21 Jan 2012

DALGLISH: "Some of those players won't be in red shirts much longer..."

Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish was incandescent with rage after watching Liverpool lose 3-1 at Bolton earlier today, and in his post-match interview, he accused his players of putting in a 'disrespectful' performance.

It's still hard to process the reality: Liverpool were beaten 3-1 by a team that:

* Was 19th in the league at the start of the day

* Had highest goals-conceded record in the league

* Had not won beaten Liverpool in 10 previous attempts.

After the game, Dalglish could barely contain his rage:

"Some of those players won't be in red shirts much longer if they carry on playing that way.

"It was disrespectful. They've got to realise every game this football club plays is a big game, not just the ones that suit them"

"The result is disappointing, but the most disappointing thing for me was that I don't think we were ready to play the game. I don't think the approach was correct and I don't think the way we went about our work was correct.

"If they needed a lesson to be taught to them then today was it. If they think they can just turn up and get a result, not be as competitive and not match the opposition for effort and commitment then they've got a lesson today.

"If they've learned it then fine. Without trying to take anything away from Owen (Coyle) and the way Bolton played, we have to look at ourselves and see what we can do to try and prevent it from happening in the future. That's what we'll do."

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Agreed!

    Nobody willing to put in the hard graft, no one tracking midfield runner for first 2 goals

    Petrov, Eagles, Davies better than any of our players, bar Bellamy

    Bellamy is supposed to be backup, not our main hope

    Suarez will be back soon, we need a few more players too

    Tough watch for the 5000 travelling fans, they contained their dissatisfaction well

  2. No one to blame but the manager, he's ultimately responsible for preparing the team physically and mentally. Some shocking buys all round too. Not convinced by him at all. 

  3. Well, you should take some of the blame KK. You and the other members responsible for tranfers brought in the shower of cack that includes Downing, Carroll, Adam, etc. But to be fair to those guys, Stevie G set a terrible example, he showed a poor level of tactical discipline in the middle of the park. His best days have always come in the role behind the striker or on the wing. Johnson and Enrique were absolutely non-existent in terms of getting forward and providing width and to top it off, you got rose-tinted Macca saying they are two of the best, prior to the game...priceless timing. 

    But still, KK,Did you not drill into Gerrard and Adam's head that they need to mark and track the opposite midfield runners?Neither are holding midfielders, neither are a Lucas or a Xabi with their defensive positioningI said it before the game, the centre midfield was ridiculously soft and hollowYes, I'm a armchair fan but sometimes a armchair fan is right, regardless.You hamstrung yourself by buying certain players who don't fit in with your tactics throughout this season. You should take some of the flak yourself, instead of blaming the players (tonight), the referees (sending showing DVDs,etc), the media (Carroll criticism).You are respsonsible, you played your part in buying some of the cack that is present in our squad, along with some of Rafa's average waffle as well as good buys.Take some responsibility

  4. Who paid millions for them?

    Who is deciding our tactics?

    Where does the buck stop?

    Answers on a postcard please.

  5. kenny do the responsible thing and resign as you did before. you're not fit to lead. bring back rafa

  6. We are so lucky that the likes of Chelsea and Arsenal have been consistent as we are still in for a shout for European football next season. We are lucky that its been a crazy PL season for all and inconsistency is the name of the game. But at least other teams have shown some heart, some inspiration, some determination and some goals for certain periods, whereas we are just a shower of un-inspirational, gutless mediocre cack

  7. how much money did you make on the andy carroll and downing deals kenny. be honest now. you have no idea how to lead. go concentrate on your wife's cancer foundation and leave the club alone

  8. With Dalglish in charge...and the players like Adam, Carroll, Downing, Henderson...who are only squad players ....not good enough for LFC.
    If we want to be a top-7 club...with a cup-run then I think this is a good squad and management team.

    But if we want top-4 and CL football again....
    then a major revamp is needed.
    - Dalglish needs to be replaced by a more tactically astute
    and modern manager. (Rafa is available...)
    - replace overpaid british signings with more technical
    players ...

