10 Feb 2012

LFC Legend warns: It's going to be 'very very bad' for Luis Suarez...

If the reception (i.e. abuse) Patrice Evra got at Anfield in the recent Liverpool-Man United FA Cup tie is anything to go by, Luis Suarez is in for a tough time at Old Trafford in tomorrow's Premier League crunch clash. I imagine every Liverpool fan is hoping that Suarez starts the game tomorrow, and Anfield legend Mark Lawrenson has urged the Uruguayan to prepare himself for a continual barrage of 'open abuse'.

Suarez started on the bench against Spurs on Monday night, and it's possible that Kenny Dalglish will do the same against Man United tomorrow.

That would be counter-productive in my view; Suarez is going to face abuse at most grounds for the rest of the season; there's no avoiding it, and hiding him on the bench is no good to Liverpool's chances of finishing in the top four.

Lawro feels that the inevitable abuse coming Suarez's way will be much worse than what Evra experienced at Anfield recently. He told the Liverpool Daily Post:

"One thing is certain at Old Trafford on Saturday: Liverpool FC striker Luis Suarez will be given a very very bad reception from the home fans. If Patrice Evra thought he was poorly treated...then he should see what lies in wait for Suarez.

"Suarez is going to cop it big time. Some of it might be a bit of banter, some of it won’t. If some snotty bloke in the stands is slaughtering you or your family, it’s hard not to look at him and not think you want to chin him.

"There’s a fine line between that and open abuse, and I fear that’s what the Uruguayan will have to contend with".

Handling the abuse is another good reason to start Suarez IMO; If he snaps and can't handle the pressure then that will tell Liverpool a lot about the Uruguayan, and the same applies if he sails through with flying colours.

Lawro admits that Suarez will have to try really hard to keep stay calm in the hostile cauldron of Old Trafford:

"It’s hard to say how a person will react in that situation. Liverpool will want Suarez to walk away from any abuse but that’s easier said than done. He’ll have to really try, though, because the world and his wife will be against him"

I really hope Kenny doesn't play it safe tomorrow and keep Suarez on the bench; the only signal that will send is one of fear. Given Liverpool's position in the league table right now, every point is precious, and the best team available must surely play to ensure the club doesn't slip further down the table.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Well he did end up swearing at the Fulham fans and given the abuse will probably be much worse from the mancs, it will be interesting to see how Suarez reacts. Though obviously he will be more aware/alert now, with the spotlight heavily on him. Hopefully he'll be alright. Whatever happens, I just hope he just concentrates on his football and not get riled up. 

  2. Kenny will only put Suarez on the bench tomorrow if he feels he is not fully match fit to start, not the easiest 2 games to reintroduce Suarez back. He has been getting unjust stick ever since plonky red nose ferguson and rubberhead Moyes implied he was a diver and rolls all over the place.
    Best way to shut up the idiotic critics is to stick up 2 fingers up to the lot of them with performances on the field and not like the petulance like Craven Cottage!!! Takes a strong personality to withstand vile disgusting abuse such as being labelled a cheat but he seems to have good character. Let's just hope he can start scoring some more of the chances  we have created and storm up the Chances converted table!!!!

  3. Can't see Suarez coping that much abuse at The Theater of Dreams  they don't sing or chant while they are winning! Surly they aren't going to wake up just for Suarez and racially abuse him!

  4. Not sure why Lawrenson thinks the abuse will be much worse than Evra's but does not say how. I think that when a crowd targets a player it is bad, no matter what. Don't see how this will be worse, particularly as Evra probably takes more throw ins than Suarez. I suppose the larger crowd will make a differerence as well.

    Man Utd are used to having their own way, I reckon their supporters will enjoy having a cause for a day and a reason to be angry. This is another reason why I think that Kenny and Suarez did not need to antagonise them any more once the ban was served. I think that Suarez will do ok at other grounds now, John Terry and Redknapp and the England team will probably take some of the heat off. But tomorrow, he is going to have a lot of people waiting to have a go. And, to be honest, I don't feel that sorry for him, he brought this on himself. Particularly with his refusal to apologise in a sincere way. He made his choice so has to now live with that.

