11 Feb 2012

Agent: 'Big English clubs' want Striker who snubbed Liverpool in 2010...

Liverpool's 0-0 draw with Spurs at Anfield earlier in the week underlined once again the pressing need for Kenny Dalglish to prioritise the signing of a prolific goalscorer this summer. Dozens fo strikers have been liked with Liverpool over the last year, and the latest name to enter the fray is Anderlecht's Congolese hitman Dieumerci Mbokani.

Various (dubious) sources have 'reported' the club's interest this week, and whether Liverpool are actually interested is unconfirmed at this stage.

However, two things are confirmed: Liverpool tried to sign Mbokani once before, and his Agent is currently talking up a move the Premier League.

Back in 2010 - whilst Rafa Benitez was still at Anfield - Mbokani told TalkSport that he could've signed for Liverpool:

"Liverpool gave me a good offer but I had already given the 'OK' to Monaco and I could not turn back on them."

It sounds like he would've agreed to a move if he hadn't given his word to Monaco, and it's admirable to see a footballer actually sticking to his word.

Mbokani's Agent Fabio Bagio revealed earlier in the week that the forward's time at Anderlecht could be drawing to a close, and highlighted the Premier League as a probable destination. He told SudPresse:

"His [Mbokani's] performances in recent weeks have boosted the interest of big English clubs.

When Dieumerci is ready, he will leave abroad, but we will no longer error of opting for a second-class club. This will be the top because he was born to play for the elite"

Mbokani has scored 7 goals in 15 appearances for Anderlecht this season, including a double in last weekend's 4-2 victory over Genk.

What do you think - A serious option for Liverpool FC?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I'd need to see more than one goal to be convinced of a player's quality. But there are so any strikers, in fact so many players full stop, around that could seriously upgrade our team. It just annoys me when everybody loves to act as if there are no options available to Liverpool, even when the facts totally contradict that.

  2. Btw, fwiw I think the Tottenham game proved that we need wide-men capable of getting behind the opposition defence and putting quality balls into the box for the attackers to attack. 
    It's so easy for teams to sit deep against us at present as we only have one player capable of beating a man off of the dribble and dragging defenders out of position; and that guy is the guy that's supposed to be finishing chances, not using all his energy in creating them.

  3. Don't need another big striker, Liverpool need someone who can unlock opposition defences and is clinical in front of goal.

  4. If he gave his word to Monaco just over 2 years ago ... played for them & now plays in Belgium he obviously didnt set the world alight whilst playing in France ... if Liverpool wanted him so bad they would have had him when he left Monaco.

  5. If he said that in 2010 then I'm guessing Monaco turned their back on the poor kid? Could be for the best anyway if he ends up a Red. Looks the goods.

    But have a feeling he has a 20mil pound team former team make Lukaku who you would hardly know it plays for Chelsea so God only knows what they will charge for this guy if the footage is anything to go by..

  6. I'd score a sackful in Belgium..Can he hack it at the very highest level ??? I don'e see anyone knocking Anderlechts doors off their hinges to sign him

  7. i dont think this one will be happening. while i do believe we will sign a striker in the summer i think we will be looking for someone with a tad more quality. lets be honest who-ever we sign is going to have to be happy playing third fiddle to Luis and Big Andy. I think any big money we spend will be spent on a goal scoring winger, prehaps we will try for hazard but i believe it will be hard for us to compete given the amount of teams who will likely be in for him in the summer. Not completly sure who we will go for as dalglish can be a bit unpredictable in the market but as i say i think any big money we spend will be spent on a winger and we will be looking to spend a bit less on a striker and prehaps a second winger or central midfielder. As i said in a previous post i also believe next season we will see the likes of conor coady and raheem sterling playing as well so i dont expect a massive amount of activity in the summer and we will certinaly be spending less than what we spent last summer. one thing i think is certain is we wont be buying any defenders given our strength in that department coupled with our success defensivly this year, i am sure one or two of you may say we need a back up left back for jose but i firmly believe that role will be held by jack robinson next year. YNWA.

  8. A new relegion is in the making, called 'Evraism' The chief priest is called fergie.