26 Jan 2012

Steven GERRARD raves: He is Liverpool's new Gary McAllister...

Craig Bellamy has been absolutely superb for Liverpool this season, and he was excellent again yesterday against Manchester City, scoring the goal that won the tie and sent the club to Wembley. After the game, club captain Steven Gerrard was full of praise for the Welshman.

Gerrard, who set Liverpool on their way to victory with another excellent penalty, told reporters:

"He [Bellamy] been superb since he came in. He's a fantastic professional, who works really hard, and he got his rewards tonight.

"He was a menace all night - that's the type of player he is. He's in your face, running in behind and he doesn't let you settle on the ball.

"If he keeps going, he can have an impact at this club like Gary McAllister did".

McAllister had a similar galvanising effect on the club during the 2000-2001 season, which saw Liverpool win the famous Treble.

Bellamy's stats so far this season:

* Starts: 11
* Sub: 11
* Overall Minutes on Pitch: 1092
* League Minutes on Pitch: 642
* Goals: 8
* Assists: 5
* Total SMCC: 13
* Minutes per goal - Overall: 136.5
* Minutes per goal - League: 128
* Minutes per goal/Assist - Overall: 84

Speaking to LFC TV after the game, the real Gary McAllister enthused:

"Bellamy was excellent. He forced Mancini to take Savic off because he tortured him in the first half. He was destroying him, and in the second half, he never gave Lescott or Richards a minute's peace".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. SShame on the rest that a 33year old can give such effort and commitment to the cause and the useless are still looking for excuses.

    Would have a fire sale.

    Keep Reina..Gerrard ..Agger ..Skrtel ..enrique ..Lucas..Johnson..Kelly..maxi ..Suarez and get rid of the rest.

  2. And would definetly keep Bellamy

  3. Henderson should also be kept, he is going to develop into a fantastic player who will win many international caps. Bellers has to stay and Shelvy Coates Etc who make up the squad but I personally would get rid of Maxi in my fire sale he can only be an impact player last 15/20 mins (moving forward)

  4. The most important thing for any great player is the filer in belly. Bellamy is an ideal example of the fact how important is the commitment.

    He was tired and lying on the floor at a moment after a clash with Richards but he got up and started chasing city defenders for ball just like he did in first few minutes.

    Carroll has a lot to learn from him. 

  5. what does SMCC means?

  6. Henderson has been decent but by no means he looks like he has potential to be world class. Henderson provides good energy to the midfield but he offers nothing going forward, he plays very safe and he needs to take calculated risks if he wants to succeed, he needs to make runs into the box and prove himself to be an attacking threat.

  7. Mental. Jaimie writes a nice positive article, we're through to the Carling Cup final after outplaying the league leaders who have spent a sh*tload of money on players compared to us, and people start seeing the negative and complaining about players who have got us there. If we continue to play like we did last night then we will make the top 4. All I our signings played well last night and I watched Henderson closely when I went to te Bolton game an the game last night and he will do well. I've not seen anyone mention it but he never let his head drop at Bolton an carried on fighting for the ball. Another interesting thing I saw when Carroll came on was he actually looked as though he'd been told to stop throwing himself to the floor as much, I am hoping we've turned the corner after Bolton an it can be a catalyst for the rest of the season.

  8. I told you guys that we Malaysian are indebted to him and had  a road namedafter him, called Bellamy Road near the former National Palace. I rest my case. It's kunkit time now, bye!