  5. he needs to start - nevermind us having fear of Manure; with SUarez on the pitch, and what he did to them last season at Anfield, they woudl eb the ones to feel the fear... the same effect as Torres did with Vidic et al

  6. i don't blame luis, i blame rat corpse face kenny for not keeping his mouth shut after the ban

  7. Think you are right, i reckon the players will be after him and it will get the supporters going. After what Rooney said, it makes a lot of sense.

  8. Kenny did not help, to mention it after the Tottenham game was ridiculous, and then call for calm two days later.

  9. But he is a cheat though, a blatant one...but he is 'our' cheat eh

  10. Got to love what paranoia and self-persecution complex does to people

  11. I dont see why man u fans will give him a harder time than Liverpool fans gave evra. Many of them in old trafford will have said something racist in their time. But not many at Anfield have been a grass themselves.

  12. He'll be ok

    Maybe a set of earplugs should be used..............

    I wish football got back to the coverage we had before Sky

    Match of the Day on a Saturday night, maybe ITV with the Match program on a Sunday afternoon

    All this endless noise of rival fans slagging each other off is tiresome

    Maybe it's time for a boycott of all the extra media coverage, just watch the football..............

  13. sorry to say this but , i believed that the standard of refferees has dropped drastically in the last couple of years .

    what puts more salt to the wound is that the FA is not helping , the y ask everyone else to be responsible but are they themselves responsible ?

    i don't totally agree with Suarez but what he said recently struck me .
    what happen to the gentleman standards which yesteryear players had ?
    what is said or done on the pitch gets left on the pitch unless it abviously a blatant crime which the ref misses out .

    but to drag a word or sentense someone said on the field to the court or to the useless FA is riddiculous !

    to me the FA's decisions are more harming to the game these days .

    i would also like to add something i read regarding football riots .
    the plain reason that FIFA is not taking action or improving the decision making on the pitch is going to cause  & has already caused some riots by supporters .

    FIFA has to be professional , people pay hard-earned money to come and support to see their beloved team win . If the ref gets some decisions wrong and their team loses , don't you think that hurts .
    if they lose fairly , then alright the losing team has to improve .

    so , my opinion is that FIFA is taking things very lightly and it may blow up one day when some fans take matters into their own hands when they can't take it emotionally during a game .

    just think of it this way , you're being fined by a cop for something you did not do . would you keep mum over it ?

  14. After him they may be BUT they will have to be very very careful when he is in the box. They are liable to be over zealous and therefore penalties may loom!

  15. yep I hope Suarez is in the starting line up (will find out in a sec)will be harder to take the abuse right within earshot from the bench...  and if you think about it, really Suarez has the whole of Ghana hating him so I think he can handle this..?

  16. Captain Fantastic Gerrard12:13 pm, February 11, 2012

    Well said @comebackrafa since Utd is a protected team with the match officials backing them.  But one thing am pretty sure of is that LFC does not fear to go at OT now since we beat them 1-4 in 2009.  How Lucas will be missed today at the mancs and surely we need to close them down and keep pressing.  Now for Suarez I think KD will have discussed with him how to behave on the pitch and keep his head down and get on with the game.  Go out there and enjoy ur football and make LFC proud.

  17. This Suarez and Evra thing supposed to fuel us up and give the devils one he'll of tough time . But you just have to say, when we are 2 down, the fire and desire for a fight back, which was hoped for ( because of the all fuel up!) are a lot less even than a friendly match! What's going on ? They waltz passed us! Hate to admit that all the players are behind Suarez but they could be wrong... He has become a bit like some spoiled brat that is still bitter about being put in detention. KK think about the team , not individual...that includes Caroll!