23 Feb 2012

LFC Legend claims: Arsene Wenger would fail at Real Madrid. Is he right?

Liverpool legends Mark Lawrenson and Alan Hansen are never shy to dish out their views on rival managers, and in recent weeks, both have had plenty to say about Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger. Lawro recently accused the Frenchman of 'negligence' in the transfer market, and Hansen was more positive, arguing that Wenger has earned the right to 'unconditional support' from the Arsenal faithful.

Unfortunately for Wenger, it seems like Arsenal are set to go yet another year without a trophy, and rumours abound that he could leave at the end of the season, with Real Madrid a potential destination.

I personally think that Wenger would be superb at Madrid; to be honest, he would be fantastic for any club - including Liverpool - but Speaking to Today FM recently, Lawrenson argued that the chances of Wenger being a success at a club like Real Madrid were slim. He said:

"Wenger’s contract expires in 2014 and it’s now hard to see him seeing it out. He has flirted with clubs in the past. It was Paris Saint Germain last summer. We’re told that Real Madrid are interested now.

"Can you imagine a more unlikely fit for Real Madrid? Spendthrift manager who likes to put his faith in young players and always demands to be in total control. I’ll believe that one when I see it".

Wenger is always accused of refusing to spend money that is allegedly available to him, but as he revealed in a Press Conference recently, he has to make the club money every season to subsidise the Emirates stadium:

"You should know that each season, it is imperative to show a profit of between fifteen and twenty million pounds. I mean by that we want to pay the debt back from building the stadium and that’s around £15m, so it’s normal that at the start we have to make £15m or we lose money"

At Madrid, Wenger would not be hamstrung by such financial issues, so it follows that if he had money to spend there, he would probably spend it.

I've always had massive respect for Wenger, and that shot up tenfold in 2009 after his legendary display of defiance at Old Trafford during the 2-1 defeat to Man United.

After Robin Van Persie's late goal was disallowed for being offside, a frustrated Wenger was sent-off by card-happy referee Mike Dean for the heinous infraction of kicking a water bottle.

Wenger didn't leave the field though; he headed straight for Old Trafford's main stand - right next to a baying mob of United fans - and crossed his arms in defiance.

A few days after the game, Wenger was vindicated, and received an apology. League Managers Association chief Richard Bevan said:

"I've spoken to Keith Hackett and he fully recognises the situation was an error and an apology will follow to Arsene Wenger. Lee Probert totally failed to manage the situation and created a needless pressure point taking the focus away from the pitch in a big event with only a minute to go."

All power to Wenger for standing up to refereeing incompetence. When he does inevitably leave the Premier League, it will be a sad day for English football.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Kenny will replace Wenger and take on the FA. Referees and media circus.

  2. Mike Dean is a corrupt ref. Stats don't lie.

  3. Its only in the last 5 or so years he has been obsessed with this youth project, which is at the same time as the responsibilities that have come with the new stadium.

  4. But he must be better than Howard Webb

  5. Lawrenson to my way of thinking is anti-foreigners,he constantly criticised Rafa,AVB and now Wenger,Wenger has morals if you start a project and borrow money ie stadium you must pay your debts.I despise Lawrenson and his attitude hes so flippant,he throws nasty comments in against AVB and Wenger yet wont dare mutter anything against Fergie or KK.He takes the moral high ground and his opinion is gospel according to Lawro,how many fans remember him almost leaving LFC and signing for man utd,to me hes never been LFC through and through its always been a career move for him thats all.When he comes up with comments about shaun wright phillips and how his dad ian wright must be proud it makes my blood boil,what about shaun wright phillips real dad sat there listening to that in front of millions of people.

  6. agreed, he's done an incredible job on very little money, possibly, pound for pound, the most successful manager in the premier league. 14 years on the trot qualifying for the champions league. Like a lot of supporters, Arsenal supporters calling for his head are not looking at the whole picture and not considering how he is setting up the club for the future and safeguarding it, while other managers are throwing millions at questionable premier league 'stars'.

    Hansen and Lawrenson would not have a clue what it takes to manage Madrid, so their comments about Wenger look a bit daft.