13 Jan 2012

South American Star confirms: 'Other teams are interested and I WILL leave...'

Colombian striker Jackson Martinez, nicknamed 'Cha Cha Cha' by his current club's fans, has responded to speculation linking him with a January move to Europe.

Martinez, who plays for Jaguares, has been linked with a number of clubs recently, and as per usual, Liverpool is allegedly one of the teams interested in signing the player.

Speaking to Colombian Newspaper El Tiempo, Martinez hinted that a move would definitely take place at some stage:

"My departure will take place but it depends on things happening.

"For me it is a joy whenever I see news about teams interested in me, but for now I have a contract with the Jaguars.

"Things take their time and I have always said, since I got here, that I will only go when there will be a clear opportunity to do so.

"At the end of each season there are always speculations, but the truth is I am still here, quietly waiting

"Only God knows when I will leave."

Martinez has scored 27 goals in 49 appearances for Jaguares.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. it's amazing the number of black players liverpool have been linked with in this transfer window, when they haven't bought a black player over the age of 18 since glenn johnson, nearly 30 months ago. In that time they've bought 22 senior players and they've all been white. 

    In a league where 30% of the league are non-white that is an extraordinary coincidence, I suppose time will tell if liverpoool are going to sign a second senior player to keep poor glenn company

  2. Frankly it shouldn't matter what Colour he is if he's good enough.
    I would prefer if Jackson was bought in the Summer not now as there's too much pressure.
    We'd be better off going for a European or better still an English premier league player.
    The one's are good like Demba Ba ...aren't going to leave easily and I'm unsure about Bent.
    These are troubling times as far as goal scoring goes.

    Can anyone suggest any REALISTIC TARGETS in this window that can hit the ground running?

    Not so easy is it ....also on reflection who of us would have thought on the form we saw with Carroll at Newcastle he'd be this poor?

    My gripe is the money we paid for him ...none us would be moaning if we paid £10 million for Carroll.

    I come back to this again what are the Newcastle scouts doing that they find gems like Tiote and Demba ba?

    Where are the players from the Academy ? Sterling Coady..Silva etc?

  3. When I said English Premier League I mean to say English BASED Premier League player...big difference

  4. You are right. We didn't buy any but we sold a few we had including Babel and Ngog. The ratio now looks more ugly for Liverpool after Suarez saga. Liverpool should bring in 1-2 black players.

    To be honest I never liked Ngog but after seeing Carroll now I feel that he wasn't that bad. 

  5. Very similar player to Luuk De Jong. My guess is it's either or. But I'd still love for us to sign Castaignos!

  6. If you look at the best black players in the league that are english they are at the best clubs so we can't buy them as they would'nt sell to us or they want rediculous money because all english players are over priced, they are; young, welbeck, ferdinand (not too hot these days) (man utd), cole, sturridge (chelsea), wallcott (arsenal), lennon, king (totenham) Bent, agbonlahor (Villa), richards (man city).

    to be fair wedid try for young but he prefered man utd, and hopefully we can get bent in as at least he can put the ball in the back of the net, as for the others listed, until liverpool is up their challenging for the title its not just the best black players we will have trouble signing it is all top players irrespective of race, creed, sexuality!!!

    As fans we should not be to preoccupied if we meet a certain quota or anything like this, we should be looking at what the player brings to the club, if we played 11 black players or 11 white players or whatever ratio, all i am intrested in is; whoever we sign, loves the club, plays well and brings home the title, if players do this who give a shit!!

  7. Without Prejudice, Dalglish has never been keen on Black players unless they are of very high quality.

    To support my claim, research how many black players he has purchased during his whole managerial career.  

    I am not insinuating anything here, it is his preference, in the same way that I don't rate oriental players.

  8. Liverpool have to meet ethnic quotas now  ????

  9. well when he worked at blackburn he was working for an avowed racist jack walker who didn't let him sign any black players even if he wanted to. He also bought a fair few black players at newcastle, but like most of the players he bought at newcastle they were shite.  

    Hodgson didn't buy any black players at liverpool, (but he's always had plenty whereever he has gone), and you can count the number of black players that benitez bought on one hand. It goes across all managers, (except for houllier) all owners, and all periods. 

    but whatever the cause, liverpool have bought almost no black players since houllier left (It would be interesting to take a closer look at the signings of cisse, diouf and diao tbh to see what exactly was going on there) 

    Liverpool just don't seem to be that into signing black players. To a much lesser degree than Everton, who were shamefully slow to sign their first black player, but embraced signing black players with gusto.

