12 Feb 2012

£20m German Star admits to possible 'move abroad' - Should Liverpool bid?

FC Cologne star Lukas Podolski has dropped the biggest hint yet that he will leave Germany this summer.

The Germany International - who is currently rated around the £20m mark - seems to be unhappy with his current situation, recently complained 'lots of promises are made, but few are maintained here', which doesn't bode well for his future at Cologne.

Speaking to The Mirror yesterday, Podolski gave the clearest indication yet that he would probably leave in the summer:

"If I were to move, then the way things stand at the moment, I would move abroad. I am always receiving inquiries and if they had been really attractive, I wouldn't be here now, but I will make up my mind no sooner than the summer.

"I speak German, Polish, English and Cologne dialect - I think you can get anywhere with that combination".

I think Podolski would be a great addition to the Liverpool squad, but Bayern Munich President Uli Hoeness isn't convinced he would be a success abroad. He told LIGA total! recently:

"He's not a player for abroad. Lukas is a player who must have the coach behind him, one who needs an arm around the shoulder at times.

"That seems to work well [with him] as both [Germany coach Joachim] Low and Jupp Heynckes have done it [in the past]. I cannot imagine Lukas in Manchester, Liverpool or at a Spanish club, he only knows Germany.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I can't see him succeeding at Liverpool, or anywhere else but Cologne. He couldn't cut it when given a chance at a bigger club, so I am with Mr Hoeness on this one.

  2. most germans  have a strong mentallity so i cant see why he wouldnt be worth a gamble, hes a good all round striker.
    were gona struggle to attract better players with currnet affairs

  3. I think Germany is the up and coming football power again, so i would take a chance on a lot of their players at this point in time. I wouldn't mind Podolski but maybe not for more than 10 million or so. Still think that we need a luxury player more than anything, though, a dribbler who can create chances. If we could get that we would score a lot more goals.

  4. Keep on dreaming you guys....... We have no money to buys.

  5. I love the club so much but i hate to say that we are going nowhere.
    The owner will not spend and compete with the rich club. Kenny were so desperate for new striker but at last nobody coming in on January.Face the truth we have to build the squad not buying the squad. Will took more then 2 year to build one with the academy boys.

  6. Very true of most Germans as you say, unfortunately Podolski is Polish and happens to play for Germany but seems to not exude those qualities synonymous with his adoptive nation.

  7. Q; How exactly do you know that ?

  8. There we go again ritual, ever since we join the NATO (No Action Talk Only)

  9. We have no money...we will have to sell to generate revenue to buy...if money was available kk would have bought in January.

    And if we don't make champ league then we are in serious trouble

  10. If Uli Hoeness thinks that Podolski won't make it abroad, he won't make it abroad. You can take Uli Hoeness' word for granted. He has been Bayern's manager for some 40 years now and and it is probably the best run football club in the world. Podolski played a few seasons at Bayern and failed ...

  11. Nevermind. I will put arms on his shoulder 24/7 except when he's on the field if needed to be. Come to Liverpool. Suarez - Podolski - Caroll would be good combo.