  9. Kenny - Sell the lot except Bellamy - big headed shites - SELL SELL SELL - Play Flannagan etc - sell sell sell

  10. Bring on City!

    In saying that we get maximum effort against the top teams so who knows?

    Our players seem to pick and choose when they try hard!

  11. Everyone is going on about getting a striker and calling Carrol fit to burn.We need 3 new midfield players as the 3 kk bought are just not good enough  ( downing , henderson and adam ) to pull on the red shirt.Carroll is getting all the stick  but lets be fair to the lad the service is non existent  Messi would struggle to score in this team.KK needs to sort out the midfield and a striker .We need Lucas  and Suarez back asap .

  12. Sat in Bolton waiting for my train home, all I can say is gutted. Regular readers will know I stand up for the team and believe all is not lost but continue to play like that an we will be. I've said we've outplayed and created chances etc but today, bar Bellamy and Henderson I thought nobody cared or looked up for it. We have up after the third goal, the defending was shocking especially for the first. I feel absolutely dejected. I stayed til the end and carried on cheering is on but I got nothing in return. I can only hope that maybe it is a kick up the a*se that we need and there'll be no more performances like that. We just didn't compete.


  13. Tactically, that's what everyone has been moaning to see! Carroll getting game time, Maxi & Bellamy together, Downing dropped. Tactics weren't the issue. Kenny can't control their absolute focus. After the 2nd goal they all gave up except for Bellamy. The players attitudes are to blame.

  14. Do people think FSG will spend the big money to invest in the areas of the team that they invested in last summer?

    It just seems like we are stuck with this lot now for a good few seasons

  15. fuck off, stupid idiot.

  16. FUck Off stupid idiot. Dalglish!!!! Dalglish!!! Dalglish!!! Dalglish!!!

  17. You're a patethic bunch of bollocks. In his first season in charge Rafa finished 5th, three points clear from EVERTON.

  18. Not today or yesterday this going on guys kenny can only do so much he will get it right but at lest he has the balls to say it like it is.
    These players don't realise what a prevalige it is to play for Liverpool .

  19. we made the likes of 33 year old martin petrov and man utd reject chris eagles look like world beaters.
    the sooner johnson is shipped off the better,showed again today that he is clueless.
    adam was equally as poor.
    time to bite the bullet and start kelly as first choice and give the likes of sterling some game time.
    20 minutes at the end today wouldn't have harmed him,couldn't be worse than henderson and maxi were.

  20. Tactics were the issue. Neither Adams or Gerrard are holding midfielders. Gerrard in the old days used to be a box to box player but never a holding player and to add to that, nowadays, he is better off in the hole behind the front man or on the right. He is reckless in terms of defensive positioning in the centre of the park. Add in the immobile and oaf-like defensive work of Adams, you got a recipe for a soft central midfield.

    I said it before the game on here that we have a soft belly in the centre of the park. Lo and behold, the Bolton midfielders found it easy to run at and run through our midfield. 

    So yes, tactics were the issue.

  21. and won the Champions League.

  22. 'say it like it is', my backside he says it like it is

    If he did, than he would be admitting that he is responsible too but instead blames everyone and everything else

  23. Plenty having a go at the new boys but what about Gerrard?

    No amount of lack of match fitness excuses the poor defensive shift he put in at the centre of midfield.

    He was absolute cack in terms of positioning and tracking. He really does find it hard to sit and be passive in midfield. Because of this cavalier attitude of his, he sucks in central midfield these days, especially when alongside someone like Adams, who is not a sitting midfielder. 

  24. If Dalglish is going light a fire under the team's arses for that roll over and die performance then someone higher up should light a fire under his. Last week or so he said he expected the team to be more ruthless. Maybe they misheard him and thought he said toothless. We should be inflicting these humilating defeats on other teams regularly. There's no excuse for sloppiness. If Bolton were that good they'd be a lot higher up the table. A quiet January transfer window is the last thing we need.

  25. At least Kenny came out and gave a honest interview for everyone no protecting the players no excuses hopefully the players take it on board that they are failing the club and fans! We need to freshen it up bring in some of the older reserve players like Eccelston get Amoo back get some pace into the team what's the point of having a reserve team if we don't try them out when things aren't going our way.

