10 Mar 2012

Angry LFC legend blasts: Glen Johnson is a 'complete imbecile'...

In an interview with the Daily Mail yesterday, Glen Johnson embarrassed Liverpool FC with a completely ill-advised attack on Manchester United's Patrice Evra, accusing the left-back of deliberately planning to avoid Luis Suarez's handshake. Johnson also accused former United defender Paul McGrath of being 'racist', which prompted more negative publicity when McGrath inevitably responded. Liverpool legend Steve Nicol was angered by Johnson's stupidity, and didn't hide his irritation when asked about the incident.

Discussing the comments on ESPN last night, Nicol labelled Johnson's comments 'ridiculous', and accused the right back of needlessly unsettling Luis Suarez. He raged:

"Either Johnson is a complete imbecile, or this has been pulled up from an interview three or four weeks ago. If he said it a couple of days ago then he is an imbecile.

"Somebody needs to have a word with Johnson and take the appropriate action. Suarez has a game at the weekend, and Liverpool need him to settle down and get back to doing what he does best.

"Whilst his own team-mates are bringing this up, it's not going to help Suarez, the team, or anyone connected with Liverpool".

I don't think I've ever heard an ex-Liverpool player be so harsh towards a current player, but Nicol's ire is completely warranted IMO.

As Nicol suggests, it's perfectly possible that Johnson could've made these comments weeks ago, and they're only being wheeled out now. Alas, that's not the case; the writer of the Mail article, Ian Ladyman states:

"Johnson sat down with me this week in Warrington as part of an obligation to promote a new England sticker collection for children"

Like everyone else, Johnson is perfectly entitled to his opinion, and his view on Evra's actions matches that of many Liverpool fans. However, to raise the issue again so contentiously in the delicate aftermath of the club's double-apology shows, IMO, colossal ignorance, and an insular lack of awareness.

Surely the club would've sat the players down and told them to keep their mouths shut about the issue? That's what Nicol expected, as he revealed:

"I would like to think that Liverpool would speak to the players, and tell them not to answer any questions about this. Let it go, forget it, and move on. That's what I hope would've happened".

Liverpool are damned either way here: If the players were warned, the Johnson basically ignored that warning. If nothing was said, then that shows negligence on the part of the club, which would, admittedly, be in keeping with the overall handling of the Suarez-Evra fiasco.

Johnson's comments should come as no surprise though; today's pampered and mollycoddled professional Ladyboys footballers have no concept of personal responsibility, and many of them can't see past the end of their own noses.

If Johnson understood his responsibility to Liverpool FC, and was capable of seeing the bigger picture, he would've kept his mouth shut.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. So, no blame lies with Ian Ladyman who seems to have set Johnson up in his interview? Johnson was just answering questions, honestly, and his answers were just his opinion, which matches mine exactly.

  2. Why should a player who is suposedly affected by this issue not have the right to respond to a question posed to him. We have all seen Evra's deliberate withdrawing of his hand videos and it is only fair that, if asked, (as he was by the reporter) to comment on that element of the issue, he can honestly respond. Like any miscarriage of justice, like Hillsborough, this issue will not just go away.

  3. I support Johnson with this(opinion) but wish the whole thing would just be behind us now.

  4. Johnson is an embarrassment. His comments and the timing of his comments are outrageous and show a lack of understanding about the whole subject. Naiveity!

  5. What is it with us at Liverpool.....why does everything have to be some1 else's fault every time ...how about fault lying with us aswell.

    Its not kennys fault for the signings of Adam..Carroll..Henderson..downing and coates..

    Its not kks fault for letting aquilani out on loan...selling merelis..

    Its not Adam's fault he can't pass..shoot ..tackle

    its not downings fault he can't create or assist

    its not Carroll's fault he can't do anything

    Its not Henderson's fault he's a headless chicken..

    Its not suarezs fault for the vile that comes out of his mouth...


    Maybe its jamies fault or maybe Benitez's fault ..

  6. Oh and calling them ladyboys is ok? No bigotry there then, 10/10 jk, really professional

  7. IMO, Nicol is partially out of order, Johnson didn't come out and make a statement, he answered a question asked of him. It's  an issue that the press won't leave alone, so you can't blame Johnson for the question being asked of him, and I'm sure that whatever way Johnson had answered the question, the Mail would have put some kind of negative spin on it.

