7 Jan 2012

LFC LEGEND slams 'unqualified' Suarez-Evra panel member...

A few weeks ago, this site exclusively revealed the close links between Denis Smith - a member the Suarez-Evra 'Independent' Regulatory Commission (IRC) - and Manchester United, specifically his ties to Darren Ferguson. Despite the obvious potential for subconscious bias, Liverpool's Solicitor did not request Smith's removal from the panel. Now, Anfield legend Jan Molby has added to the debate by arguing that Smith was not even qualified to be part of the IRC.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo, Molby argued:

"The [FA's] disciplinary system is flawed.

"Although the three man panel which found Suarez guilty included a QC, someone qualified in such instances, how can Denis Smith be deemed as qualified to determine if a player has committed a racist act?

"I couldn’t sit on such a panel because, simply, I don’t know enough about such issues. I doubt very much that Denis Smith does either".

Molby also praised the club for finally accepting the decision, and acknowledged that appealing would've been a futile endeavour:

"It was the correct decision by Liverpool FC on Tuesday night to accept Luis Suarez’s eight match ban.

"If the club had gone to appeal then they would have found a new panel but one of similar stature to the one which found him guilty in the first place.

"Plus a fresh panel cannot over-rule the original decision, only reduce or increase the suspension".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. The FA and IRC are rotten to the core. My "Puki Mak" wishes to both and please dont "Kunkit" all over the place.

  2. If a "fresh panel cannot over-rule the original decision", why would you bother appealing if that is the outcome?  

    i dont think its the 8 match ban LS is worried about, its more so that he has now been labelled as a racist... which seems like it cannot be over-ruled...

    what a joke the FA is... 

  3. Yea, Suarez will be labelled racist tho the panel and Evra said they dn,t think Suarez is racist and that most newspapers and people are ommitting

  4. Yep Denis Smith? What top flight managerial experience did he ever have? What experience of managing top International players from different parts of the world did he have?

    The BIG stink to me about Denis Smith not readily reported but I found out with a bit of my own steam was that he was INSTRUMENTAL in ex England International Goalkeeper Ben Foster's transfer to Manchester United! Foster was on loan at Wrexham from Stoke in 2005 and when the season ended, Foster signed from Stoke City for Manchester United for the measly sum of £1 million! on the 19th July 2005.
    In 2001 Manchester United gave Mark Redshaw on a FREE transfer and Lee Roche on loan for the season to Wrexham.

    We also have Denis Smith's Autobiography in 2009 where the PR campaign line for the book was "how he helped Save Alex Ferguson's Job"!

    Denis Smith was not qualified or impartial to chair such a sensitive and high profile case!

  5. On a different note! I can't believe nothing has happened over this Patrice Evra video that came out as soon as Luis Suarez and Liverpool begrudgingly accepted the FA punishment. Surely the video proves Patrice Evra's testimony to the panel to be false, because he lied under oath at The FA Disciplinary Commission Panel Hearing Interview. He clearly calls Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Frank Lampard "Mother Fu**ing Nig***s" on the video!

    There is also the VERY HUGE FACT that Patrice Evra abused the rules of his visa by making this video in a hotel in London on British soil. At the time Evra was playing for Monaco who were playing Chelsea in The Champions League. To enter The UK he would have had to agree to The UK Border Agency to adhere to UK Law he clearly did not!
    Also when Patrice Evra signed for Manchester United in 2006 he would have had to go through stringent UK Border Agency testing and adhere to UK Law to gain a work permit. Had the details of this video been found out when it happened in 2004, Patrice Evra would have been asked to leave the UK and his application for a work permit to play for Manchester United in 2006 would have been refused! 

  6. Many years ago people from Liverpool were taken as slaves (just like black people were) by the Vikings, they were taken onboard the viking ships and forced to cook food for the vikings. 1 of the types of food they cooked was called LAPSKAUS ( a type of stew, veg,meat etc.still eaten today in Norway.) . The name SCOUSER comes from the word LAPSKAUS.
    This is why the people from outside of Liverpool called the slave people of Liverpool, the slave name SCOUSERS.
    So in History the people of Liverpool have been slaves just like black people have, the black people got called the "N" word, people from liverpool got called "scousers" word, DO WE jump up and down every time some1 calls us that.. answer is NO, we have moved on and accepted or past.
    But maybe.. just maybe... we should make scouser a RACIST name?
    beacause everytime they use that word they are calling us SLAVES.

  7. They most probably can't do anything but FIFA should ask why it wasn't edited out? Was Evra using the N word on a regular bases to other players was he comfortable in using it? In other words going against what Evra said to the FA about using the N word lying to the FA.

  8. also we wer clever not to apeal because if we left it any longer suarez wouldnt be back in time for the tottenham game and then the next is against man u , so think that was why we conceded this one even though it absoloutley stinks, just hope he suarez enjoys his rest since he hasn't had one this long in bout 18 months, should come back stronger fitter and sharper for prob the two most important prem games of the season score to settle against the pair of them.

  9. I'm not up to date on the terms of conditions for a foreign worker to gain a work permit in the UK, however I'm certain blatant racism especially on video is not allowed and a work permit would not be granted or would be taken away! The UK Border Agency would have to treat Patrice Evra like any other foreign worker on a work permit, they would be opening up a can of worms if they made an exception! This would be taken hands out of The FA because they have no jurisdiction over it and the PC Brigade very much like in the recent Luis Suarez case would be in uproar if The FA tried to intervene!