12 Feb 2012

£18m Striker admits: Liverpool transfer rumours 'didn't upset me'

Liverpool were linked with an endless stream of players during the January transfer window, with Aston Villa's Darren Bent at the head of the list. With over 200 goals and assists in the last nine years, the England star is, IMO, just the type of striker Liverpool need. Bent recently revealed that he was 'flattered' to be linked with Liverpool, and he's now emphatically underlined his commitment to Aston Villa, which probably means that any lingering hopes of a summer transfer are now dead.

In January, Liverpool legend Mark Lawrenson claimed on BBC Radio Five that the a deal for Bent had been done; obviously, it didn't happen, but giving Lawro the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it was done and it fell through at the last minute?

It's all moot now though as Bent seems totally committed to Villa, as he told The Mirror yesterday:

"I’ve said for a while that I want to stay at Villa for a long time and that I am settled. I hope that now I can do it.

“To be fair, the rumours didn’t upset me because, for me, it was easy. I was the only person who knew for sure that I wasn’t going anywhere.

“While it was flattering to be linked with other clubs, like I was, at the same time I knew what was ­happening in my head and that I wanted to stay.

“I didn’t have to come out and say anything because I knew the ­situation, and the people around me did too".

Despite Luis Suarez's return from suspension, It's clear that Liverpool still need a a 'fox in the box' goal-poacher. There's just not enough competition upfront; it's Carroll competing with Suarez, and that's it, and neither player is prolific in the league, and that has cost Liverpool lots of points this season.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. IIt was all rumours and he knew it....fact is lfc don't have money to spend due to yanks balance books and from now on it will definetly be sell to buy policy especially if we don't make champs league.

  2. how do you know it'll 'definitely be sell to buy policy'? the squad badly needs a massive overhaul and we won't make alot of money on the likes of maxi.kuyt,johnson and definitely we'd take a msaaive hit on downing and carroll if we were to sell.

  3. Reckon Suarez will be gone in the summer after he gets abuse at nearly every away ground in the league, then we will be able to afford Bent and probably a creative midfielder.