    Considering that Johnson, as far as I am aware, is the only player to have been singled out for the T-Shirt incident, epecially by that twit McGrath, I believe that he has the right to reply and give his honest opinion on the events that occured.

  8. johnson should have issued a statement at the time saying he supported suare and did not agree with mcgrath.
    instead it seems like he has dragged up the whole argument again just as it was settling down,absolute idiotic behavior.
    again it makes you wonder about the running of the club-the players should have been banned from discussing the case and the media department at the club should have reinforced this.
    somtimes you'd have the question the professionalism of some people at the club.

  9. Why are you advertising Man Utd Season tickets on this site????

  10. He could have just politely declined to answer any questions on that issue and thus saved himself and LFC the bad publicity of having this sorry issue dragged up again.

  11. Observational tragedy11:21 am, March 10, 2012

    Please stop. You are embarrassing yourself and other LFC fans.

  12. Johnson seems incapable of catching a break for some rather strange reason because if Liverpool loses its Johnson at fault or if he is picked for England the media ridicules him for being ahead of Kyle Walker or Richards. 
    Paul Mcgrath can specifically publicly rebuke him presumably on the basis Mcgrath can say what he said because he is also black.You can still understand the United connection obviously makes Mcgrath see how he sees this issue but what is really a personal attack is these Nicoll quotes given he has said the sternest words possible against a current Liverpool player but remained quiet for example when the current club captain was in court on assault charges.It seems the worst thing possible Johnson has done is defend/clarify his position while sticking up for a friend just like Rio did in sticking up for his pal Evra. These players presumably will know more than anyone else what happened on the pitch on the fated day. Populism seems to be the worst offender here given that it seems people can only conform to a set way of addressing this issue lest they be slaughtered for difference in opinion. That said I have however noticed of late that the media seem to be cutting Suarez some slack because whenever he has been in possession or fouled of late there has been no frenzied commentary about diving.If Suarez is guilty as determined by the findings then he is not a good person but also the opposite is true if it indeed was a misunderstanding but what's more obvious is should this push him out its just a continuation of the trend where the top stars seem to be avoiding or deserting English football. The trend may soon return to washed up stars coming to EPL for one last payday as is the case with Italian football nowadays after being the top destination for emerging and established talent for most of the 80s, 90s and early 00s.
    Can the media and pundits continue alienating top stars by labelling them names without solid foundation?

  13. Observational Tragedy11:26 am, March 10, 2012

    Glen Johnson has been called an 'Uncle Tom' and accused of similar by Paul McGrath.  Why shouldn't he put forward his own view (when asked on the matter)? 

    He is after all, in a far better position (as a black teammate of Suarez's) to judge the man and the situation that flared up around him.

    Nicol is putting forward an opinion because he works for the media - what else should he do.  Best thing is to ignore ex-players like him or Lawro.  Their words are spoken between £ signs - it is now their job.

  14. I hear what Steve Nicol is saying but i think he is overstating the negative impact it will have on Suarez and his preperation for todays match. After what has happened these past few months think that Suarez is pretty focussed when he crosses the white line, so this won't effect him. As for Glenn Johnson's comments, agree that this matter should be put to bed and maybe Johnson should have taken the emotion out of his responses and toned it down a bit, but understand why he made them. Johnson was publicly condemned and called uncle tom by McGrath for his support of Suarez. Completely unprofessional and headline hunting IMO for ex-professional to berate and disrespect Johnson like that so publically. From Johnsons comments can see that he is understandbly pissed-off at some of the insulting words used by McGrath. Johnson did nothing wrong in his suport of his teammate and friend...and was singled out on account of his color.

  15. Lets ignore those who talk sense and listen to the ex lfc who see nothing wrong in anything we do

  16. Johnson did on Twitter after the Wigan game saying he supports who he wants, after McGrath originally singled out Johnson for criticism .
    Simple fact is Johnson didn't like the colour of his skin being used has an argument against Suarez. Johnson has played with Suarez for a year nowand his happy to do so.He shouldn't have fallen for the reporters questioning and should have stuck to the stickers!

  17. Observational tragedy11:34 am, March 10, 2012

    A lack of understanding about the whole subject?!

