24 Jan 2012

LFC LEGEND concedes: 80% of Kenny's transfers have FAILED...

Club legend Kevin Keegan has questioned Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish's performance in the premier league transfer market. Over the last year, Dalglish has spent over 110m on new player, but despite that outlay, the former England manager insists that Liverpool are still lacking in the real quality in some areas of the team.

Speaking on ESPN Mobile, Keegan - who won the Ballon d'Or twice during his playing career - observed:

"The new signings - all of them - have not stepped up to the plate yet. Suarez is the only one you can excuse, and Bellamy because he was a free transfer.

"To get into those European places you need four or five quality players in your team. You can afford to have six players who do just a decent job, but you can't rely on just one or two players, and that's where Liverpool are at the moment"

After the defeat at Bolton, can Liverpool still finish in the top four of the Barclay's premier league? Keegan seems to think it's still possible:

"I don't see the team that played against Bolton finishing 4th, but they're got Suarez to come back, and we know that gerrard will get match fit. We also know that players like Downing and Adam are better than whay they're showing at the moment.

"The biggest plus they've got this year is that they're not involved in Europe, but they are involved in cup competitions where you can get injuries. They don't want to lose a key player because they just haven't got enough [key players]".

The irony of Keegan's last comment is that Liverpool have lost all of their key players at various times this season, and the club's league position is possibly reflects this.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Well said, Keegan. Kenny paid the price of buying british  first instead of BUY BRITISH LAST. Quey Sera Sera, whatever will be will be....

  2. Agreed! But, Enrique is another success story in this very sad saga.

  3. All these problems LFC is having can be solve if they can bring a world class defensive midfield like M'Vila or Mascherano.

  4. 80% - What school did Keegan go to?
    Suarez, Bellamy, Enrique - All Good
    Coates, Henderson, Downing - Average
    Carroll, Adam - Poor.
    But Carroll is young and inexperienced, Adam has no excuses and is a liability.
    Not many players come to a new club especially a club with great expectations and immediately perform well. So to say 80% have failed yet most of them are still in their debut season is absolute nonsense. If Suarez or Carroll had scored a few more goals we would probably be sitting in 4th position. All is not doom and gloom at Anfield and it's about time the world and it's mother stopped all the negativity.

  5. ...Lucas?

    Right now I'd have Lucas over both of them.

  6. This is getting depressing but just the way it is with his club these days.

  7. I agree with most of your assesment, but I think Carroll and Downing should be swapped. Carroll hasn't been great, but he has had good games, and scored some important goals (City and Everton.) Downing's impact has been minimal, and when he has made an impact it's not been game changing, which you really would expect.

    Hendo and Coates are both ones for the future though, I think it will be a few seasons before Coates blossoms. Hendo a lot sooner given his game time Kenny gives.

    I'd like to see some of the youths/reserves out on loan at Prem clubs, look at the impact it made for Wilshere, Cleverly, Welbeck, ect ect.

  8. I would not count your chickens Re Enrique he could prove more of a liability than an asset, as he did at Newcastle.He looks great on the ball then over does it and commonly gets caught out too often, putting the team in danger.He flatters to deceive.

  9. Interesting he had no mention of carrol which i totally agree with.. Hes a sub par and doesnt belong here... Jose enrique is however very much up to expectation and has been our best transfer and possibly cheapest!

  10. The problem has been the XENOPHOBIC attitude and Blind IGNORANCE of DALGLISH.
    Had he not wasted HUGE sums of money on AVERAGE BRITISH PLAYERS  he could have been in a much stronger position.

    Here are all the players that ARE NOT BRITISH THAT HE COULD HAVE BOUGHT  with £110 MILLION POUNDS.

    I've broken it down into UNDER 21 TALENT and UNDER 25 TALENT for 
    Midfield & Strikers.

    Any International Class Coach Manager has there EYES ON THESE PLAYERS except Dalglish.


    Under 21

    Iker Muniain Age (19) Athletic
    Bilbo Spanish National

    Left Sided Midfielder
    Arsenal sniffing around.