  26. WOW were we that bad? I didn't get to watch it but for Kenny to make them statements then it must of been an awful display.

    Not surprised at all Adam had a bad game to be honest, he has had quite a few this season. However I was one of the fans that was thrilled when we signed him so I don't know what to say.

    Kenny needs to start dropping players out of form and giving someone else a chance 

  27. It's not faulth of Kenny if Liverpool are not in contention for CL this season... it's faulth of Rafa, WHo left a 7th place side, before Hodgey took the reins. Cunt.

  28. For our players there are games category A, B and C, it's desrespecteful. MU wins league with lower teams first.

  29. To all the fans who think its the new players fault we've been doing bad this year,
    Think about it,is it the fault of these players who were great for their individual clubs before we bought them, or is it their new manager that's the problem

  30. You're a crack of bollocks...
    If You want £300ml spending spree, instant success, why Do You support  Our Club?
    There's still the door open at Etihad.
    I don't think the Club really needs a patethic bunch of knee jerks like You.
    Kenny will be handed enough time to assess the problems left by Rafa and Hodgey.
    And apart form Istanbul (It was a Gerro's win from three - nil down after first half, not a Rafa's win.) I'm tired of these so called fans Who are only waiting for a bad result to shout "please back Rafa!!".
    Stupid idiots, it was not an honeymoon under Rafa.
    Rafa has had six years, not an half season like Kenny.
    I still support Kenny and I will support for the next three years, excatly as I SUPPORTED RAFA FOR SIX YEARS.
    Idiots, anytime You think that changing the manager is the solution.....
    Every time You repeated that Rafa won the Cl...
    Did He win the title too??? Not, according to my memories..... He thrown up the biggest chance for our history to win the title...
    We've not won it a title since 1989....
    Why if the manager is always the only problem??
    Kenny was the last Manager Who lift a Title for Liverpool, not Rafa..
    Istanbul was a wonderful moment, but it lives in the past  and the world doens't end at Istanbul......
    Why Didn't You buy a season ticket for Citeh?
    At least our manager & our players will be given the time to build something...

  31. You just know we are going to turn up against City and United give them a good game and maybe win...but than we will play cack in other games. As that is us, isn't it, these days. We are a 'big game' team now. Like a small club that gets excited playing a big team and puts their effort into it but plays pants against other teams.

  32. It is time for Kenny Dalglish to prove that he is one of us, a pure LFC fan and step down as LFC manager. This is the only way he can help the team progress as the team doesn't seem it can progress and get back to its glory days under him and with the players he is bringing in. We, all the LFC fans we are begging him to do that because we cannot loose any other time and financial resources!

  33. Well Jaime, you´ve been calling for Maxi´s inclusion for a while now. He got his chance, but he didn´t play well today. It´s one thing analysing what the manager should be doing. It´s another thing being a manager.  I agree with you that he made a mistake in his line up last week. But the thing is, we don´t know who´s performing on the training ground. That was the line up I wanted to seetoday . Bellamy, Maxi, Gerrard, Adam, Henderson. We don´t have many options but to play Carroll up front unfortunately.

    I thought we played into Bolton´s hands. It was panic stations from the beginning. No composure when we had possession. No final ball. Maybe they were a bit shaken after the first goal, but we didn´t do ourselves justice today. We didn´t do the simple things right.

    If anything, at least this might show those higher up in the club that we desparately need another striker and probably more than that some creativity in midfield.

  34. They can be holding midfield players Gerrard, Henderson/Adam in a 4231 formation but they are useless in
    a 442 who is going to break forward who is going to track back they seem marooned in the middle of the field! The midfield needs Shelvey in their
    breaking forward Downing needs to be playing doesn't matter how good or bad he
    has been he his our only winger.
    I hate 442 when we play 4 midfield players it doesn't make sense Downing and Bellamy need to be on the wings we could try Maxi in the middle with Gerrard at least he tries to get into the box and could offer that extra bit of skill needed in the middle of the park.

