10 Jan 2012

"I would be massively reluctant to let him go..."

The London Press 'linked' Sunderland's Stephane Sessengon with Liverpool last week, (and when I say 'linked', I mean they probably made it up), and new Black Cats manager Martin O'Neill has been forced to address the growing 'speculation' over the the French midfielder's future..

In a press conference a few days ago, O'Neill admitted that there was a 'problem' of some kind behind the scenes, but stressed that it wasn't a major issue:

"There's a problem but it hasn't seemed to affect St├ęphane on the field. It's not easy for these players in these situations but it hasn't disrupted him since I've been here – he hasn't come to me and said he has a major problem. St├ęphane's got great ability and we'd love him to settle here and make this his home."

Then, speaking to the Northern Echo yesterday, O'Neill said:

"I would be massively reluctant to let Stephane go. I would also be pretty confident Stephane is fine and happy here. That is certainly the impression we have been getting.

"He has been fantastic for us. He is only small, but he is very strong with the ball, has great control and is quite quick. That is not something were blessed with, we do not have fantastic pace in the squad.

"From that viewpoint, he stands out at this minute and he is not someone we would be wanting to let go".

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. We don't want him. No more mid-table club players please. Bought enough of them in summer.

  2. So pleased to read your comment Red Heart.  He would have been a steal at the value quoted and you massively overpaid in our eyes for the last purchase Henderson.  As for the Newcastle Gangsta wannabe that must have cured you for life.

    With such a proud history of success it must hurt to know that you have not yet achieved the quality across the board that you were once used to but it is not the source, nor the price that defines a good player, it is the vision of the purchaser that hopefully recognises talent that others may have missed.

    If the fans had any say you would not get Sess at all let, alone under £20 million because once he has a decent striker to link with he will be lethal

  3. But you are a mid table club.  Doh

  4. Well clearly you haven't seen him play - much better than Tiote who is reportly available for £20m! yes we are a mid table team so does that mean Spurs shouldn't go for Hoilette as he is a bottom table tema player?

  5. what classes as a mid table club ? presumably one whoes best chance is to finish in the mid table.  could this possibly be liverpool? think so...
    RedHeart Liverpool are a mid table club. stop deluding yourself. liverpool are almost as close to a relegation spot as they are to the leaders. they are the typical mid table club