17 Jan 2012

Kevin Williams e-Petition: Sign it and help force a new inquest...

For over 20 years, Anne Williams has fought in vain for a new inquest into the death of her son Kevin, who was one of 96 Liverpool football fans killed in the Hillsborough stadium disaster.

Mrs Williams believes the original inquest into Kevin's death was 'riddled with corruption', and that 'vital evidence' was suppressed:

"I want a fresh inquest for Kevin and I want it to run up until 4pm when he died," she said. Kevin was not brain dead at 3.15pm as they said he was and we can prove that he did not die of trauma asphyxia. He had different injuries.

"Witness statements have been suppressed so the jury did not know what actually happened to Kevin. Kevin was saveable, but they cordoned off the care on the day. Kevin was pulled out at 3.28pm and he was alive then.

"There was an off-duty police officer who found a pulse at 3.37pm and he tried to flag an ambulance down.

"I want the Attorney General to look at the evidence again and send Kevin's case back to the divisional court recommending a new inquest into the death of my son."

You can help by signing the petition below:

Kevin Williams Hillsborough e-Petition

Please also sign the petition to force the s*n to reveal its sources for its deceitful 'The Truth' story:



  1. Both signed.

    I remember watching events unfold that sunny Saturday afternoon. I was 16 and couldn't quite believe what i was seeing on the news. I had watched the events at Heysel 4 years earlier and was shocked that it was happening again, not realising at the time that this was much, much worse.

    JFT96 & 39 YNWA

  2. I pray the truth is finally revealed

  3. graham george gannon10:10 am, October 28, 2012

    i hope anne gets her wish for kevins inquest and for the sun newspaper be made to retract all the slanderous and libelous comment they printed at the time not just on to the fans but the way they tainted the whole of liverpool people just to sell their rag of a newspaper which should be closed down as a mark of respect to all the families, even today people are still hurting from the bile they were allowed to print,weak kneed politicians should even now stand up for the people they rely on to do it and give back the dignity to the families and the people of liverpool.God bless. george gannon evertonian but my father and elder brother were liverpudlians.