  35. Couldn't agree more ! Far to many negatives about Liverpool. Poor team selection, poor game plan, manager appears incapable of stimulating players, far to many players  seem satisfied with the performances they turn in ! Todays performance was as bad as anything during the Benitez/Hodgson era, and we all know what happened to them. I firmly believe that the next two games will define Dalglish's future at LFC. The Fenway Group can see a top four finish disappearing down the tubes and losses in the Cup competition will surely put his tenure at risk.

  36. some of them shouldn't be at liverpool in the first place, what is important, to see who Kenny drops for City game we'll see if he turned his head around.

  37. Well I am truly pissed off with this team one week we create enough chances to win 5-0 the next we get stuffed 3-1 I thought we were going in the right direction under kenny but watching the games in 2012 and then the manager saying we don't need to strengthen this window and no kids on the bench tonight my good feel factor is gone the only thing I can c now is if we don't beat city and beat man u and still fail in the fa cup season over I can't c us finishing higher than 6th still always love my club but that's the way I c it

  38. Maxi played well been dropped, again and again, no wonder he is not going to have a good game from time to time, but the likes of Henderson and especially Adam are starters in every game always blowing hot and cold, no sign of improvement, hardly ever out of the first team explain that to me

  39. I agree red i wasn`t saying kenny should not take the blame aswell but he did seem to be really pissed off and i hope he drops a few of them for the city game as a result.

  40. wat game were you watching??
    gerrard was the only man in centre mid, over ran.
    charlie adam offers nothing apart from poor passes and has no legs and is a red card waiting to happen, he cant tackle, hes terrible and offers nothing. why blame gerrard one man dont make a team, least his passes went to a red shirt. hes just come back.
    your comments on here are just irritating and clueless.

  41. the problem is Kenny having over a 100 mil to spend got rid of some of the best players i.e meireles and aqua, Rafa having considerably less bought alonso, garcia and later some other important buys which were seen as promising and improvement on what we had. Kenny on the other hand apart from 2 players spend  unbelievable amount on average players who should't be wearing the liverpool shirt. i'm not surprised people are calling for his head, his era since the summer has been far from promising, looks rather like a downward spiral...

  42. yeah you talk out your backside all the time

  43. Liverpool finished 5th 3 points behind Everton in 4th!

  44. Yawn. Stop following me around weirdo.

  45. Paddy we just cant spend like the other teams anymore (i wish we could but we cant)fsg are trying to buy young at a good price and build up a team that way .Not the way we are used to but still its a way forward.

  46. your clueless and really irritating thats for sure.
    you obviously have no idea about fitness and injurys, wind your neck in.  gerrard was one of the only players who could find a pass to a red shirt today. one man dont make a team.
    lack of effort and desire was the problem, not tactics or selection.
    give it a rest

  47. ha ha laughing and joking outside the ground thought yud won,kenny was right we smashed yer just cant get enough

  48. I think Hendo is such an overrated player, I don't think her performed that well 2day or since he arrived..although
    hes young, he needs to take more responsibility, be committed to
    tackles, be fearless and creative. He's not efficient enough in terms
    of conserving the ball as well as his energy. There are a few passengers
    in this team (e.g Downing aka Square ball) who lacks passion and are not deemed to wear red.

    Carroll has shown some brilliance...however hes not getting the right
    service from mf or maybe KK's tactics are not suitable to his style of play. KK
    needs to gradually implement some of the fringe youth players such as Morgan,
    Sterling, Suso etc. I'm confident enough that they would be fighting for
    a starting line-up (e.g Flano/Kelly last season) instead of the typical
    first teamers who are currently putting a shocking perfomance in
    corellation to their salary.

  49. Answer this honestly if you can - did you show Roy Hodgson the same backing as you are now doing with Kenny?

    Yeah thats what I thought

  50. Glen jonson is the worst right back in the pl.we used to be ass at left back now we solved that,and instead we are shit at right back,kelly every game shove johnson in the ressies! Knob.

  51. I'm so angry after watching this shoddy, clueless, pathetic performance. From the first whistle they looked awful. You could see it in the way they were playing...they thought they only needed to turn up tonight and they would get 3 points. The embarrassing thing is that Bolton didn't even play well. Those players should feel absolutely ashamed of themselves.

