16 Feb 2012

Palermo President confirms: I want to sign 'fantastic' £22m Liverpool star...

Rumours are rife today that Paris St. Germain are planning a move for Liverpool striker Luis Suarez. Predictably, there are no quotes/sources to confirm the speculation, but there is one European club that has publicly declared an interest in signing Suarez.

Palermo President Maurizio Zamparini has today made it clear that the Serie A outfit would definitely be interested in signing Suarez.

He told The Daily Mail:

"Would I take him? [Suarez] I would sign him tomorrow morning. He’s a fantastic striker.

"I would certainly try to educate him, but I don’t think he behaved like this [Towards Patrice Evra because he is racist".

Palermo are currently 8th in Serie A, and I doubt Suarez would entertain the idea of moving to a smaller club than Liverpool.

Fellow Uruguayan Edinson Cavani player for Palermo for three years between 2007 and 2010.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If Suarez is forced to leave because Evra broke the golden rule of whats said on the pitch stays on the pitch,then it will leave such a bad taste that we all might as well pack up  and give up now.What will KK do buy another mediocre player to replace him then we will be forever midtable.I think Suarez is fantastic,the guy has morals and principles and stands up for his beliefs.Everyone knows Evra is the biggest trouble maker ever in the history of the game.Evra started it by looking down on Suarezs south american origins,so rightly so suarez gave as good as he got and cry baby Evra couldnt handle it.Suarez has the ability to be the next world superstar alongside Messi and Ronaldo,if we lose him thats our last chance of ever being successful flushed down the toilet.Instead our global image will be okay and we will become just like Man Utd not a football club anymore just a money making franchise whose only interest is the dollar signs.

  2. I really hope the LFC supporters cheer every move Suarez makes in the next few games.  Let us have the banners and songs out for Louis. WE DO NOT WANT TO LOSE HIM.  I Think Evra stitched the FA, Ferguson Association and Louis up.  Louis YNWA

  3. Doesn't look very good. However, doesn't this constitue tapping up? The president of a club publically stating he wants to sign a player who's under contract at another club.I would hate Luis Suarez to leave as there  are not many players of his talent available at an affordable price. The Daily mail seems to have a big agenda towards Liverpool ever since the Suarez gate 3 months ago.

  4. Please don't speak in the name of all of us. I'D RATHER NOT LOSE THE FACE OF THE CLUB, if you like it.

  5. PSG have all the cash necessary to sign as do "smaller" club Palermo

    He could well be shipped out for the right price, and these guys could well be mad enough to give us £50 million

  6. Losing suarez will be yet another foolish move in the series started since we sold Xabi Alonso, Arbeola, Torres, Mascherano, Mereles,& loaned Acquilani...
    Lets stop the stupidity and start buying players of that caliber.. Medeocracy w playets like spearing, hendetson, shelvy etc has clearly put us uet again in mid table...

  7. I'd take it, as exciting a player as he is, the cost of the clubs imagine, sponsors and more simply, the fact he's had 2 major domestic bans in the past 3 years doesn't bode well for a player. LFC come's first.

  8. If there is a racism on the pitch between players, than it should not stay on the pitch.

  9. Lavezzi and Suarez swap?

  10. If Luis Suarez leaves us in the summer, the only conclusion we can be assured of is, that the brand "Liverpool Football Club" is nervous and scared of the media and that money is the only thing nowadays that matters !!!!

    It's shambolic that a football career can be ruined like the one of Luis Suarez without any sustainable evidence !!!!

    Should we look to sell "el pistolero" in the summer, I just wish him all the best and I am hoping that he is able to restore his reputation and show the world what hypocrites they actually are !!!!

    I fucking hate those mainstream idiots, but it seems like we can't help it, we just have to live with it, annoyingly ....

  11. Mate,
    Where exactly does he claim to speak for the rest of us??

    He merely hopes we all support Suarez. I would suggest a better grasp of context is in order.


    With all due respect to Standard Chartered Bank,with all due
    recognition and total appreciation to Standard Chartered Bank, I will like to
    express my dismay on their position concerning the Suarez-Evra handshake saga.

    I will wish to inform Standard Chartered and all those
    Liverpool legends etc who claim Suarez brought disgrace to our darling club
    that they have failed in their assessment.KOPS members will come and go,Standared
    Chartered will come and go as Carlsberg did,we fans will come and go,likewise
    King Kenny, Suarez,other players,me and other fans but Liverpool will NEVER
    seize to exist.