    What, pray tell, has Johnson misunderstood? 
    Did he misinterpret the offensive language aimed at his teammate by Evra. 
    Did he misinterpret the lies put forth to he media? 
    Did he get confused at the banning of one player for abusive language relating to race/nationality, while the other was held up as some paragon of the game?

    Or as a man who comes across as smarter than your average footballer - has he quite rightly highlighted the glaring inconsistencies in the FA's ruling and punishment?

    Interestingly, the media seem to have largely ignored Johnson's comments - as they did John Barnes's. 

    It doesn't suit them for black people to be questioning the validity of the process, that would not fit in with the 'Racist Liverpool' smear.

  18. Observational tragedy11:41 am, March 10, 2012

    The improvements are there for all to see, though that is not to say there isn't room for more.  Kenny has been back for less than a full season, squad is overhauled and stronger, trophy cabinet back in use and there are funds for some pace and trickery come Summer.

    Stop criticising the manager and his purchases when they've not even been here for a full season.

    It is insulting. 

  19. I think Johnson was absolutely correct and spot on in what he said. McGrath had no right to drag Johnson into it in the first place and Johnson has every right to defend his position and also back up a teammate and friend and too be totally honest, every football fan watching that day, be they liverpool fans or united fans know that what Johnson said was 100% spot on! it's about time some of the players and club started sticking up for Suarez. I don't hear any mention of Ferguson having to apologise after what he said after the match or Ferdinand either for that matter. From the word go it has been The FA and united against Liverpool so i applaud Johnson for the interview because we all know it's the FA according to Alex Ferguson.

  20. Observational tragedy11:47 am, March 10, 2012

    How are his comments outrageous?
    How does he show lack of understanding?

    As one of the more intelligent footballers, it seems that he has hit the nail on the head.

    Evra insults Suarez using insulting language rel;ating to race/nationality yet escapes a ban and is lauded as a saint!

    The FA's process was seriously flawed and Johnson has merely highlighted that (the full interview was about more than just the handshake).

    As for the timing...notice how Johnson's comments have been largely ignored by the media - as were John Barnes's.

    After all, it doesn't suit the agenda if black people are defending a racist player or club.

    Of course, the truth being that neither Suarez nor LFC are racist is beside the point once the media have spread the lies.   

  21. I applaud Johnson,he is telling it as it is.Why should Rio aka as drug cheater,wife beater drink driver 3 times im whiter than white come out and say hes lost all respect for Suarez when Evra patently had his hand by his side,why should Fergie tell LFC to get rid of Him when Fergie had his son working for the club as an agent brokering any transfers to the club and taking back handers off unscrupulous agents,he also had his other son in court of beating his wife up.Why should Giggs who all the press said should be given a knighthood due to his contribution to football and his fantastic character as a family man should be an example for any young player even though he was going behind his own brothers back for 7 years to be with his brothers wife,also hes the only top flight footballer aho kept all his testemonial money for himself,why should this guy represent Evra at the hearing in his shiney suit and good manners to dazzle the panel into thinking they are talking to some genuine guy.Why can Rooney tweet after Suarezs comeback game that Suarez should have been sent off just before they play Man Utd.Oh but oh no Johnson is not allowed to say the truth oh thats wrong,it looks like a lot of LFc fans have been brainwashed as well,i give up.

  22. Observational tragedy11:48 am, March 10, 2012

    He obviously felt strongly about the fact that his teammate and club - not to mention himself - have been shafted.

  23. On the contrary, the issue is about justice, not racism, and that is the problem here. Unless you think it's OK to be labelled, for instance, a sex offender on the basis that someone said you were, there is no corroboration but someone else believes it to be so on the basis they were a more credible witness (or better liar ?) than you ?

  24. Sometimes things are just so blatantly inequitable, you have to say so

  25. I agree with Glen Johnson fully.

  26. No we should be embarrassed as custodians of the reputation of fans of this great club. The argument that Evra was more or equally guilty has been put forward by club (T-shirts) and fans alike for Suarez defence. The argument that the press needed a villain to focus on for headlines rather than put forward a balanced reflection of events has put forward for Suarez defense. Cultural differences and even the lyrics of the Rolling Stones have also been quoted.
    None of these change the fact that Suarez committed acts of racism and for that he is guilty it does not matter how guilty Evra is, or the press or Mancs enjoying our predicament is. The club had an opportunity to condemn an act of racism and chose to wear T-shirts. Unconditional support for players and staff should not cross a line; are we saying that supporting a red shirt is more important than the fight against intolerance and racism. It's your choice but I am embarrassed by our actions and how we now appear to the fans of other great clubs around the world.
    Finally before you tell me to f_ck off to another club, I have supported this club for 38 years and I have to admit recent events sadden me more than anything you can say. 

