26 Mar 2012

€40m Brazilian LFC target insists: 'I am ready' to play in England...

Brazilian Liverpool target Leandro Damião has confirmed that the 'time is right' for him to move to a European club, and he's revealed a preference for England or Spain.

Speaking to Il Corriere Dello Sport last week, Damião - who has has an excellent goalscoring record for Internacional - revealed:

"I think I might also do well in Spain or England.

"I'm used to living with rumours of European clubs interested in me.

"The time is right to go to Europe, and I am ready"

If Damiao moves to a European club then the chances are the fee will be huge. Internacional president Giovanni Luiggi recently revealed:

"I have an offer of €40m from a team in the Ukrainian league"

Realistically, the only way Liverpool could be in with the slightest chance of signing Damiao is if the club finishes in the top four, and we all know that isn't going to happen.

The fee would probably be prohibitive anyway, but having said that, the club spent 35m on Andy Carroll in a non-Champions League season, so anything is possible.

If this transfer was ever to happen (!), it would be great to finally have a 'real' Brazilian at Anfield. No more 'fake' (i.e. non-attacking) Brazilians, please ;-D

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. yes the 35 mill came from Nando Torres .We don't have a brass razoo. Fenway won't release further funds to Mr D  you can bet your house on it

  2. If KD was given £40M to spend on a striker of his choice, he'll probably bid for Carlton Cole!

  3. YES PLEASE! Or Leandro Moura from Gremio!

  4. I agree it would be great to have a 'real' Brazilian, but that's pretty harsh statement on our current international Brazilian, who has been a credit to LFC in every sense, I'd rather him than any 'real' Brazilian, just look at the idiot David Luiz

  5. Big money KK would prob consider quitting or get sacked if he were 2 b a flop, I think Daglish has done ok as i genuienly feel with a top striker we would have challenged both Mancs, I think were a couple of signings short of being a great team, and by the way i for 1 am looking forward 2 Lucas returning... I hope he can recapture his form quickly as we were solid with him, he was also improving as his convidence grew!!! YNWA   JFT96

  6. Septimus_severus3:53 pm, March 26, 2012

    The writing was on the wall when FSG didn't give Kenny any money in January despite Kenny saying at the beginning of the window that he had funds.
    This soon changed when Kenny then said no players of significance would be coming in two days later.

    Kenny's demeanour changed in January when I believe FSG told him some HOME TRUTHS about his transfers and no money would be given to him.

    If this player does come to Liverpool it will be because we have a new Manager of International Calibre that players INTERNATIONALLY (not the failed buy british policy).


  7. The only Brazilian I can think of that has been a success is Gilberto Silva and the only attacking player to be a real success is Juninho in 20 years of the Premier League. Robinho could have been.Being Brazilian in the Premier League means nothing if anything the real talents of Brazilian football give the Premier League a miss! None of the greats have played here like Ronaldo,Romario,Ronaldinho,Kaka,Cafu,Carlos and others. 

  8. Which managers do you think would be a possible replacement?

  9. Not many managers that have the class to manage lfc. Be hard to grab as they are mostly employed and happy where they are. LFC need major surgery to get them going. LFC need at least 2 strikers, 2 wingers, top mid fielder to replace gerrard and a top defender for carragher just for starters. LFC dont have the money after the huge waste on carrol and co.

  10. I've looked at this guy for a while. Really looks a Premiership striker to me. Reminds me of Torres a bit. I do think we could feasibly get him whilst outside of the Champions League but obviously, it will be tough to compete. Certainly not impossible though.

  11. I really don't agree with this "being in the champions league" philosophy! There are good players who can do a job that do not play champions league football. There are others who were bought by clubs that were not playing champions league football. This is only bullsh** that is being fed by the media. Players like Cavani (used to play for Palermo) and when he signed for Napoli (initially on a 12 month loan) they were not playing champions league football. Players like Alexis Sanchez (now at Barcelona) signed by Udinese, another club that has only made it to the third qualifying round. What I am trying to say is that many players maybe motivated by other things besides C.L. football. I am pretty sure that there are many others who do not play C.L. football which are available. What you need is good scouts to unearth them and act quickly before (football ruiners like Chelski, Abu Citeh, Qatar San G, 
    Real, Barca, Milan,  and the Mancs in the past etc) get them from under your nose. 

  12. The man that reawakened Barcelona - Frank Riijkaard

  13. there are so many excuses made on a constant basis - Man City weren't in the CL when they signed Yaya, Silva, Kompany etc, and they signed Hart & Johnson for peanuts (relatively) which flies in the face of the whole "English player premium" thing.

    There are always bargains available to a club the stature of LFC, if the club is willing to just look for talent rather than reputations.

  14. I've only seen him play a couple of times for Brazil, and never for his club team, but from that extremely limited viewing (and the youtube clip above) he doesn't look like anything close to being amongst that select group of players worthy of such extortionate fees.

  15. I definitely wouldn't pay 40 million Euros for him. Nor would I pay 30. I still think he looks interesting.

  16.  How come no-one asks for Jordan Rhodes instead - he know the english rain, the compact schedule for Christmas and the hush and push of the PL!??

  17. I'd worry about Riijkard. He's been out of top level management for a while and I wonder if his heart is still in it.

    Other candidates I'd prefer:
    Klopp, Bielsa or Van Gaal.

    There are a few other interesting candidates. Lambert and Rodgers interest me but neither have top level experience (Lambert does as a player which counts in his favour). I'd also be interested in two Chelsea rejects: AVB and Ancelotti. Doubt we'd be able to get Ancelotti because of the money he earns and I think AVB will be snapped up quickly (Atletico or Roma seem good potential options).

  18. Agreed. Bielsa would be particularly good but I think he is onto something big at Bilbao, where his team looks like it is just about come into its own.

    AVB would definitely suit me and he may feel that he has unfinished business here. He may look at our playing staff, though, and see potential for more player power antics.

    If we want someone with Premier League experience, I think there is only one candidate with proven results over a period of time, Martin O'Neill. Leicester, Celtic, Villa and, now, Sunderland, his teams always exceed expectations, which is not easy when you are managing Celtic, so he ticks all the boxes for me. If he can take Celtic to a European final and can manage expectation like that, he would have no problem at Anfield. He wouldn't be intimidated by our stars, he fights for his club in the press and he sticks to his decisions and has the courage of his convictions.

  19. Agreed, I'd give him a go, his goalscoring record is outstanding, he is young and he could turn out to be anything in the right team and would not cost the earth. Players from the lower leagues have shown they can play in the premier league, so he must surely be worth a go.

  20. jordan Rhodes has scored 33 goals already this season !!

  21. 40 mill !!!! for that i wud take neymar, cavani or a cheeky 20 mill torres bid

  22. Damiao is a great striker but the fee is all wrong... it has been reliably reported that he is available for 18-22m not 40m!!!

    Spurs and Arsenal have almost had him for around that price, PSG & Real where reported to be willing to go as high as 25m...

    And it is widely know that in January a bid of 20m would have gotten him over to Europe....

    So, this story is nonsense...!!! 

  23. No, what you are saying is nonsense. Unfounded assertions are worthless; Internavional's president states that he'd received a 40m offer for Damiao; that is a fact, or do you dispute that too?!

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