    I am disgusted that Standard Chartered and those so-called
    legends do not know Evra is from ManU. Had it been Evra is from West Ham or
    ManC or even Chelsea or any other club then I think it can be ‘somehow’
    reasonable with what Standard Chartered and those legends are saying.

    It pains one when a ManU fan or Ferg16 will challenge us
    fans that Ferg16 and their club can affect our internal affairs.It really pains
    us whenever Ferg16 and ManU  fans claim
    that Benetez was sacked just because of his famous FACTS about Ferg16.If its
    true then where is Liverpools’ dignity?Where does Liverpool fans dignity lie?Why
    should we succumb to ManU’s aspirations?

    I don’t know why Standard Chartered and those legends could
    not also outcry Rio Ferdinands refusal to salute Suarez on Saturday.In my
    evaluation had it been Liverpool won ManU on Saturday and Suarez did the Evra
    celebration around Evra as he did to Suarez, Standard Chartered and these
    legends would have asked for Suarez head or kill him.Am sure if Suarez do Eva
    celebration tomorrow, they will still condemn it.Then do Standard Chartered and
    these legends really have Liverpool spirits in them?I think nayyy.

    If Standard Chartered and those legends ask Liverpool fans
    in Asia and around the world if they are bothered with Suarez attitude toward
    Evra, there will be absolutely majority who will say NO. However if you pose
    same question claiming Evra to be a different club player then most Liverpool
    fan will say MAYBE they are bothered because Evra is NOT a ManU player. That is
    the point.

    In conclusion if Standard Chartered want business with us
    they should maintain our dignity and get Liverpool
    spirit in them.

    We appreciate them but the should know for them to take side
    with Ferg16 and Manu is absolutely condemned by us.

     Thank You

  13. I will give Ferg16 a bravo if it happens.He can influence even Liverpool boardroom.Those so-called Liverpool legends who said Suarez disgraced us should be ashame of themselves if we do sell Suarez .Yes shame because they can still succumb to Ferg16's and ManU propaganda

  14. Dan but not by the influence of Ferg16 and ManU.If EVra was in another club then I can buy your point.Ferg16 and ManU fans will be laughing for century to come.WHy should ManU influence a great club like ours?Are ManU greater than us?

  15. it's luis.
    not louis.
    there'd be some shite banners if you were making them.

  16. 'so called legends'
    you mean people like hansen and aldridge?
    players who've won titles and european cups.
    nothing 'so called' about that if you ask me.

  17. Saying 'we don't want to lose' a player usually means that fans of that club don't/shouldn't want that, and I underlined the reason why there are some of us who have a reason to be fine with 'losing' Suarez.

  18. So if Fergie had said we should sack Hodgson, you'd have said keep him cause otherwise Fergie and United will be laughing for century to come?

  19. Exatcly. So many people fail to grasp the scale of troubles while keeping such player in the team, if he doesn't learn his lesson fast.

  20. It's Luis, not Louis! He's from Uruguay, not France....lol

  21. Selling him to Spain or Italy he will never learn a lesson! Surprised if he wants to go to Paris he will get just as much abuse as in England seeing that Evra plays for France bit surprising that a French club would bid! We need to keep him not just wash our hands of him .

  22. He just  stated the obvious,and last time i checked they were competing with Man City for the title,not with us.

  23. It was sickening to hear the boos against Evra because he had had the temerity to report being racially abused .

  24. I posted on this site a few days ago that, as much as it would pain me to see him go, if the club were to sell him to try and do damage control, then that's what should be done.
    But after reading the tons of shite which has been written about this club & Suarez from 'journalists' and so-called 'fans', they can all go and fuck themselves. Suarez should stay and the club should purchase only players who are suited to bring the best out of him on the field. THIS will get us ticking and he'll be banging goals in for fun.

    Just for the record, Suarez was never labelled a racist by the FA or Evra.
    Suarez is a family man who dotes on his wife & kid.
    His passion for the game, at times, gets the better of his judgement on the field, if this can be channelled to avoid any more unsavoury moments, we'll have one of the best players on the planet.

    And lastly, Man Utd, Evra, Fergie and the FA can go fuck themselves too.

    We are Liverpool FC, we don't walk alone.

