7 Jan 2012

VIDEO GOALS: Liverpool 5-1 Oldham - All goals, incl Carroll + Downing...

Liverpool hammered Oldham 5-1 in the FA Cup third round at Anfield last night, and despite the regrettable Adeyemi incident, there were quite a few positives to take from the game, including Andy Carroll breaking his 11-game scoring duck; Jonjo Shelvey scoring his first goal for the club; Gerrard getting a goal and an assist, and Stewart Downing finally getting on the scoresheet.

Hopefully the likes of Downing and Carroll will push on from here and score/create even more goals.

Liverpool 0-1 Oldham

Liverpool 1-1 Oldham: Bellamy

Liverpool 2-1 Oldham: Gerrard

Liverpool 3-1 Oldham: Gerrard

Liverpool 4-1 Oldham: Carroll

Liverpool 5-1 Oldham: Downing

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. WTF!! Adverts for the scums match tickets on this website (even if it is out of date)!!!!

  2. I hope we keep committing players forward and keep crowding the box like we did yesterday.

    If we keep this up, we shouldn't have any problems of scoring at all.

    It's easy as that !!!!

  3. In my humble opinion I would really like to see Shelvey play a lot more, he plays with so much energy an enthusiasm an I watched him throughout an he can do it all. Definitely a star in the making. And Kelly aswell actually, he's top drawer.

  4. It wasn't that easy! Oldham came and had ago and could of been 3 up before we scored!
    Then again we went behind but found that spirit and football that made us great Bellamy is 10 times the player he was last time he played for us he was a bit like how Walcott is now plenty of pace no end product he showed how much of a footballer he has become shame he his 32 and we need to look after him and sorry he can't play every game.
    Shelvey showed he his the player to take over from Gerrard drive,heart and an end product needs that control that Gerrard has learnt.
    Coates was a bit shaky but recovered well when he did make a mistake.
    A potential banana skin has been over come and with Downing and Carroll scoring a satisfactory night with Gerrard playing 90 minutes.

  5. Only 3 comments on the game!

  6. We have been we have created the most chances in the league this season.

  7. Shelvey played well and should start more games - preferrably at the expense of Henderson. Nice to see Downing break his duck. Hopefully this will give him a boost for future games. Same for Carroll. You see, Andy, all it's takes is a little effort.

  8. Shockin eh mate, cos it wasn't televised and we didn't lose. Or am I bein a bit cynical?

  9. Do we know that's how goals should be scored?

  10. Well done to Carroll and Downing for ending their drought.