  27. Totally in agreement with your comments and, of course, with Johnson. And I am black to the bone! People have ignored the fact that Johnson had been singled out for ridicule for joining with his team mates to wear the 'Suarez solidarity' t-shirt. So he had every right to respond when the question was put during the interview. Now tell me, who has never made a silly or hurtful comment about someone of a different gender, race, belief, faith or pursuation as a joke or in the heat of the moment without necessarily intending it to be a generalisation?
    Enough of this hypocrisy, and enough of this matter.
    Apologies have been made, nonetheless. Now let's move on!

  28. Padraig O'Connor1:01 pm, March 10, 2012

    He was asked questions by an interviewer to respond to Paul McGrath´s criticism of him, which he did, and which he is entitled to do. He gave his opinion on the matter, which he is entitled to. It´s ridiculous that people shouldn´t be allowed to express their opinions after what I feel was a miscarraige of justice.

    The problem is that Liverpool FC were not allowed to express their opinion on it in the first place. The truth will out. Evra has not been such a victim as has been portrayed in the press. I tell you Jaime, you don´t shy away from criticism if someone attacks you, why should Johnson? He´s just trying to balance the argument. There´s a such thing as free speech, no?

  29. It's very easy to say that Johnson shouldn't have said anything but when you are accused of something by a washed up, alcoholic has been who's also a stinking hypocrite (check out his response to questions about Ron Atkinson calling Marcel Desailly a lazy nigger) he has every right to respond, Every right.

  30. Lost count of the amount of PR-related disasters we have made over the Suarez-incident. It really is shocking that a club and institution of Liverpool's standing and those part of it, have gone about things. So unprofessional and hot=headed.

  31. We were much better in the second half of last season (better than any team in the league, in that period) than we have been this season. 

  32. twitter,says it all.
    the club should have put out a statement from him.the whole thing has being handled so badly from the start

  33. fuck up Nicol and stop trying to make a name for yourself in the media,
    your supposed to be a liverpool man but all I  hear from you recently is
    complaining about Liverpool.

    Gone back to america, before Liverpool fans begin to hate you after being a Liverpool legend 

  34.  carroll has been at lfc over a year now-and he has been shite.

  35. I've lost count of the number of times people have moaned about PR. When you're fighting your corner, toes are going to get trodden on. Liverpool were always going to come out of this badly, purely because of the delicate issues involved. Glen Johnson was derided by a drunk, and called an Uncle Tom by a fellow sportsman, purely for having an opinion. Does he not have the right to respond?  
    The only 'negative publicity' this appears to have prompted is on LiverpoolKop, where Mr Kanwar bandies phrases about such as "contentious" and "defamation", purely because a footballer dares to express an opinion that isn't necessarily in line with his own. The majority of responses posted to the original article on MailOnline interestingly appear to support Johnson's views.
    Two points to add: 1) Stevie Nic has REALLY let himself go, and 2) Hilarious use of the phrase Ladyboy, by the way, Jamie, you really are a moral guardian. Glen Johnson maybe can't see beyond the end of his own nose, but he can see a perceived injustice, and made the moral decision to speak out in support of a teammate and friend. 

  36. I'm inclined to support Johnson on this one. Yes, it's well past, but at the same time look at it from his perspective: He was criticized for wearing a shirt supporting Suarez, but that was HIS choice. Johnson didn't have to pull on that shirt, but he chose to because he respects Luis and does not believe he is a racist. It seems unfair to him that he was criticized for supporting a team mate that he chose to support simply because he is black, and apparently no black people should support Suarez because he is an ALLEGED racist. I think he's right to be frustrated by that, although he chose the wrong time to say it.

  37. Ye sorry you are right....after today result you have won me over

  38. I think if it Johnson made the comments this week then it was totally wrong when both clubs had seen to put the saga behind them and there was no need to bring it back up again.

    If the media brought it back up now from a previous interview then they are utter gob shites.

