1 Jan 2012

HOLLOWAY: 'Negative' Liverpool speculation got us RELEGATED...

Blackpool manager Ian Holloway always has nice things to say about Liverpool, but as his latest comments show, he clearly holds some deep-rooted resentment towards the club over the transfer of Charlie Adam.

Writing in his column for The Mirror, Holloway suggested that the negative impact of the transfer speculation over Charlie Adam actually contributed to his side's relegation last season:

"No-one was bothered about us two seasons ago, but I always felt that I had a team capable of beating anyone in the division, once we had signed Charlie Adam

"I ­believe the seeds of relegation were sewn a year ago when Liverpool declared their interest in signing Charlie Adam.

"He was our best player. I felt we had to keep him at any cost if we were to stay up.

"As it turned out, the constant speculation had such a negative effect on the club that I now wish we had sold Charlie last January and taken our chances".

Charlie Adam recently admitted that he was 'disappointed' not to leave Blackpool last January:

"My missus will tell you I'm a totally different person now to when I was at Blackpool. The last six months there was hard because I knew what I wanted and that was to go. I was disappointed not to come here in January and everyone knew that"

Clearly, Adam's head was turned when Liverpool came in for him, but it certainly didn't affect his performance on the pitch. In his six months at Blackpool, he contributed 9 goals and 6 assists, which is a great return for a midfielder.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. If Ollie held such deep rooted resentment toward your club he would not be so happy for Charlie nor would he keep coming back to sign on loan the likes of Jonjo Shelvey, Danny Wilson or the permanent signings of Tom Ince and Geradro Bruna. You totally miss the point of what he is saying which is nothing to do with your club and just the whole scenario which turned Charlies head and affected his performances in tangerine.

  2. That's your opinion.  Mine is different; is that okay with you?

  3. Jamie.  Stop being so defensive all the time.  Its really childish

  4. Having been at all but a couple of the games that season, my opinion and the opinion of those of most tangerines I spoke to at the time were that Charlie's performances dipped around the time of the window with interest shown in him by a number of clubs and little secret that he wanted to go to Liverpool. You may want to speculate as to what caused that loss of form for Charlie. Rumours were rife of the situation causing further unrest within the dressing room.  Ollie would probably be best placed to speculate.

  5.  Nice to know Mr. Holloway's opinion. There's something in it, but I am actually of different opinion.

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