10 Feb 2012

LFC Legend blasts the FA's "appalling mistake..."

World Cup 2010 was a disaster for the England team, and Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson has questioned why the FA stuck with Fabio Capello after England 'self-destructed' in South Africa.

Lawro is firmly in the 'Redknapp for England' camp, and he believes that Spurs boss has 'terrific man-management skills' and a 'knack' for getting the best out of players, but he believes that the FA left it too long to replace Capello, who quit his job earlier in the week.

Speaking to The Mirror, Lawro said:

"England flew into the World Cup and then self-destructed. The boot camp. All the high hopes quickly evaporated, and it was then that the FA should have acted.

"And yet, defying all logic, the FA actually gave Capello a new extended contract BEFORE the World Cup. It was an appalling mistake on the FA’s part..

"Having seen what happened in South Africa, the FA still should have changed managers".

This is the FA we're talking about, so rank incompetence should be expected. You would've thought they'd learnt their lesson after the Sven Goran Eriksson contract fiasco, which led to a situation where the Swede was still being paid by the FA months after he'd left the England job (!)

Lawro believes that an overhaul of the England management system is required in a bid to avoid constant underachievement:

"I have always believed that international managers should be appointed on two-year cycles - from tournament to tournament. It would ensure that if a tournament goes wrong then a new man can come in. It also ensures there is a hunger there which the manager can never let subside. Other major nations do it that way"

Being Scottish, the idea of Redknapp in charge of England is a chilling thought, as it means that they might actually be in with a chance of winning something!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Jamie, have said many times before, you should take Lawro with a particularly large pinch of salt. Loved him as a player but as for his powers of analysis and journalism, he's simply not worth listening to...

  2. There's only one mane for England manager; and that's Manchester United's greatest ever player, Howard Webb. LOL  

  3. The only overhaul required is a completely new set of players. Too many of the regulars look past it to me, including Gerrard. Capello was a disaster, in my opinion. Seeing people talking about win percentages, when the team were useless when it mattered, just makes me laugh. Sven did a better job, guaranteed quarter final and that win over Germany. Where Sven gave us a 5-1 win, Capello gave us a 4-1 thrashing that could have been something more like 8-3. Even if he had been better I wouldn't have backed him over the Terry business, but considering that the team hadn't achieved much in his time, two qualifications from reasonably easy groups, I doubt he is a big loss. Redknapp might not be the answer, though, he can't spell or add up and he's 64 and had heart surgery. O'Neill should have got it before in my opinion. Think Rafa would make a good interim coach as well, good tactician who can get results against the best with inferior players, did it with us and did it at Valencia.

  4. Redknapp aged 64 won one fa cup in his whole career and hes by far and away the best English candidate for the English job.Previous English managers put on a pedestal Mcclaren the wally with the brolly. kevin Keegan said himself he wasnt upto the job thats why he left as usual.Suddenly Redknapp is the best manager ever when the guy has achieved nothing compared to the likes of Capello,Benitez,Mourinho,Hiddink.Redknapp took over a spurs side and didnt play Bale for 10 months and tried to offload him,the side already had modric in, he was given a fortune to spend.The media really do well and truely have the ability to control what peoples views are,why dont people get a mind and think for themselves instead of following a few editors of newspapers who have their own agenda.People need to get real there are no even half decent English managers and the golden generation of english players are failures.It makes me ill that these failure for international players are creeping around Redknapp already,Owen,Lampard and Rio who are hoping to get picked for euro 2012 and Rio should keep his mouth shut,hes basically saying hes glad Cappello has gone because he shouldnt stick up for Terry..Redknapp writes for the sun newspaper which says it all,he has control over the mass numptys who shout the loudest yet have the least to say.

  5. Just because I post what he says doesn't mean I agree with it :-) I know lots of fans are interested in what former LFC players have to say, as am I, even if it is nonsense.

  6. As long as the new manager doesn't start with the likes of Stevie G, Lampard, Ferdinand and Terry, than he is off to a good start. Their time is over. Regardless of the questionable excuses, I have had enough of Gerrard and Lampard in a England shirt. 

  7. Haven't watched an England game since world cup , finally saw the light , felt a bit stupid it took me so long . It is just a big money making exercise , and what money at that 6 mil a year fabio was on . The same people who appointed Sven , mclaren , fabio are all still there making the decisions , well the cop outs the best thing you could do , would forget the F A , pick the England team from the football league we really couldn't do any worse than we have done for the last 40 odd years , look what Neville said recently his England career meant nothing to him , probably means nothing to a lot of them , it would mean the world to football league players , more fight , more passion , less ego and a real desire , will never happen I know but really do believe it could' nt do any worse than the bunch of prima donna's ( not all ) we've had for the last 5 or 6 tournaments more worried about PR profile dropping if not selected than actually winning things

  8. As an Irishman I hope Rafa gets it!