    However on the comments themselves i totally agree with Johnson and his views were the exact same as mine at the time of the hand shake, EVra did exactly as he describes, he saw it from first hand

  39. The improving was there for all to see today....the embarrassing thing for us is to have loyal support who can't see kks faults ...but hypocrites like you were the first to have Roy Hudgson put down..where was your support for the manager then?...

    Kk will be sacked and deservedly for bringing the club down to your level and still claiming improving ...my @rse

  40. And why would you think that is when those 'black people' both have close affiliation to the club. They'd be pretty naive to swallow what these guys are saying, don't you think? Only people on here are doing that. I don't see any negritos who are agreeing with Liverpool or Suarez apart from those linked to Liverpool or the Uruguay national team.

    It clearly doesn't 'suit you' to consider what many other black people think about it either, some of 'us' are no different to 'them'.

  41. I know a lot of people who have not made stupid, bigoted comments to others. You shouldn't get so used to it that you think it is normal.

  42. Well said. All these attempts to scapegoat other's have been embarrassing and done huge damage to our reputation and most supporters cannot see it.

    And, yes, most supporters are saying that supporting a red shirt is more important.

    But, what the hell, KD is apparently moving us forward, 3 successive league defeats for the first time in 9 years. After his performance in the Suarez debacle, I'm afraid KD is out of his depth as a modern manager.

  43. Yes, we've had new managers before and haven't lost three in a row in the league in the last 9 years. Where's the improvements? Who's creating all the chances? Sunderland are 2 points behind us, they weren't that close last year, you think that is improvement? How did Newcastle overtake us?

  44. Matches our performances on the pitch, though, doesn't it? Second rate.

  45. Johnson is wrong and I wouldn't believe what he says on this matter and I do agree more with Mcgrath than Johnson.

    But if anyone has a right to bite back over public comments on the matter, it is Johnson. I don't recall Nicol calling Suarez an imbecile, do you? Why would that be? If it is because he thinks Suarez was innocent, then he should have no problem with Johnson defending HIMSELF over his behaviour in backing an innocent man. And if he thinks that Suarez was guilty, he should have saved the imbecile comments for Suarez himself. Nicol should just keep his trap shut, to be honest, if he is going to come out with inconsistent nonsense.

  46. Johnosn is a disgrace to his club, but a disgrace to every black footballer who has had to deal with racism.

  47. And the other 'black person' has a close affiliation with the Other club.......
    I asked you this the other day, Gab, but never got a response. Why do you dismiss out of hand the OPINION of Glen Johnson, but slavishly lap up every word Paul McGrath? This is a man who defended Ron "Desailly" Atkinson (hypocrite), a man who accepted comments in training of "Coons v The Rest" because his manager was "Old School" (apologist), and a man who said that Johnson should support Evra, not because of the truth, but purely BECAUSE OF HIS COLOUR (racist).
    I also ask again, out of curiosity, why is it that when someone is accused of rape, the onus seems to lie squarely with the victim to prove the offence occurred, but when someone cries "racism", the onus is on the accused to clear his name?
    I suppose that you will now patronise me and tell me that I can't have many black friends, I'm a nazi, I'm an apologist, I'm willfully dense, yada yada.....

  48. "His performance"...??!! Just exactly what was Kenny supposed to do? Publicly vilify a player that he believed was innocent? The T-shirt episode could have been interpreted as a major act of solidarity, but the media spun that one. And what were the club supposed to do? They saw the evidence, or lack of it, and appeared to be dumbstruck at the severity of the punishment, hence the bullish statement that was immediately issued. Maybe THAT was the time for calm heads, and a more carefully worded statement, but it's not often a person is sentenced for being "probably guilty" is it?
    Kenny will walk at the end of the season, because he just doesn't need the grief.  

  49. The only person embarrassing us is queen kenny and the garbage he brought in.. oh.. and the fans that keep supporting this incompetent clueless manager.. that's an embarrassment! 

  50. what improvements??..winning a cup nobody cares about??.. I guess that makes us as good as b'ham! .. 3 losses in a row..what improvements are there?? the one thing that will improve the team is to boot queen kenny and all the brit crap he wasted money on.. and take comolli with you.. you're insulting the club by supporting this garbage when they have no business putting on the jersey..

