them from the rest; hard work. 

    As for Andy Carroll, ill save him the abuse. He is not blessed with talent, and Liverpool bought him for 35 million. He's can get a troublesome header on a ball, that should be all we should hope for anyway. 

  11. Yes Rob, thats exactly what he was saying: he wants us to be relegated. Good analysis.

  12. What a load of cheesy romantic waffle. You can not polish a turd!