    Valued at £8 million

    Mario Götze Age (19) Team Borussia
    Dortmund /German National

    Right Sided Midfielder or
    StrikerValue £10 Million

     Xherdan Shaqir  Age(19)
     Team Basel /Swiss national

    Right sided Midfielder
    player we’ve seen him play

    Valued at £11 million

    Adam Ljaijc  Age  (20)
    Team AC Fiorentina Serbian National

    Striker or Right Wing or
    Second Striker

    Valued at £6 Million

    Érik Manuel Lamela (19) Team
    AS Roma Argentina/Spanish National

    Left Sided Midfielder  or Second Striker

    Valued at £11 Million

    Christian Erikkson (20) Team
    Ajax /Danish

    Second Striker or Left wing

    Valued at  £11 Million

    Junior Hoilett (21) Team Blackburn Canadian/Jamaican National

    Left Wing Second or Lead

    Valued at  £4 Million


    Under 25

    Jesus Navas Age (25) Team Sevilla /Spanish National

    Right Wing or Left Wing

    Valued at £21 Million

    Édinson Cavani Age (25) Team
    Napoli /Uruguay & Italian National


    Valued £24 Million

    Mats Julian Hummels Age (23)
    Team Bayern Munich /German National

    Central Defender or
    Defensive Midfielder

    Valued at £17million

  11. Lets hope that we can sign two decent players at least in this window… Expecially after the disastrous last one and Andy Carrol before that….
    In the summer we need to be signing some proper talent… The likes of Marin, Podolski, Swiensteigger, M’Villa, Honda and/or Zaha…. Players with pace, guile, pedigree and hunger and not like the £80m of shite in Henderson, Downing, Henderson and Adam….
    King man, I love you but get the next transfer window as wrong as the last and your going to have a very difficult uphill battle.
    Personally I thought Benitez was fantastic, look at all the players he bought… Reina, Arbeloa, Agger, Skrtl, Alonso, Mascherano, Torres, Bellamy, Crouch, Sissoko all increased value…. If he had been given the money and weren’t reliant on Prick Parry we would have bought the likes of David Villa, David Silva and Vidic too….
    I personally would take Benitez as the General Manager with Dalgish doing the man management… What a dream team that would be…. Both talents being used at their best and both passionate about Liverpool FC….

  12. Sorry but I don't know who u are quoting with these prices but they are way way way off reality....

    Cavani has a 40m buyout clause + a long list of clubs ready to enter into an auction.

    Hummels for 17m is ludacriss ! Laughable even. He is the best CB in the Bundes and worth much more if you consider Rio Fer went for 28m.

    Jesus Navas will never leave Spain let alone his home town. This is well document he suffers from a number of mental issuses.

    Hoilett is not going anywhere , and sure not for 4m !

  13. Lets hope that we can sign two decent players at least in this window… Expecially after the disastrous last one and Andy Carrol before that….
    In the summer we need to be signing some proper talent… The likes of Marin, Podolski, Swiensteigger, M’Villa, Honda and/or Zaha…. Players with pace, guile, pedigree and hunger and not like the £80m of shite in Henderson, Downing, Henderson and Adam….
    King man, I love you but get the next transfer window as wrong as the last and your going to have a very difficult uphill battle.
    Personally I thought Benitez was fantastic, look at all the players he bought… Reina, Arbeloa, Agger, Skrtl, Alonso, Mascherano, Torres, Bellamy, Crouch, Sissoko all increased value…. If he had been given the money and weren’t reliant on Prick Parry we would have bought the likes of David Villa, David Silva and Vidic too….
    I personally would take Benitez back and have Dalgish as the General Manager with Dalgish doing the man management… What a dream team that would be…. Both talents being used at their best and both passionate about Liverpool FC….

  14. Faustino Asprilla5:48 pm, January 24, 2012

    Take look at the transfers Dalglish was in charge of at Newcastle, he chucked away a Champions league outfit and spent fortunes on the likes of Stephan Guivarch and Des Hamiliton .. a poor manager in the transfer market and a miserable sod to boot.