  51. WHY???? Why believe McGrath?!
    The answer, I fear, is that it doesn't sit comfortably with your own agenda. It's almost as if you WANT Suarez to be guilty, so you can justify your own deep rooted resentments.

  52. bcuz of course you speak for all black guys too dont you.. 

  53. He'll walk cos he's cr@p....

  54. So paul Mcgrath, who came out in the defence of Ron Atkinson when he made racist comments on air, about a black player when he thought the cameras and sound was off, should keep his mouth shut, or justify why it was ok for Ron to say what he said.

  55. Perhaps. But you can't deny that he has had to deal with a host of issues that have very little to do with football. And I for one, feel very sad for him. The way the media have castigated Kenny, for doing little more than defending HIS player and HIS club against a perceived injustice has been heartbreaking. 
    Good job I'm not paranoid, or I'd say 'Ferguson and Evra : Mission Accomplished.'

  56. Only if he's lying.

  57. paul mcgraths comments on us wearing luis suarez t shirts is outragoeus and racist to glen johnson. he singled him out. if johnson dont win his case then it just proves that theres favourtism in football. if suarez gets an eight match ban for his case, then mcgrath should get something similar like a heavy fine. lets kick racism out fa (Or whoever is working on this case).

  58. johnson telling the truth simple as that, wats the problem?
    evra has got off scott free and laughing.........literally.
    nicol is getting boring now.

  59. Steve Nicol words are a total disgrace! How could you call a current Liverpool player an 'imbecile' I don't care what the reason is. Even if Johnson's comments are not acceptable to him, two wrongs don't make a right. You don't call a current player of your ex-club an imbecile. Perhaps if Steve Nicol wants to know what an imbecile looks like he should look in the mirror. Totally out of order.

  60. Jk is a manc lover1:49 am, March 11, 2012


    The fools on here haven't clocked that your commenting as MALI lool you troll you !!!

    Hats of to you sir... I will never call you manc lover again!

  61. Yes, his 'performance', if i was accused of racism or any other type of bigotry, and felt that I was innocent, I'd go through the proper channels to clear my name or encourage a colleague to do the same. There are avenues available to do that. And if i thought it was such a stich up that this was not possible, I wouldn't see the point of needless sniping through the press. Why didn't anyone appeal or take it to court? Suarez could sue the FA, the press or anyone else for slander, surely? Five months on, the club still has people talking about it, so why didn't they go through proper channels and back it up with proper action, rather than moaning about it? I think we all know the reason why, most people outside LFC and Uruguay think the guy is guilty.

  62. Yeah, I'm sure that Ferguson would have been quaking in his boots about the impending might of Liverpool. Perceived injustice, they could have tried to take it further and proved it, don't you think?

  63. Don't bother spouting utter nonsense, I don't want anyone to be guilty, it happened and there is enough that Suarez has admitted to already. Your mind reading skills are rubbish too, so save them for somebody you know.

    Oh yes, my agenda, all the time, was to get Suarez to call people silly names, give reasons that experts on language did not believe, pinch people's skin and grab their head. You are giving me credit for things that i cannot do!

    I believe Mcgrath because, at the time, I thought there was an unpleasant altercation going on, so as soon as Suarez said he was trying to be friendly I suspected that he was lying. Mcgrath is entitled to his opinion about how he thinks Johnson should react, in the same way that one eyed supporters are entitled to their opinion as to how Johnson should react if he thinks Suarez was innocent. Surely you have worked out that Mcgrath thinks Suarez is guilty? So how do you think that someone who believes that would expect a black man to react? You believe he is not, so you expect Johnson to react otherwise, you do not know, Mcgrath may not know, but probably knows more than us but the important thing is that Suarez was found guilty, like it or not. Do you understand that? It doesn't appear to have crossed your mind that Mcgrath thinks Suarez is guilty and so it is no surprise that he said what he did.

  64. You don't understand anything about racism if you believe that.

  65. Strange, because supporters call Johnson an imbecile every time we concede a goal, so it is funny seeing people getting so worked up about it now.

  66. I hope more of the LFC player come out and speak so more trouble for them and they will have no sponsor and got to administration and relegated. YOU NEVER WIN AGAIN 

  67. media beat-up prompting media beat-up. So one former player has a go at a current player who has a go back at the former player and then another former player has to weigh and comment about the current player. None of these goons comes out of this looking particularly bright. Steve Nicol just continues to fire this ridiculous issue. Does he think that by coming out and labelling Johnson as idiotic that he himself doesn't look a bit stupid? This is all just to sell papers and give us something to talk about other than poor performances on the pitch. None of it is important and none of it actually needs to be said. They all look daft, they'll all talking rubbish and the whole thing is mostly just a big joke. 

