23 Feb 2012

Lawro: Forget Suarez - This is Liverpool's 'best signing' in ages...

The battle for Carling Cup final places is well and truly on at Anfield this week, and players like Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson and Dirk Kuyt will hoping to impress Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish enough to secure their place in the staring XI. One player who is practically guaranteed a starting berth is Craig Bellamy, and Anfield legend Mark Lawrenson believes that the Welshman is the key to success this weekend.

Bellamy hasn't played for two weeks now so he'll be fresher than most going into the game against Cardiff, and with 9 goals and 5 assists for Liverpool so far this season, I'm sure most fans will be hoping he's in the team.

Mark Lawrenson played in three League Cup finals for Liverpool, and speaking to the Liverpool Daily Post, he was full of praise for Bellamy. He enthused:

"Bellamy has been Liverpool’s best signing of recent times, especially as he cost nothing. He is the man who makes the difference.

"For me, Craig Bellamy is in the team in a heartbeat. He knows Cardiff, he knows the players and, just as importantly, they know him and what he can do. He also knows this is his last club where he has a chance to really win something".

I still find it a little funny that the fastest and most productive attacking player in Liverpool's team cost nothing, and is also the oldest (!).

Is Bellamy Liverpool's 'best signing in recent times?' I would argue yes, and when it comes to personal impact on the team, he's arguably more important than Luis Suarez and Jose Enrique.

It should't be that way; as John Barnes recently argued, Bellamy should be here as a squad player, but he's become one of the club's main players, which highlights the deficiency of other players in the squad.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. With Adams and Carroll Kenny made the team a little slower. Teams with real pace are the hardest to stop. Suarez isn't the quickest either so I hope for some quality pacey players in the summer.

  2. disagree, fickle, brilliant signing in bellamy. but before evra got suarez in trouble. he looked awsome and the team looked better for it................regardless of missed chances. the 2 of them will work well together. but suarez is must before bellamy

  3. Bellamy is class alright, but has been a little poisonous, pity he let a drunken assault on a team mate with a 4 iron ruin his last stay with us

    He really could have achieved great things

  4. bellamy is a must he hast he great will to score makes openings for others his positioning and forsite is class a worry for any defense get him in and we will win

  5. idiots all over england to be saying anything but good about Suarez, luis is the main reason why liver is in the final...

  6. Ditto. Bellamy has been our best signing. He has been our 'catalyst' player this season by far, i.e., a player that makes things happen for us/ a player that makes us step up level. The likes of Suarez, Carroll, Downing, etc, should be ashamed. 

  7. I wonder why these pundits feel praising a player is only a job done when they undermine the qualities of another good player.
    I remember Lawro saying Liverpool will be better with Suarez , their best player back in the team when he was suspended but now he seems to be singing a different tune. 
    Wont be long before he says he knew all along that Suarez was FSG best bit of business

  8. He has experience, which counts for alot, and pace - something most experienced players lack. For all his talent and skills, Suarez has no pace. It begs the question to even suggest Carroll and Henderson lack experience.

    Is it just me, or is it that difficult to find something to say about Downing that doesn't undermine his qualities?

  9. The good thing about this is that it means Kuyt will be sitting his ass on the bench, right where he belongs!!

  10. Still a long long way to go for these players to be a 'Liverpool' tpye of player.

  11. This is not the RAWK forum, I am allowed to choose being positive, negative or a mix about a opinion on my club, without being told to 'FO' or without being made to feel bad because I dared to criticise a player that plays for my club.

  12. yes bellamy has been liverpools best signing, and best player so far. Just about edging suarez (no thanks to the ban). Think caroll, downing and hendo need to fix up.

  13. im pretty sure its gonna be the same 11 as last weekend

  14. I think Red was trying to get across that you saying that four of our players "should be ashamed" is an absolute joke. Are they deliberately playing poorly? Are they trying to get sold? What do they have to be ashamed about?  

    You should really think about what you say before you jump on the "this isn't RAWK" bandwagon, which is pretty pathetic anyway.

    Fact is, this site looks at LFC from a negative and critical point of view - sometimes fairly, sometimes not, IMHO. But saying frankly ridiculous things like that show you up for what I think you are - someone with a limited knowledge of the club and the game as a whole.

    And seeing as this is not RAWK - I too am allowed my opinions!

  15. Never said you weren't. Odd and bemusing remark to make.

    Don't know why your ranting wildly like a madman, about 'deliberately playing poorly', 'trying to get sold' silly waffle. So don't get your knickers in a twist, love. If anyone is showing themselves up, its you, clearly jumping the gun and misinterpreting what I have said in a silly hot-headed immature manner. 

    I just expect a far better level of performance for the team from those players in question and that their level of performances have been very poor in general. So yes, ashamed is a harsh word but I feel it is apt, for the performances they have churned out this season. Clearly you have very low standards, when it comes to what is acceptable in a Liverpool shirt. My, my, how standards have changed.

    Take a deep breath, before mounting your next riposte for your own sake.

  16. How is that ranting like a madman? I was asking you to justify why you think these four Liverpool players should be ashamed of themselves!

    And regarding my standards - you know nothing about me! I have realistic expectations, and agree that some players have not consistently performed - but I stand by my previous post - saying they ought to be ashamed is just silly, in my opinion.

    If you would like to continue the debate, I would ask you not to be so patronising - it's unnecessary, rude and immature.