  15. Agree with most of what you've said, well all of it sort of... Unfortunately I think the only youth player who would stand a chance at a prem club on loan is Eccleston. The rest just don't look physically ready. I know I'll probably get slated for that remark but I watch every res and under 18 game I can (some of our youth play in both) and they are all still boys. Imagine Sterling, only as an example, coming up against defenders like Huth, Terry, King etc (remember a big part of his game is cutting inside), his technical ability and decision making isn't quite good enough to not get owned by these sort of defenders yet, and most fans consider him our best prospect. I sincerely hope I'm proved wrong in my assessment, I just don't see it for this season at least.

  16. Why does'nt KK play Shelvey? The boy has goals in him, and has excellent link up play. Why recall him from his thriving loan spell to keep him on the bench. He should be on the team sheet ahead of Henderson every time IMO.

  17. Hoilett's contract expires in the summer

    Just because a player's clause is £40m, doesn't mean he can't go for less. Just a few more £m than Carroll but get 10x the player.

    Don't know why your bringing up Ferdinand, when that was ages ago and that was a transaction between two teams in the same league that also happen to very rarely do business with each other because of rivalry.

    Totally different circumstances, so not sure why you compare it to Ferdinand deal.

    Think of a centre back in recent times that has been bought for more than £18m from a club in Bundesliga that isn't Bayern. 

    Its only usually Bayern that end up paying a premium price for a Bundesliga player.

    I reckon £20m would be enough to get Hummels. Apart from Bayern, the chances of a player being bought for more than £25m from a Bundesliga club is slim. Only Goetze has the reputation to command a mega fee from a non-Bayern side in Bundesliga. 

    Its a different transfer market in Bundesliga. Also, its usually midfielders and attackers that end up getting big fees.

  18. wow it didn't take long for King Kenny's crown to slip did it! 

    ruined our team in the late 90's and looks more and more like  he should be in an episode of Rab C Nesbit.

    Carrol is quality (you paid way too much obviously) dalgleish just doesnt play to his qualities. 

    Enrique is class and would get into any premiership team.

    Downing, Adam, Henderson all very average and over priced. as most english players are.

    Hate to say it but Bellamy is still a very effective player.

  19. in this season 100% Ferguson's tranfers have failed 

  20. what  makes you think players of this standard would want to join Liverpool?

  21. I haven't said that they would be willing to join Liverpool. Merely disagree with Infor. 

    When I said 'I reckon...get Hummels', I meant that generally, not just Liverpool.

  22. Wouldn't fancy the high player turnover (for instance, he went through loads of wing options and still didn't get it right. Here we are still mourning the loss of Macca and Barnesy, as we still haven't fixed the wing problem) that Rafa had. Absolutely dud with bringing in squad players. Hence why we could never compete for both PL and CL at the same time under him. It was ether one or the other, as he couldn't build a squad good enough to handle both. 

    Great with the first XI but beyond that (squad players), very very very questionable to say the least. 

  23. £10m for Goetze? What have you been sniffing? He won't go for less than £30m...

  24. Doubt Reina, Skrtl or Agger have increased in value - all look like liabilities half the time. Also consider Benitez spent money on Crouch at all? He took a decent team, fluked the champions league and spent an absolute fortune making them into a...... slightly less decent team. Awful manager with awful football.

  25. fifa 12 on her xbox

  26. The Club value these players at that price it's easily checked these are not my prices but published ones.



    Hang on a minute your arguing the toss over buy out clauses when we've just wasted £110 million on British Dross?

    Without EVEN trying or hear a rumour of us trying to get these players YOUNG TALENTED AND IN LINE WITH THE POLICY WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BEING BRITISH?





  28. really and your players we should be looking for are ?


  29. will cavani come=no
    will nevas come=no
    wake up and get in the real world.
    you really are not mr current affairs are you.
    i could pick a better team than yours, both play in spain lol
    old saying................game aint played on paper.
    kennys ideas were right, the prices were not.
    maybe you should try following city or chelsea they buy players the papers and press rave about, and obviously money aint an issue

  30. dont believe EVERYTHING you read.
    didnt we sell some players, so maybe not quite £110mill outlay, but hey you dont want to hear that do you, your just hear for a dig.
    so now you want a team like arsenal??