  68. You know how the papers work here, politely declining gets turned into "Johnson refuses to back Suarez".

  69. Like I said, Gab, you WANT him to be guilty because it's suits you. Thanks to the FA, there was little room for manoeuvre: Liverpool could appeal the severity of the punishment, but not the verdict. Why did the CPS not take up the case? Answer: No Evidence. How could Liverpool sue the FA, the press or even Evra for slander when there was NO PROOF? NO WITNESSES? NO CONCLUSIVE VIDEO EVIDENCE? Just hearsay, innuendo, and one man's word against the other. There was no other avenue, no other channel, to use other than the media. 
    If you care to research the groundswell of opinion worldwide, I would suggest that 'most people' outside LFC and Uruguay are actually pissing themselves at the phoney idealism that 'PC' Britain has become embroiled with and the feeble hypocrisy from a (usually) xenophobic press, and self-serving groups such as Operation Black Vote (who entered the forum purely to justify their Government grant) and the National Black Police Association (which has been labelled "pointless and possibly harmful" and "institutionally racist".) But not by me, obviously.
    5 months on and we ARE still talking about it. Because it was an injustice, something I thought you would know all about, Gab. This was a perfect opportunity for the FA to promote cultural and diversity understanding; instead it became a witch hunt.
    Next time you are stigmatised for life after being found "probably guilty", e-mail me.

  70. So you turned to the bloke next to you and immediately said, "Blimey. That looks like an unpleasant altercation" ?? 
    I suspect things. You suspect things. Glen has an OPINION. McGrath has an OPINION.
    The point is, nobody will EVER know for sure because nobody witnessed the 'unpleasant altercation'. And Suarez was found "probably guilty".

  71. Is this a typical day in the life of Jaimie Kanwar?

    - Wake up, read latest news about Liverpool.

    - Read supporters comments and get a general idea of the prevailing opinion.

    - Take opposite position.

    - Write inflammatory article to goad Liverpool fans.
    If you are genuinely a Liverpool fan Jaimie, you are the most contrary person I've ever encountered.

  72. Well, you must get in a fight every week if you cannot tell the difference between someone with good intentions and someone with hostile intentions. But, then, that doesn't surprise me, because you seem to think that pinching the skin of black men and grabbing their head is fine. That was enough for him to be found guilty, he should keep his hands to himself.

  73. I'd say Mcgrath could spot on uncle Tom before you can.

  74. No one seems to have commented on the fact that Johnson also admitted that it was the club who came up with the idea of wearing the t shirt.

    Now, maybe some of you do stand up more to their boss than i see people, on average, do at work. But I wonder what it would take or what it would mean if Dalglish had asked someone to wear the t shirt and the player, particularly Glen Johnson, said no? And, maybe, this is what Mcgrath is getting at? Just as people say that the FA found Suarez guilty on probability (mainly of lying) I can't see how any players can say, for sure, that this did not happen. Certainly not enough to wear that t shirt.

    Johnson definitely could not know what happened, so Paul Mcgrath is correct to call him Uncle Tom, and I have a black grandfather so i cannot be racist. Strange how a black grandad means Suarez can't be racist (anyone seen a picture of him? I hope he is not like Suarez's sister!) but now most of you people are claiming Mcgrath, a black man, is racist. Didn't realise most of you cared so much! 

  75. And you sound just a little too desperate to believe an ex-player with a serious drink problem. A little too desperate no to be perceived as an Uncle Tom yourself? 

  76. I've never been in a fight in my life, despite working in a confrontational job, but thanks for your concern. I tend to try and find out why somebody is so incensed so I can attempt to calm them down, though I must admit to getting hugely patronising and condescending when I think I can get away with it.
    You accuse people of being mind readers and handshake analysts, but I think you have read far too much into the body language of Suarez.And your emotions nearly betrayed you at the end there, Gab. It was almost a Charlton Heston moment....

