19 Jan 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Kenny Dalglish confirms starlet transfer deal...

Kenny Dalglish has today confirmed that Liverpool are on the verge of signing 19-year old Portuguese youngster Joao Carlos Teixeira.

Speculation was rife about a deal yesterday but there was no official confirmation. In his weekly press conference a few minutes ago, Kenny was asked about Teixeira, and despite being his usual coy self, he confirmed that Liverpool were working on a deal:

"I think there might be something about that [Teixeira signing], yes."

Given the fact the player is only 19, it seems unlikely that he will be going into the first team, and when asked that question, Kenny confirmed it:

"No, he's only a kid".

Dalglish also confirmed again that Liverpool probably won't be signing any first team players during the transfer window:

"We're expecting a quiet transfer window; the academy aren't, but we are".

The chances of Liverpool signing anyone for the first team squad seem even more remote now, but there's still 12 days to go, so anything can happen.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I suspect FSG won't release funds . The war chest has been emptied and to what end ???

  2. Please promote Raheem and Suso. Give them the chance.

  3. Hasn't Henderson proved he his only a kid?

  4. I think a striker will be bought an I suspect that they are unwilling to waste money. Maybe Lenny is trying to drive a price down and sending out a message through the media? I don't know. While I believe in giving our new players every chance I definitely think we need one more striker. A top one.

  5. Its a work in progress, and maybe they cant get the targets they want at the moment and are willing to wait until the summer to try and get the correct players. Then again its maybe just Kenny being his canny auld self.

  6. You do realize that these wonder kids everyone is advocating were totally and utterly destroyed by Sporting Lisbon.

    Suso for all his great talent has been very very average this year , so to has the busy Sterling.

    Morgan has been awful , his movement and finishing has been so poor !!

    Adorjan is the only one i think that deserves a shot out of the Kids, Coady to has alot to offer but is too inconsistent right now.

    Don't get me wrong they all have talent and need to get opportunities but very few are deserving of those opportunities right now.

    Eccleston and Amoo have done nothing of note out on loan compare them to what Welbeck and Cleverly did last year !! Its not like these Kids are taking their chances.

    Look at Henderson, he came into Sunderland last year, cemented himself in the EPL @ 20, got an international call up , 12 months later he is @ LFC starting every game!!!!

    None of our kids have shown that level of form or performance to justify this Hype.

  7. How can you compare Eccleston's and Amoo's loan when they get sent to lower league teams when Welbeck, Cleverly and others go out on loan to Premier League teams like Evans to Sunderland.
    Kyle Walker Spurs was on loan at Villa last season Sturridge
    was at Bolton and Wiltshire as well! 
    Rodolfo has said himself, it did Eccleston no good! We are missing a trick big time by not sending players out on loan to Premier League teams.