5 Jan 2012

DALGLISH insists: "Liverpool are not being disrespectful in any way..."

Liverpool face Oldham Athletic at Anfield in the FA Cup third round tomorrow night, and Kenny Dalglish is keen to stress that he has no intention of devaluing the competition by fielding an under-strength team.

During his press conference at Anfield earlier today, Dalglish expressed his dismay at how England's oldest cup competition has been 'devalued' in recent years:

"The FA Cup has been undermined in many ways and in many quarters, for varying reasons. But we certainly won't ever undermine it.

"The Carling Cup is something people have done the same with - undermined and undervalued, but we went about our job as well as we possibly could and we've got our reward for that.

"It's a competition that's there to be won so we'll go into the Oldham game with the same attitude and desire as we went into the Carling Cup".

After the 3-0 drubbing against Man City on Tuesday night, the Oldham game is an ideal opportunity for the club to get back to winning ways, and Dalglish has hinted that some of his squad players will get a run out:

"We've always said how strong the squad is and maybe it's an opportunity for us to give the people in that squad the gratitude they deserve by giving them an opportunity to start.

"That's not to say we're undermining or being disrespectful in any way - We'll treat Oldham with complete respect".

Sounds like Kenny is getting his excuses in early here, as he probably expects to be accused of devaluing the competition by fielding an under-strength team.

Whatever team Liverpool put out, it should be good enough to dispatch Oldham with ease, especially at Anfield.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Undermining / Undervaluing the FA Cup / Carling Cup is something we will not and should not do as we are not in Europe this year. I think KD would have a different attitude if we had 6 CL group games to play between September and December as it does take its toll if a squad is not large enough which is why some teams (including us) in the past have had little choice to play youth / fringe players in the early rounds of the Carling cup which is not a bad thing. 

    He is right that we have played strong sides in the Carling Cup but it also works against us, I believe in those games players like Adam Morgan and Raheem Sterling should feature to build up experience but are not  - therfore its another reason why we need to get back into Europe asap for the overall development of our youth players and oppurtunities for them in cup games.

  2. It'll be interesting to see if Carroll starts after the dazzling impact he has been making of late.  Did anyone else notice the impact Berbatov made when he came back into the Man u side after months in the wilderness? .....Yeah that's because he's a class act.

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  4. I suggest you watch a replay of the City match. How Carroll is supposed to do anything with poor quality crosses from 20 yards back when he's the only player in the box is beyond me. Our big problems are we like to play in front of teams and not get around the back, we take too long getting ball into the box, too often it's poor quality and finally we do not commit enough bodies in the box. The only time we did it on Tuesday was for the free kick we had which ended up seconds later as a penalty for City

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  6. dont waste your breath the bloke is a complete glory hunter and lives in a dream world. and will never understand wat your saying

  7. it should be called LIVERPOOL KOP OUT, where anti liverpool, glory hunters and unrealistic fans can come a slag off the manager, the team and other fans. and there should be find the scape goat each week.
    even pin the donkey would be a good one. its a joke.
    and i thought the club was moving forward on and off the pitch regardless of poor wrongly accused suarez. i give up, im out of here, noteibly along with others.   youl always walk alone on this site

  8. Sly webcam jamie! lol

  9. Same comments year in year out. Dont they know what we call a 'rotating system'. Even scums do it on a regular basis.