    Now let's look at the problem. The manager is not up to it. He has demonstrated that despite having bags of cash to spend he really hasn't got a clue...Adam, Downing, Carroll...these players can't even do the basics ..Adam sums up KD...an overrated  Championship player with no pace, no control and no idea (he needs 10 minutes to make a decision and by the time he's ready the ball has been taken off him or the opportunity has disappeared). An oil tanker can turn and react quicker than Adam.

    I hope the owners are watching this closely. KD is on borrowed time...can you really imagine them trusting him to waste any more of their money in the transfer window. Make no mistake we need to get in 4 or 5 players for the FIRST team (not just to strengthen the squad) and there's no way KD is going to be given any money to buy. The result is that we get worse...we get further away from CL places and then the owners need to make a decision...and there's really only one they can make. Thank you Kenny for your service to the club, but the honeymoon is over. You had an embarrassment of riches made available to you but you have failed abysmally.

    Come back Rafa, save this club before all is lost!

    ..and to all the critics of Rafa I ask you to think how it felt when we were rated the no 1 team in Europe and got to CL finals and semis...yes it seems a long time ago now, but this is what Rafa achieved....do you really think Kenny will match it?

  52. Some of the comments here are shocking. What planet do you lot live on? We are a club rebuilding after near bankruptcy only recently. We are club behind the times modernising commercially and lacking a larger stadium to ultimately compete with our rivals who have moved so far ahead of us. We have only recently stabilised under new owners and the return of our best manager of modern times. His record as manager and player is second to none. This rebuilding will take time and patience and will not happen over a season or 2. This is long term. Pale reds can move on to Elland Road. The rest, keep the faith. In LFC we trust.

  53. Shocked at how one minute Dalglish can give press confrences arguing how happy he is with progression and the work rate of the squad and then after this performance actually say if some continue the way they do then they wont be playing very long - It is obvious that the reality of failing to make 4th has struck him but did not see him deflecting it on to the players and therefore remove responsibility from himself.

    Paddy is the only poster on this thread who has pointed out the issues with playing Adam and Gerrard in the middle as a recipe for disaster, they bossed us and walked through the pair of them as they are tactically unaware of how to position themselves. If you dont believe me or Paddy then look up the great Arrigo Sacchi and what he had to say about Steven Gerrard.

    The manager is ultimatley responsibile, and to be honest by questioning the work rate and attitude of the players has changed my mind about giving him time. I would argue regardless of wether we make the CL this year he should have another year, not so sure anymore, I feel the sooner FSG identify a world class manager the better, we LFC fans need to stop this nostalgic affection to the past through KD and put the future first.

  54. We are abt 9 points better of than we were last year, still in touch and in with a chance of Champ League place. Dalglish wont get sacked or leave , that would be disastraus at this stage of the league, mayby at the end of the league. He needs to stop picking players like Andy Carroll, Maxi and Kyut first of all and either buy a striker/poacher that can find the net or blood from the club. Youll see changes soon!!


  55. I am ashamed some of you fans have the balls to criticize Downing who happens to be one of the best recently.
    Andy Carroll is simply a disaster and Henderson a confused and overrated little boy, they both belong to the bench and KK should accept that. They have been given enough time to justify their price tag.

    They are an embarrassment to football at their age, imagine young players playing like grannies.
    I keep wondering if KK knows what he is doing playing henderson and carroll everytime, especially Henderson.
    Shelvey is far better than Henderson.

    KK Please Dirk Kuyt does not belong to the bench, henderson does.
    Why not play Bellamy as a top central striker so those crosses from Downing and gerrard would not be wasted anymore on Carroll?????

    For those of you criticizing Downing please thinnk again and watch his game and mode of play, its not always about scoring.

    Finally we need a top striker and it must not be a british player. The money spent on Henderson was wasted and its a shame to KK and Comolli.
    Henderson is the bggest mistake ever, sorry to say.