  31. im waiting come on.....................lol

  32. Lets be honest here I have to admit that im a liverpool fan and if it was any other boss but kenny in charge hving spent 100m on rubbish and the team losing to bolton we'd all be calling for the head of the boss. he was awful at celtic and newcastle and we should never have taken him back. how are the americans going to react to us not being in the champs league? and i can see suarez going with no CL and his embarassment.

  33. how have fergies transfers failed, 2nd in the league???

  34. sack the subbo, i mean miso, i mean daglish, get him out and tell him to eat hggis. the death of a legend

  35. you mean sack daglish then??????

  36. your players are all mince.ha ha. daglish should have retired years ago knows nothing about footy as his 'british signings' suggest. 100 mill on players from blackpool. sunderland, villa and newcastle. sad

  37. learn to spell ya muppets

  38. Lowe did Liverpool enquire=NO
    If Kenny's Idea are right why are we 7th?City and Chelsea are above us not good examples .....try harder.Please enlighten me as to you better players THIS SHOULD BE GOOD...

  39. and knocked out of CL. 

    By THEIR standards, its been a failure, especially when two of the new signings were partially responsible for that failure.

    De Gea and Jones are for the future but they have made some costly mistakes at times this season, especially in CL. To be fair to Jones, he wouldn't have played in some of the games if they hadn't had so many injuries.

    Young not so bad as he has done fine, when not injured.

  40. Totally agree with Septimus, but we wouldn't get Goetze for 10 million. But if we'd offered what we paid for Henderson and Adam.......

    Ultimately, we needed to make our first 11 as strong as possible now. If that meant throwing in youngsters like Shelvey and Sterling onto the bench, then so be it. But we should not be paying 20 million for potential. Shaqiri should definitely be signed, Honda also. But there's no chance we will bring these guys in and this, more than anything, is what is so depressing about our situation. We have moved out the flair players we had and replaced them with inferior replacements.

    I'm not sure that 80% of our signings have been bad, but 80% have been no better than average and that is not good enough.

  41. If money is an issue, we really should not have bought the players we did. 35 million on Carroll, and i still think he can come good, was a PR exercise that has, so far, backfired.

  42. And Hoillet should also be one that we are looking at. Take him out of that terrible Blackburn team and i reckon he could be a good signing. At that price, there is little risk.

  43. its not hard to list better players obviously smart as#, its realistic targets and there none you have mentioned.
    how do you no we have not inquired?
    do you work at the club??
    look at the players city and chelsea have bought and money spent, and wat they could offer ie champs league!!
    its not rocket science.
    come back down to earth.
    who else should we have signed instead of carroll who you really believe would have came?.............THIS SHOULD BE GOOD

  44. Lucas is injured. His only cover is Jay. Jay has no cover. Defensive mid is a position that will see alot of cards. It is a key position for every top team. We need another good holding mid.

  45. Incidentally, both Macca and Barnes were signed by Kenny!

  46. Spearing is even being played out of position as a holding midfielder - I've watched him a lot for the reserves and he is a wannabe mini Gerrard.

    Dalglish was short-sighted in failing to pick up another ballwinner in the summer. Or to at least give Coady some first team experience at the back end of last season

  47. They would want to join LFC as the club would offer them a  stage to take their careers forwards; financially and reputationally.

    Of course if Barca, Man U, Real etc stepped in with offers than the players heads would turn in their direction. But with that not being an option for most of those listed, they would gladly jump ship to Anfield if a good offer was put on the table

  48. Actually City couldn't offer Champions League football when they were picking up Yaya Toure, Silva, Tevez, Robinho etc

    For you to honestly believe that Carroll was the only viable option at £35m is just ridiculous!

  49. But his team are still battling for the title. 
    While we're battling for Europa League places...

  50. he's far more talented than any of our wide options atm. Not that that's saying much, but still...

