11 Feb 2012

LFC Legend: 'Ineffective' Man United are there for the taking...

Anfield legend Jan Molby is confident that Liverpool can beat Manchester United today, and he's called on Kenny Dalglish's players to capitalise on United's 'vulnerabilities'.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo, the Great Dane dismissed United's recent form, and argued that Liverpool's midfield strength could be the deciding factor. He said:

"I fully expect Liverpool to get a result at Old Trafford tomorrow. Manchester United aren’t a great team and they aren’t playing particularly well at the moment.

"You used to go to Old Trafford and fear their midfield were going to pin you back and put you under real pressure. Now I look at it and think we might even have the better midfield. I certainly don’t expect us to get overrun.

"The thing that has struck me about recent United games is how ineffective they can be. You can certainly get at this United team. They have day dreamers at the back, they don’t spot danger quickly enough and they are vulnerable from set-pieces".

I agree with Molby to an extent, but it would be a mistake to go into the game with any complacency or overconfidence. Previous form is irrelevant - this game is like a cup tie; it's a one-off, being played in a very specific context, and there will be bigger issues bubbling below the surface.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Target DeGea and win the game, Carroll must be right next to him in the box on any dead-ball situation!!!!

  2. ineffective ?! is he on dope or something ? does he know that we have the highest convertion rate in the EPL as opposed to yours ( 8 %)

  3. still there for the taking fact. More so recently.....the end of united.

  4. Did this twat watch the FA cup tie? MU bossed the midfield!

    IQ of a Great Dane (the 4 leg variety)

  5. Yes think we can beat them , for all the reasons you point out and on the evidence of recent games against them , also playing man utd is a motivation in itself , we want to beat them , so where is our motivation in other games ? Like any sport a lot of it is in the head , shanks made players feel like they ten feet tall they , could run thru walls , Keegan wasn't the most gifted player in the world but shanks told him he was quicker stronger better than anyone on the park , He made players believe ! Keegan is just one example . I honestly think motivation is a big part of our problem , look at United and the reasons given above as why we shouldn't fear them , so why are they so far above us they believe they should'nt lose it's not acceptable for them , all credit to purple nose . We have got to make our players believe , for gods sake we've knocked both the macs out of cups , beat Chelsea and the arse , we are good , so don't just keep doing what we're doing and see where it takes us , cos eight home drawers is taking us nowhere , it's not good enough .There is a solution . Find it , a good start would be all sit down together and watch a shankly DVD see what it meant to him .

  6. Man U have been over-performing this season, just as Liverpool have under-performed. Man City must be baffled as to how this team has managed to keep pace with them, especially with the absences they have.

    It just goes to show that you can trust the youngsters to fill in, even for a top team, as long as you put some genuine match winners around them...