  56. Kenny Dalglish: As a player for the Reds won: 6 league titles, 4 League Cups, 1 FA Cup, 5 Charity Shields, 3 European Cups, 1 European Super Cup.
    As manager won: 3 league titles, 2 FA Cups, 4 Charity Shields.
    He also won the Premier League for Blackburn Rovers as manager.
    By what standard is Dalglish mediocre or not have a clue about football?
    Be ashamed, be very ashamed. 

  57. Fair player kenny, man up to admit finally that some of his players show no passion for their jobs or club, which indirectly means they are not good enough. SHOW EM THE EXIT DOOR KENNY, INCLUDING those SO-CALLED FANS who have been backing them all the way!!  We need hunters and not farmers at the club, otherwise we have no chance of winning the PL for atleast another 5-10 years!!!  
    Feel sorry for Kenny after that interview and credit to him for being honest for once!!
    Fans like myself who have supported the team for over 25 years, appreciate honesty, passion and committment....its what makes us different from the rest "YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE" 
    People who are asking for kenny's head at the moment are going a bit too far.
    He's been out of management for a very long time, so asking for his head and having a dig at (Gerrard)....is shocking!!  For what he has done for this club and considering he's been out injured is bang out of order.  What other player can come back after such a longtime out and contribute instantly with goals.  The man has spat blood for us and is truly one of our GREATEST PLAYERS EVER!!
    Steve Mcmanaman was such a naturally fit athlete, look what happened to him when he got into his 30's....

    Lets back kenny for now, I'm sure IF a day did come when he feels he's taken us as far as he can, he'll do the honourable duty and step aside.
    Personally I do not want to see him go for a very longtime but in todays world you have to also look at the bigger picture!! 

    No one is ever or will be bigger than the club.......

  58. Absulutely shocking performance, Liverpool were very soft up the middle of the park, after watching the game I'm not even sure that we had a holding middle playing, and if we didn't then why didn't we. We desperately need some players with creativity, because currently we don't look creative at all going forward

  59. Sorry?????? What Brilliance have you ever seen from Carroll? Are we seeing the same player or what......................??????????????? Carroll is absolutely useless!

  60. Shocking pErformance, no holding midfielder, and not enough players with creativity, must spend some more money and buy at least 2 players otherwise will be more of the same!!!!! No champions league for Liverpool this year

  61. Even Roy Hodgson would have got you more points if he stayed and was given 130million to spend...so that don't stand that we have more points than last year.

  62. brillianc?
    please explain because again he spent most of the time falling over,after 2 minutes he was on his arse and his positioning was dreadful again.

  63. I agree...prefer shelvey's flair !

  64. anyone who thinks rafa will be brought back are clueless.
    there's more chance of deschamps coming.
    remember when fsg were toying with the idea of a young manager like villa boas to take over?
    kenny got the job full time because it was impossible to dump him after the job he did taking over but remember how long it took them to give him the job full time? 

  65. Kenny hasn't tried to go to war with the fans !

  66. Won't be long before you and majority of lfc fans get their wish come true....Rafa will be back...sooner than i thought

  67. Explain with facts exactly how did Hodgson go to "war" with the fans?

    (this is typical of the pro Kenny Brigade, preaching give the manager time but cannot admit they did the opposite when Hodgson was in charge)

  68. Who was given 130 million, l/pool net spend was 47  mill from last Jan. Woy would of got us relegated. Plus the season has abt 16 games left, best do your judging then.Players attitude to win is the prob, they think because a team is in relegation zone they have the right to win, there getting well paid for it !

  69. I hated Roy but to say if he spent 130million like kk he would have got us relegated is unfair ...he's at west brom and they've spent nothing and they don't look like getting relegated...

    As for net spend...Roy's was zero for us as he spent 30million and sold 30million...

    Look all the other teams in the premier league bar man city have a lower net spend than us..

    Do you think newcastle have spent big or had better players than us when kk took over us and Pardew took over at the toon

    .kk is the problem

  70. I want Rafa to come back...but I don't necessarily think it will happen. More's the pity. Having said that KD is on borrowed time now...the owners are not going to sit back and watch any more fiasco's like tonight. CL is everything ....and it's not going to happen with KD in charge...I wish it wasn't the case but the signings and performances only point one way for Kenny...the exit door.