  51. Didn't he begin as a central defender and got moved into midfield because of his height? As both a box to box midfielder and a defender, surely he is a shoe in as a holding mid.

  52. You should suggest they play CM or FM, then maybe they'll start noticing these players.

  53. Well he came during KK's first reign yes but he was picked up as a youngster, so more likely it was the youth coaches/scouts. Although yes, KK brought him into the first team squad

  54. Kenny Dalglish!

    This was the man who's first transfer deal at Newcastle was to sell David Ginola to Spurs and replace him with DES HAMILTON!!!!

    I rest my case.

  55. King Kenny And Arsene Wenger are both letting the club and fans down by their own stubborness. Wenger wants to prove he does not need English Centre back or too many english players as he feels they are Over Priced and are hyped Up and Not as Good as Public/Newspapers say.

    King Kenny on the other hand is complete different, he thinks buying just british will win and get club back to winning ways, apart from Stevie G And J Carragher what other English players  in the last 5 seasons has been consistantly at the playing Levels Of J Carragher and S Gerrard at the Club.

    No One!!!!!!!

    Reina,Arbeloa, Riise, Hypia, Mascherano, Sissoko, Alonso, Hamman, Torres, Finnan and Meireles Were all consistant performers and lynchpins when they were at club and none of these players were English.

    Reina is still at club and is normally consistant but every season he drops 3-4 clangers/mistakes but he is still in world best 5 gks. He was Best in league for last 2 seasons, but now J Hart has taken the leagues best GK.

    The players we need at club desperately are:

    1: C Samba Of Blackburn Or J Vertonghen Of Ajax should be brought to club for £8-£14M to compete with Skrtel, Agger, Carragher and Coates at club, Carragher is on his last legs and has been for last two seasons but he is a veteran and a loyal servant but he should rarely be 1st choice these days.

    2: DM: C Tiote Of Newcastle (25), M'Villa Of Rennes(21), B Matuidi(24)  Or M Sissoko Of PSG, one of these strong, tough, hard, physical dominant midfielders should be brought to club for £12-£18M

    3: AM: Willian Of Shahtar Donesk should be brought to club before Chelsea get him, he should be brought to club to offer us flair, speed, pace creativity in centre of park for £18-£20M.  (23)

    Three Wingers should be brought to club to offer more speed, pace, skill, creativity, spark, flair to the side that club haven't had consistantly on each wing for 5 seasons + now
    1: J Hoillet Of Blackburn should be brought to club now for £6-£10M as his contract is up in the summer .       ( 21 )     (RW)

  56. 2: Nathan Dyer Of Swansea should be brought to club for £5-£8M ( £24) (RW)

    3: Diego Capel (23)Of Sporting Clube De Portugal Or Royston Drenthe(24) Of Real Madrid should be brought to club for £10-£16M to come and compete with Downing for the Left wing starting Position.

    Lastly a world class finisher/ top finisher/some one who will score 20-30 goals every season or someone who will score 15 goals a season and create 10 goals a season:

    1st choice: Marquee signing, showing intent that we actually want to be back in Champions league and compete for League and a partner who will complement and be of high quality as Suarez: Higuain Of Real Madrid should be brought to club for £25-£30M and he will justify his moneys worth with goals thats a fact.

    2nd choice: L Podolski Of FC Koln/Cologne: For £10-£15M.
    3rd Choice: G Rossi Of Villareal @a48444610dc61aae33edb6ab977099ae For £15-£26M
    4th Choice: L Lopez Of Lyon for £10-£15M
    5th Choice: Benzema Of Real Madrid

    The 1st choice would be a class act and a marquee signing and would show that club actually mean business, as Higuian is not being played week in week out at Real Madrid anymore and he is an Out and Out finisher and that is what our club are in desperate need of right now.

  57. What about Josemi, Nunez, Morientes, Kromcrap, Keane, Degan, Dossena, Voronin!!!, Aqualani. All crap apart from Aqua (just wasnt built for the PL) he made some shocking signings mate come on