    One thing is sure, luis suarez would have been aware of what was, and what wasn't acceptable if there was the premiership average no of 7 or 8 black players in the liverpool first team squad. Anyone calling someone negro at carrington, would be dragged out the back and battered senseless by evra, or welbeck, or ferdinand or valencia, or young or......  

  10. What as this got to do about Martinez signing?????

  11. interesting, can you name me the 'fair few' black players he bought at Newcastle, and please don't name John Barnes that's a weak argument.

  12. Ithink your not an lfc supporter just someone trying to stir trouble  

  13. When he looks at player he sees a colour not a footballer!

  14. How about Elia and Krasic from Juventus? Krasic is definitely available while Elia has only played a handful of games since joining Juventus. 

  15. Des Hamilton,
    Brian Pinas,
    Carl Serrant and we will throw Barnes in! FOUR BLACK SIGNINGS IN HIS FIRST SEASON AT NEWCASTLE!

  16. who was it that signed john barnes

  17. I am sick of this Liverpool should buy who they want after all its there money and  it doesnt matter what race the  

  18. At Celtic Olivier Tebily and Ian Wright!

  19. Rafa's Black signings Ngog,Babel,Pennant,Johnson,Sissoko,Godwin Antwi,El Zhar, Itandje,Plessis and Sama plenty of Black players signed by Liverpool !!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Amoo,Eccleston,Sterling and Wisdom black players named as part of Liverpool's squad for this season.

  21. We're not questioning Black signings by Liverpool, we're simply discussing how many black signings Dalglish has made in his career, thus far we understand he purchased four black players at Newcastle, two of which were free! (Barnes & Pinas)

    At Celtic he signed two, Wrighty was a free transfer!

    At Rovers I can't remember him signing a single black player, unless someone can prove otherwise.

    At Liverpool he signed Barnes.

    Therefore, in his whole managerial career he has signed 6 Black players!

    I'm not saying nothing! ;-)

  22. Please read my previous post, I reiterate, in my opinion Dalgish is only interested in signing 'high quality' black players and certainly Barnes fell into that bracket.

    On the matter of Ashley Young, it maybe a case that Comolli wanted him more than Dalgish.  Comolli was a fan of Young because of his pace and in interviews he stressed how Liverpool lacked pace.

    Just something to ponder over! 

  23. fellaz,lets not digress here.our team needs a good striker,a creative midfielder and a winger fro us to get top 4.otherwise forget about that with the current team.we will finish 7th or 8th.now who do we need.a goalpoacher like huntleer/podolski/demba ba/moussa sow/.we also need a good creative player and i like ramirez the uruguayan. we also need a winger as stew is not up to it and my choice is patricio rodriguez.so we need 3 players.lets all tell dalglish this.

  24. Seeing Kenny has only been a manager for just over 11 years 6 Liverpool 3 Blackburn and 1.5 at Newcastle and a year at Celtic 6 players is better then just the 1 player every one mentions Barnes, his first signing at Newcastle was Hamilton.
    Some of the above Rafa's signings were directed at HOOPER!
    Remember why some of these players aren't at Liverpool any more! Sissoko eye injury,Itandje caught laughing at the Hillsborough memorial service, Babel to much trouble and Ngog and Babel never took their chances literally missing more then what they scored! We all wanted Babel to be a hit but it never happened for him,was hoping Kenny was going to give him some magic but he goes and does the Howard Webb picture on his twitter account.

  25. The 3 players who i think could hit the ground running are Demba Ba, Soldado and Tevez. Altho the last 2 will be expensive you are going to get goals. I hope we dont sign this lad as he doesnt look that great !!!

  26. No word of a lie I was recently speaking to a black Premiership who has been linked with Liverpool. When in the face of my Arsenal supporting friends, I suggested he move to Liverpool he smiled, shook his head and said "Liverpool don't like to sign black players". No word of a lie. Looks like he's going to Spurs instead.

  27. Your full of it

  28. Christopher Samba, New Tottenham Court Road, forget the date but he was a very nice guy with lots of time to talk. Said that it was his dream to go to Arsenal but they didn't want to spend the money so he'll be going Tottenham instead. Jason Roberts was there as well but I didn't notice him at the time

  29. All I'm saying is that although he said it with good nature he didn't seem to say it as a joke. And if that's the perception, well the perception itself is real and we have to work against that perception in the transfer market. Maybe that's why we are being linked to so many black players. Most of course will be doozies but ones such as Zaha and Defoe have a ring of truth to them.