  77. So finally you've said it. Only white people can be racist. Nice one.

  78. impressive. i am not alone and as a black person i even get it more

  79. Lots of people think he is guilty and I think our club's supporters will have a change of heart about the subject as soon as he signs for Paris St Germain, or wherever.

    I've asked before, if someone came over and said that stoning their wife was culturally acceptable in their country, would you accept it?

    Next time i am stigmatised for life, for being an idiot, he has not been stigmatised as a racist, then i would appeal in the proper ways, including considering suing Patrice Evra.

    Most supporters of other clubs that i know do think the case is a disgrace, and most think the verdict fair and Liverpool's behaviour embarrassing. But maybe that is the group of friends that i have, not that pc, but we don't refer to each other's colour in a heated debate either.

  80. What, does someone need to be on the wagon to spot an uncle Tom? First i heard of that! Most people, outside LFC, in the uk believe that a black man should not support racist behaviour.

  81. My emotions? Do you mean writing in capitals?

    Read too much into the body language, such as a snarling expression? Does that say less than Evra's supposed lowered hand during the handshake fiasco?

    Do you walk around town calling people negrito and pinching them? If not, why do you think it is ok?

  82. No i haven't, don't be so dense! That's my whole point! I said that Suarez's defence, saying he had a black grandfather, is nonsense, because anyone can be racist to anyone else. If you have issue my comment, it mirrors Liverpool's response when Suarez was found guilty, what, exactly, did Suarez's grandfather have to do with it. It is a total nonsense. I have a friend who has a gay brother who, unfortunately, does not keep his opinions on the subject to himself after a few pints. His brother doesn't stop him saying homophobic things, so i doubt Suarez's grandfather stops him saying racist things.

    Liverpool bringing up Suarez's grandfather was embarrassing and simplistic and suggested they had not thought things through very well.

    But, you do bring up an interesting point, Suarez is, at most, mixed race. So, presumably, can be racist to anyone. But I'd have thought that it was harder for a white person to be racist to another white person and a black man to be racist about another black man. I did not realise that someone saying that someone else should throw down a t shirt to the floor could be considered to be racist.

  83. its ridiculous thats one of our legends is blasting our player for telling the truth. evra had his hand down when suarez came. the real culprit is evra and the truth must come out sooner or later. i cant beleive that some of our great black players are standing by patrice evra. if he was racially abused then why dont the fa show us the moment suarez actually said it, not when he pinched his arm. that could mean anything

  84. The bloke has sticky-out teeth for crying out loud! He probably looks like he's "snarling" even when asleep.
    As for your other comment, I am not Hispanic so I don't tend to use the word negrito in everyday conversation. I have pinched the occasional arse though....

    At least there was some good news for a change today, Gab, with the CPS not pursuing the "racist" charge against the fella from Aintree, due to lack of evidence.Or do you think the Kop conspired to get him off?

  85. I think you should certainly be NEAR the wagon for anyone to give any credibility to what you have to say...

    And I guess that the particular "black man" in question has an unshakeable belief that there WAS no racist behaviour. Hence his comments. Hence his support.

  86. So I'm being wilfully dense. Again. 

    How can the Suarez defence - that he has a black grandfather - be nonsense? He has black ancestry. Close black ancestry. Not generations ago, but alive and tangible. He most certainly has black friends, some from childhood, some from the Uruguay National team. Oh, and a bloke called Glen Johnson.. 

    So surely he may be sensitive to the issue of race? Surely when he was a kid, his grandad may, just may, have taken him to one side and spoken to him of any oppression or intolerance that had been subjected to? And like any kid, you are in awe of your grandad, lap up what he says, use it as mantra.

    To say that Suarez is "at most, mixed race" is quite patronising. It's like you are saying he's not a REAL black.......

    And if we agree that it's hard for white to be racist to white and black to be racist to black, then let's follow this argument through. If Suarez is, as you say, 'mixed race' the logical progression is that he CANNOT be racist to ANYONE, rather than him being able to be racist to anyone. 

    The reason why people think McGrath's comments were racist is that he singled out a person for criticism - the black man - purely because of the colour of their skin. 

  87. ok sorry about saying the part about our black players shouldnt be supporting evra ok. just ignore that part. but i still think evras been lying all this time.

  88. Typical biased nonsense from kanwar.   Never read anything by that guy that has failed to enrage me...  Don't know why he thinks he is some kind of LFC spokesman because he hates the club..