28 Jan 2012

Steven GERRARD admits: "It took some balls to do that..."

Club captain Steven Gerrard has reiterated his confidence and belief in Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish, and although he acknowledges that the pressure is on at the moment, Gerrard has no doubt that Dalglish is the right man to lead Liverpool forward.

In an interview with ITV Sport, Gerrard expressed his admiration for Dalglish's willingness to put his legendary status on the line:

"It took some balls to come back and have a second crack at it. He didn't have to - he's already a legend, and to put his status at stake, fair play to him".

Gerrard accepted that there was 'pressure on all the players and all the coaching staff' and especially on Dalglish 'more than anyone else', but insisted that the manager could handle it:

"He believes in himself as a manager; we all believe in him; the fans do. He's certainly got belief that he can deliver the second time round".

Dalglish recently agreed that Gerrard was 'close' to being the greatest Liverpool player ever, and Gerrard returned the compliment:

"Kenny represents everything the club stands for; he's the best player the club has ever had, and all the players believe in him."

Now go and hammer Man United!

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. You there Jaimie? Do you sit in a press box or ? I'm in the main stand, wish I was in the kop, but it's gonna be class. Come on the Redmen! YNWA! JFT96!

  2. This is another chance for us to put them in their place, a repeat of the 4-1 from a few seasons back would do nicely. 

  3. What 'place' is that?

    We''ll probably win against United and most fans will probably get all 'look how good we are' but not realising that we'll flat on our faces against the next lesser side we come up against

    We're like a small team that is after giant-killing and little else.

  4. The post had a feel good factor about it and I'm sure most people were feeling very good about the upcoming game. Why couldn't you just leave it alone. Instead of bringing ure very special brand of negativity to the party.
    I hope we win and if we do I will be jumping up and down in celebration along with millions of Liverpool and around the world. I hope u at least give ureself that moment before sinking back into grinch mode mate

  5. Most definately, Gerrard,

  6. Great call, love it. Sick of the negativity.

  7. Getting kind of fed up, watching season after season, turning up against big sides but can't be bothered against lesser sides.

    Same old, same old weak mentality. Getting ridiculous now.

  8. I don't think it's a case of 'can't be bothered' I think it's a case of not bein able to break them down-bar the Bolton game, because they play so defensively. If ya can't enjoy today then you shouldn't be a fan, support City.

  9. go and support someone else pal,you obviously havent got a clue.

  10. it s done boys........ynwa

  11. Gerrard has no doubt that Kenny Dalglish is the right man to lead Liverpool forward. Hmm... that's exactly what he said about Roy Hodgson too. Come to think of it, those were his exact words when Rafa Benitez was at the helm. It sure took some balls for Gerrard to repeatedly come back and utter the same phrase each time there is a change in managerial leadership.