  25. wers ye proof nobhead

  26. behave softlad back on the blue sites will yer

  27. So Manchester United is only a money making franchise ?? Can you please explain what more does Liverpool do for football as compared to Man Utd and where is this 'difference' you talk about ?? Both have American owners. And it can;'t be that by NOT winning trophies Liverpool is better than United. So please exlain for noobs like me. I am very keen to learn.

  28. Clamouring for a player like that shows a small club mentality.

  29. I don't know if Man Utd is 'greater' than Liverpool. They are certainly better.

  30. I am sure Micpando1 started wtching football last season, so Suarez is the only legend he knows.

  31. 6 goals in 20 games, that is some 'banging in goals for fun' form. Maybe thats why Sir Alex is running a propaganda to drive him out of the country. Because he wants Man Utd to 'be greater' than Liverpool. Id say you team up with Micpando1. Start distributing the flyers.

  32. "I mean, it's not just a part of football, it's the whole bloody attitude of the nation. You can see that attitude there. The whole thing. They (Uruguayans) have no respect for other people's dignity"

    A quote from the Scotland's national team manager after drawing with Uruguay in the final group game in the World Cup and having to go home.

    Anyone remember who that manager was who made the above offensive comments on a whole nation? :)

  33. there was no racial intent so is it still deemed as racism? Is winding up a player with empty words not allowed? I honestly dont believe in racial comments because I take people as they are and everyones equal. What I dont get is why Evra was so upset over it. There are way more hurtful things being said on the field besides making fun of racial color. Take the Zidane incident for example. I find that sort of abuse a lot more abusive than what Suarez said. And that sort of thing happens almost every minute on a field.  

  34. Did you actually read what was written there? The bit about "the club should purchase only players who are suited to bring the best out of him"
    The word "SHOULD" is future tense, meaning, in the FUTURE. What I wrote has nothing to do with his form this season.
    Judging by what you managed to plug out from your keyboard, maybe English isn't one of your strong points.

  35. Let me guess, Alex Ferguson, Mexico, 1986 World Cup after Scotland drew 0-0 with Uruguay to get knocked out at the first round?

  36.  LFC is a club that you support end of discussion. I don't get why people think Liverpool's reputation will be ruined. It's only the dumb people that believe everything they see on TV and what pundits say whilst ignoring everything that happens behind closed doors. Liverpool is a club that has an ingrained winning expectation so you need to back your best players for that. Small club Mentality? That's laughable. If we got rid of our best players that would certainly be true, so I don't understand what the hell your talking about. 

  37. In fact Fergie said he was shocked by Roy's sacking and that he needed more time. The only reason he said that was because he enjoyed Liverpool's dismal performances.

  38. If LFC comes first, then Suarez should stay. He is pivitol to our success because I dont see anyone besides Ronaldo or Messi who can play as well as Suarez. The guy is a menace against any team. If we got rid of him I don't see sponsors offering as much as they would other mid-table teams. LFC comes first? I don't get these comments at all. Everyones acting like the whole world is condemning Liverpool, but is only the media that is making it seem that way. There's not going to be lasting damage on LFC. Not as much as being title-free for last 20 years. 

  39. Oh actually I may be wrong. Its you THE FAN that has a small mentality. You are simpy unable to look at the bigger picture. Even Liverpool owners have come out to apologize.Are they mad? No they realize the damage that has already been done. According to you only dumb people believe whats written in the newspaper. Judging by the crap you spout, I believe quite a few dumb people support Liverpool. So I guess Liverpool's reputation is being ruined.

  40. 6 goals in 20 games. And you take his name alongside Messi and Ronaldo. Tch Tch !!!
    I am proud to support a club let its superstar leave for Real Madrid and still continued to win things. More than win things it was the attitude that club is more important than player that pleases me. Players and managers come and go. The club remains behind. In your hunger to win something, anything, you want the club to sacrifice its principals. Thats criminal.

  41. He just ain't good enough. If he was better clubs than palermo and psg would be after him. He's a liability. If nothing, he'll just flip a finger and get a one match ban. You can get Messi and Xavi behind and he still woudn't 'bang them in for fun' because he wastes so many chances. Ypu guys have nobody else that is why you hype him so much. Compare him to the real greats and he stands no where. The day when he is counted among the LFC legends will be a sad day for your club.

  42. If Suarez is sold in the summer and I think he will be, then it's mission accomplished for Ferguson.
    (I refuse to call him Sir Alex because I have zero respect for the the man. Never has a bigger hyprocite walked the this earth)

  43. For a Man United fan you do spend a lot of time on the Liverpool forum Barry. Is that because you actually are a closet Liverpool supporter?

