8 Mar 2012

£20m LFC target admits: I want to 'play in England'. Is he good enough?

Marseille striker Loic Remy has been linked with a move to Anfield on several occasions over the last year, and the player's agent recently revealed that the France International harbours a 'dream' of playing in the English Premier League. With Euro 2012 quickly approaching, Remy's price will probably double if he has a good tournament, and this week, he's made it clear once again that he wants to move.

One thing is certain: Liverpool tried to sign Remy in the past. In July 2011, the striker's agent, Frederic Guerra, revealed that Liverpool had sat down with Marseille had a 'meeting about transfers', and that Remy had his 'heart set' on coming to Anfield.

The move collapsed, but Liverpool will (hopefully) be on the lookout for another striker in the summer, and Remy could be one of many players who could fit the bill. Speaking to French football Magazine Surface this week, the 26 year old reiterated his desire to leave France. He said:

"I would like to play in England, Spain and Italy, but I need to take one step at a time. I will try to end the season as best I can with my current club. If I have the opportunity to play at the Euros, I will do my best to have a good competition. Then we will see what happens"

Remy is reported to be worth £20m, but is he really worth that much? let's look at the facts:

* 43 goals and 10 assists in the last 92 games
* 1 goal every 2.1 games
* 1 goal or assist every 1.7 games
* THIS SEASON: 12 goals and 4 assists in 27 games
* Longest run without scoring: 9 games for Nice in 2008-9
* International Record: 4 goals in 17 games for France

Remy's conversion rate is currently superior to all of Liverpool's strikers, including Luis Suarez, and he consistently seems to score goals, which is what the club needs.

Remy also has pace to burn, something that is severely lacking in the current squad. After all, when a 32 year old with dodgy knees is the fastest player in your team then you know you've got a problem that needs fixing (!)

Liverpool were definitely interested in the player once, so it's likely that they'll be interested again, but player prices will be inflated after Euro 2012, so Remy may be out of reach.

What do you think? Worth a bid?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Kenny should just move into an ambassadorial role and let someone else do the buying. I don't think Kenny should be given any more money to spend. What he has spent so far should have guaranteed 4th place. Until 4th place is achieved or Kenny has moved on, no further funds should be forthcoming without selling players. But we probably could not trust Kenny not to sell the best players.

  2. Just can't viably compare his stats to Suarez as I rate French Ligue 1 as average at best. personally feel there are better options out there, try and find some unknown players from South America in the mould of Javier Hernandez at the scum.
    Remy is the best striker at Marseille mind, don't know if that holds any weight or not but the player actually nearly signed for Stoke last season before signing for Marseille!!! Would take him for 10m tho!!!

  3. In fact, Bellamy is the fastest player of EPL.

  4. He'd likely be better than Suarez (who doesn't score enough and is always in bother). He'd definitely be better than Carroll.

  5. Bellamy is easily Dalglish's best signing - unlucky that he can't play him as often as he'd like due to knees.

  6. What a load of utter rubbish........City have outspet us by MILES yet they only really broke into the top 4 after # years of spending over 100M on players never mind wages!! Load of tripe really. Use your head.

  7. Is he better then Chamakh and Gervinho who we were linked with and never came and they haven't exactly lit up the Premier league since they joined Arsenal,

  8. Mate I've been a LFC fan for 35 years the gap is something like 30 points and has for goals well we are way behind the gap is massive. Looks like have a good chance of doing something LFC have not done win the EPL

  9. And what about Arsenal? What about Newcastle? What about Sunderland? What about WBA, with Hodgson? Use your head.

  10. Oh, but they cost 10 million between them, didn't they?

  11. Chamakh was on a free but his price tag was £18 million and Gervinho about £10 million. Does it really matter how much they cost they both have come to the Premier League from French Football with a big reputations and neither have fired yet and Chamakh has only played 8 league games this season will Remy be another one or could he be the next Drogba? 

  12. I just wish we would start putting our chances away that is the only thing that will quieten them down.
    Not the case we have played badly this season but until we start scoring the knockers are winning and scoring!

  13. Think Remy is better than both of those two. He looks like a good finisher and has pace. We need more pace in the team. 

    It does matter how much they cost if they don't work out. Chamakh will make Arsenal a profit, Gervinho should break even and he might even improve in the next year or so, as Drogba did when he went to Chelsea.

  14. Remy would be awesome if he is played correctly. He is not the poacher or clever goalscorer we desperately need, but his pace is definitely a weapon in the same mould as Torres or Aguero.

    I'd still rather have Martinez or Castaignos.

  15. Holy crap, an article that is only slightly negative from jimmy kuntwar?

  16. You may want to use your head too mate - LFC had a MASSIVE headstart on Man City before they started spending. They had to spend that money just to overcome the competitive advantage that existed from the years we'd had accumulating players for Champions League challenges while they were accumulating squads to batte relegation.

    Dalglish's spending was pretty much to revitalise a squad that was full of players with Champions League experience, so yes, it should have guaranteed a far better challenge than has been put up so far this season.

  17. The EPL? You've not been a Liverpool fan for 35 years mate.