27 Jan 2012

CONFIRMED: LFC miss out on €13m striker who WANTED to join the club...

It's official: Lille striker Moussa Sow has signed for Fenerbahçe. Until yesterday, Kenny Dalglish still had a chance to hijack the move for the Senagalese hitman, who recently described Liverpool as a 'dream club', but ultimately, it seems the club was not interested.

Speaking to Sky Sports last week, Sow revealed his admiration for Liverpool:

"Liverpool, well, that is a dream club. Anyone would be happy, scoring goals in front of the Kop can be the highlight of a career".

In the days prior to the actually transfer, The Turkish giants seemed very confident that a move would take place, and even informed the Stock Exchange that a €13 million deal had been agreed with Lille.

Last night, Sow spoke to reporters and provided an update on the situation as he waited to board a plane for Turkey. He said:

"Yes, I'm leaving for Turkey. But it's not done until it's official. I'm going to pass the medical and then we'll see. I'll be back tomorrow [Friday]".

Sow clearly left the door open for other clubs, and based on his past comments, he was probably (secretly) hoping Liverpool would come in with an 11th hour bid.

Sow managed 34 goals and 6 assists in 60 games for Lille, which is a very good return. There was definitely a small window of opportunity for Liverpool here, and given the comparatively low transfer fee, the club may have missed out again here.

Sow seemed pleased with his decision, and told reporters:

"I grew up in a neighbourhood with Turkish friends. They always used to tell me about Turkey and Fenerbahce. I received many offers, however Fenerbahce appealed to me the most.

"The club showed a lot of interest in me and I was convinced that Fenerbahce was the best decision for me. I can't wait to play in front of the famous Fenerbahce fans. I have heard all about their support and can even hear them chanting now."

What do you think - should Liverpool have tried to snatch Sow away from Fenerhbace, or has the club dodged a bullet?

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Depends if they got a different striker in mind

  2. to be fair have not seen enough of him to make a good judgement. his stats seem promising but not to sure!

  3. I don't think we have money left to spend..so kk will not be buying

  4. there was so much about him in the press in the off season after Lille's excellent season. They say he was the real star of the show with his goals even though Hazard received most of the applaus. Seems a bit of a strange one I think we missed out here and I definitely think he was leaving the window open for Liverpool - I mean, never heard anyone say they were just going for a medical and then we'll see!!?

  5. Kenny not looking to buy anyone right now. Maybe he wanted to come to Liverpool, but Liverpool didn't want him..

  6. Kenny will not be buying in January as he is trying to justify some of the rubbish he wasted the clubs money on.

  7. Shillong4liverpool7:35 am, January 28, 2012

    Why not buy Di Natale hes got gr8 skill and finish and pace to burn as well

  8. We need a proven goal scorer but January is always a difficult time to buy. Suarez will be back after the manc match so maybe we will hold out until the summer.

    Prices are also pushed up massively in January and with us not being in the CL it makes it even more difficult to sign the likes of Cavani, Lavezzi etc. We will not know what happens on deadline day but doubt we will be signing any first team players before the end of this window.

    It is easy for us fans to say we are missing out on players.

    1. Does the player want to join LFC? (Not referring to Sow)

    2. Does the player want to play in the CL?

    3. If a player is currently in a team partaking in the CL then chances of that player leaving are very slim.

    4. The media links us with almost each and every player in the world and then the fans believe it and crucify the club for not signing those players. Please stop believing the media and every player they link us with.

    5. What type of wage does the player want? We do not need mercenaries at this club, we have had enough of those. We need players who play for the shirt, not for money and power.

    6. The likes of Downing, Carroll, Henderson and Adam need more than one season to prove themselves and unfortunately for their haters, they will be afforded time by the club. Get over it. 

    7. Our real targets which we have no clue about (not every player the media links us with is a target and most of the links are just there to sell papers) might not be available to sign right now so waiting for the summer might just be a better idea instead of siging a player just for the sake of spending money.

  9. Maybe because Di Natale is 34................Jeeez!!!

  10. Never mind, get Texeira!

  11. didn't miss out, Remy, the striker who plays for Marseille is a better. 

  12. If KK goes out and panic buys for a new striker he's basically telling the owners that he fucked up with £35m of their money.  So don't expect any signings in this transfer window!

    He'll try to prove Carrol is still one for the future and in the summer with Beller's and Kuyt at their age he'll make a case that he needs another young striker to replace them. Common sense has spoken so listen.  Any arguments that could suggest that Carrol was 100% Comoli's choice is kidding themselves. 

    We will finish in six place and hopefully 1 or 2 pieces of silverware, then sell some fringe players and add to a young squad with about 3 players.

  13. Why does Downing , Carroll , Henderson and Adam need more than one season? They are supposedly PROVEN premier league players. When Carroll was first bought a year ago Daglish was saying dont judge him before the new season. Well the new season is past the halfway mark and its obvious that he is rubbish so why would he need more time? Same as Henderson runs around like a headless chook ...absolutely useless player who has no creativity or flair..no drive and is clueless. Adam is too slow and it cant be me..everyone can see it for themeselves ..not too mention hes a liability when he defends and tackles around our defensive line. Last but not least Downing ...need i say anymore?  If they havnt produced in a whole year what makes you think they will produce in the following years? It is assumed that they were bought because they had EPL experience and would fit straight it but that hasnt been the case. Enough of the excuses for Daglishs flops. The best thing he can do is get rid of these players . They have up until the end of the season to justify they belong with us or else they MUST GO. While top 4 was our realistic aim at the start of the year Daglish was telling the media we could win the league with this team. So what has happened we are daylight from first and it doesnt look good for the last champions league spot either.

  14. Again today Downing puts in a cross and it gets headed against the bar...

    Why should Kenny get rid of these players? I bet you will say the same about Lucas?

    Yes they had EPL experience but this club is not Newcastle, Sunderland, Blackpool and Aston Villa.

    So much for our former number 9 who cost 50mil and has not managed to outperform a 22 year old Andy Carroll.

    Is Torres not a proven EPL player?

  15. TWo words....Djibril Cisse

  16. There will be no signings this window. I think KD has decided that either of the cups remaining to us will be our way into Europe. I am of the opinion that this may be the right way. We really are not strong enough to maintain even a short run in CL if we were to get a qualification.It would mean only the summer window to buy new talent and that would surely be too short a period to bed a new team in. A qualification for the E-cup would perhaps be their intention to bring out some of the developing Academy boys. Heaven knows that it is about time some of them were properly introduced into the meat and potatoes of what is expected of them. This sounds a more realistic scenario for forward development than the almost constant baying for absolute and immediate top glory we are seeing at the moment. The team set up is not right and I believe any responsible fan would agree with this. Progress is being made but any such will be slow as we should remember that other teams are doing what they see necessary to maintain their progress and improvement as well.

  17. Thank you very much for proving my point. Thats exactly the reason why you dont just look in your own backyard for players. There are much better players throughout Europe that the dross we have brought in that would have jumped at the opportunity to play for the RED shirt . Its quite obvious Kenny's flops are not LFC quality. We are still relying on our over 30's to get us out of trouble. Is there a reason as to why no other team went in for Henderson for so long? Adam was not wanted by Rangers but he is a star for LFC ..I wonder why?