20 Jan 2012

JAN MOLBY: "The way they play is RECKLESS. It's like Russian Roulette..."

Liverpool face Bolton on Saturday in what is surely a must-win game, and with 10 straight victories against the Trotters, Anfield legend Jan Molby believes that Kenny Dalglish's team will capitalise on the 'reckless' style of Owen Coyle's team, and emerge victorious.

In his column for the Liverpool Echo, Molby conceded that Liverpool's performance against Stoke was 'very disappointing', but he doesn't believe that Dalglish will player the same line-up against Bolton:

"With the benefit of hindsight, I don't think Kenny would pick that same line-up again. He selected a team to combat Stoke's style but the aerial bombardment never came.

"There are benefits to that system but for it to work you need your full-backs to get forward. It didn't happen and we looked unbalanced".

Molby admitted that the final ball against Stoke was 'poor', but insists that Bolton away 'is the perfect game for Liverpool' to make amends. With the recent loss to Chelsea of their best defender (Gary Cahill), now would seem to be a great time to face Owen Coyle's team, and Molby agrees:

"Their home record is awful and they are conceding so many goals. When you're in trouble, you've got to put the shutters up. But they keep going at teams and leave themselves exposed.

"Liverpool will sit back and then pick them off. I like Owen Coyle but the way they play is reckless – it's Russian roulette.

"You can play that way if you have some of the best players in the league but he doesn't have that luxury. He needs to realise how much trouble they're in and go back to the drawing board".

Ten victories in a row against Bolton is a superb record, but this game is a definite banana-skin waiting to happen. A Bolton win takes them out of the bottom three, so they will have extra motivation.

I think we can all agree that if Liverpool have any hope of making the top then this is sort of game is a must-win.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We should win this comfortably, as long as we aren't reckless in our quest for goals. 

    If we can't break down a poor Bolton defence, than we more than deserve the flak our attack is getting, as Bolton's defending has been poor.

    Molby wants us to play COUNTER ATTACK against Bolton...well I guess they are a big team(!)

  2. Liverpool won't win this cos their manager, players and fans are too arrogant and underestimate the smaller sides, hence so many poor results at home. And if molby thinks Coyle doesn't realise we're in trouble then he's even more stupid than I thought. Even ex Liverpool players are as arrogant as everyone else at the club and its about time Liverpool fans realised they're not gonna challenge for anything big for a long time, simply cos they're not good enough, the manager isn't good enough and he buys average players for silly money.

    Bolton 2-1. I thank u

  3. Its not a matter of underestimating smaller sides, its giving them too much respect. Trying too hard to prevent them playing their style of game instead of playing our own game. That was the problem with Hodgson,and now Kenny is guilty of it too. I don't think its a matter of arrogance at all, its just expected for any team in the top 10, not just Liverpool, to beat a team struggling at the bottom of the table. The fact that Liverpool has failed to do this on numerous occassions pisses us off as fans as it doesn't make sense for the same players to beat Chelsea and Man City but fail against the smaller sides. Man United does not respect the smaller sides,and beats them regardless of form as they stick to their own game. Liverpool needs to do the same.

  4. haha yeah wat ever. cant wait till you go down. no one will miss your ugly football tactics anyway. crap team crap supporters and a crap place in england. 4-1 liverpool. il eat my hat if not!

  5. The mancs didn't respect Blackburn enough and had a cavalier attitude, they got beaten.

    So its hard to get the balance right but definitely, we are far too cagey in our approach play and some players really either look like they aren't good enough or lack confidence big time.

  6. Though this is a game Liverpool should win comfortably but whenever we expect Liverpool to win comfortably they always drop points, look at Blackburn game, swansea, wigan, stoke, sunderland, all these games Liverpool should have won but they didn't so i won't bet on Liverpool winning it but would hoping they do.

  7. I would imagine another bore draw with the Geordie missing opportunities.
    Or he'll score and everyone will say he's turned the corner.
    Meanwhile we are STILL 7th in the league. 

  8. Sadly, we would all take a score draw now, not good enough, I'm afraid.