  44. Man utd is like macdonalds and coca cola,they brainwash the non thinking kids from an early age then they stay with them for life.These people have no soul,they are faceless people with no personality and are happy to spout whatever they  read from the sun.If the Evra Suarez incident was the other way around and Evra played for lFC and Suarez played for Man Utd no doubt all the so called man utd fans would be condemning Evra and sticking up for Suarez.

  45. Yea and who cares that Suarez has been booed for all his away games this season, and read the bloddy document from FA. HE WAS NEVER BANNED FOR RACIALLY ABUSING EVRA. why stop there Evra changed his statement 3 times during this whole affair. 

  46. Yes Suarez brings baggage but he is our player and Fergie does see him as a threat. PPl have short memories - Suarez ripped  United's defence last season single handedly and they are trying to damage our attacking impetus through this pathetic agenda - all in the favur of the manks. This is our fault. We only have one decent attacking player and he is being targeted here through political correctness. Why are we fans so sensitive over Suarez? - cos our owners and managers forked out big bucks on average talent and again we are a two player (offensively) team. So us fans are fed up of this one step fwd and two steps back strategy. If we had four quality players of the calibre of Suarez - we would not be sooo defensive of Luis. We need to add quality like him to our 1st team and then see how they try to screw our season up. Our talisman has been targeted but we need to be crafty and say sorry even though we know Luis is not racist but simply does not like Evra (why would he want to shake WELBECK OR Rios hand if he was racist?) This is ulterior motive agenda - the answer is simple - stay away from this controversy and add proper quality attacking footballers to our team. One thing for sure we will not be signing any British bums again in the summer. If we were Real and Ronaldo was in Suarez's shoes we would not care cos we have plenty of talent to take us fwd. We need to show attacking intent and not let this situation takes us another season back . YNWA

  47. in all fairness i reckon ferguson is more worried about david silva and aguero than suarez.
    if johnson had been slurred by a man utd player kenny would have done what ferguson did-support his player.
    i think it's over the top to think that there's a man utd witch hunt against suarez.we'd be deluded to think that,what threat are we t utd? we're struggling to get in the top six,they're pressing for the title and don't play us again.the blind devotion to suarez by some fans is getting silly.

  48. That wasn't the point of my comment.

  49. No one player is bigger than the club, Suarez is a great player, then so was Torres. 

    If Suarez goes, as long as we sell him for a profit, thats ok, then we go out and buy a replacement or, you never know, by next season some of the attackers in the reserves may be ready to step up to the challenge of playing in the first team.

  50. Sacrifice its principals? Suarez works his socks off in the Red shirt, more than any British player in the team right now and your talking about principles of a club? He comes from a poor background and got to where he is through hard work. He came to the club saying he will work hard, and he has delivered that. I'm a religious person, believe all people are equal and I don't believe in 'materialistic' principles. He defended his own ethics and principles not shaking Evra's hands, who cried baby in the first place. Evra is a pansy who wanted retribution for empty words. Suarez is not a racist, has black friends, he even took a picture with Lebron James who he never met before. Let me guess this doesn't support 'your' principles towards LFC. And for the Ronaldo and Messi comment, I would like to say that Suarez is just as skillful as those two in his own unique way. Almost every touch Suarez gets on the ball 9 times out of 10 is class.

  51. I think a lot of fans have had it against Suarez since he ridiculed..... how many defenders in the box at Anfield? Even Nani was mindblasted. Scoring at your place while being marked 3-1 and never fed the ball.  Winning his country the continent's cup, whilst knocking out Messi and co. Ya thats nothing even MVP of the tournament doesn't count towards greatness. Pulling a Hand of God in the WC. That's definitely not legendary. Playing in a team with Carroll as a partner and supported by Downing and Henderson. Are you expecting him to pull Maradona runs every game.

  52. Torres wasn't as great as he was before he got K'od before and after the W.C. So 50 million at the time was a great price. Too bad we wasted it on a 500K player in Carroll. Suarez is heading into his prime. We need the players to feed Suarez. Imagine him playing in the likes of Barca, City, Real Madrid. He would be an eve better player than he is with the current squad at Liverpool. 

  53. i am happy when it s over  and i like y words micpando 1.....ynwa