  71. Im talking about L/pool, thats the issue, i think come May we will be in a good position, nice chat ! 

  72. stop following me around and responding with stupid remarks. Yawn.

  73. stop following me around. its weird. 

  74. What is irritating is that you follow me around on almost every single thread and resort to insults. How mature(!)

    Grow up, unless you have mental disabilities, than I apologies.

  75. haha, you really think your something.
    like the headlines are all listed paddy.
    your obviously one those people who like the sound of there own voice.
    dont agree with the dribble you come out with simple.
    like you said earlier "arm chair supporter"
    sad boy

  76. Well when Rafael did it he got slaughtered for criticising his players in public

  77. I love Rafa and he was great for european footbll. But he was never going to win the premiership as long as he had a hole in his arse.

  78. Didn't see Gerrard do anything today

  79. Its all Kk fault...he's not putting his arm around the donkey and the two mules when they are pulling Carra sat on the cart

  80. To have no holding midfielder and have so little creativity really is a recipe for disaster. And it takes some doing too! If we went down like Arsenal, chances at each end but losing to soft goals, i could accept that. But to be soft defensively and offer so little going forward is criminal.

    If the players are not motivated, then it is the coaching staff's job to see and it is their job to correct it. No point complaining to the press about it. It's not as if the signs were not there, is it? Players taking 6 months to still not look fit, players getting into fights in pubs, players getting into stupid scrapes with the opposition, even if you think the ban was unfair, players going out wearing stupid t shirts to show the world that player power is in force at Anfield.

    And Gerrard is the captain, why can't he adapt to a defensive midfield role until other players are fit again? What's all this about him not being disciplined enough for the role? He has all the attributes to do it with his eyes closed. He's a paid professional!

    If this does not encourage the coaching staff to bring some youngsters onto the bench, and put some of the big signings in the reserves to win some games, nothing will. But i fear that our coaching staff will not want to do this and, therefore, admit their mistakes in the transfer market.

    We can't sign new players every time our players underachieve. We are not getting the best out of what we have at the moment, so why should new players make it any better? Particularly if we have the same people choosing them? We have to go with what we have to the end the season and we have to give Dalglish and Carroll the rest of the season to get it right. Suarez, who was not scoring so many himself before his suspension, also has to take some responsibility for how things are going.

  81. give it a break with your net spend. the money was spent on players,end of.

  82. Why is it when we won many, it was always the players who gets the 'hero' treatment? And when we lose, Rafa takes all the blame? I can't believe that people are still arguing the 'Rafa won the CL with Houllier's squad'!! What about Kenny and the double? The players were from Fagan's and Paisley's! And it did not changed much till '89.

    By then KK saw what was coming, like Mourinho with Chelsea and Inter, they knew that it was time to let go!

    Every week, KK is turning into George Lucas. Star Wars Episode 4 to 6 was classic. When Lucas decided to re-engineer the first 3...it was horrendous. I don't think many Star Wars fans were thrilled with his so call comeback.

  83. It was humiliatingly bad. An absolute embarrassment. Can't even post it on Facebook. Them scums love these moments.

  84. Net spend is not the issue, he has brought in £130 M of players, okay Torres left, but the reality is Kenny has spent that sum on players. Net value is concerned with economics and, to be honest, I couldn't give a damn about the economics. I want to see my club do well and put in the performances/effort, not barter over end of year figures. If your arguments do consider just "net" spending, then that implies that he has wasted the margin, which is surely equally unforgivable. That wasn't a Liverpool team out there today... They should be over at Goodison.

  85. At least with kk we ain't gonna win the league and forget c/league cos we ain't ever gonna qualify in the first place....at.least with Rafa we were with the European elite

  86. As bad as we have played this season we are still within sight of a C/L spot, which is an absolute priority if we are to attract world class talent. We deserve nothing more than our current  league position. The league doesn't lie! 

    Glen Johnson has to be shipped out, he's a defensive liability, Andy Carrol will never never never ever be good enough for any top 10 premiership team.Management need to grow a pair and sell him before his price drops even further. £20 million on Downing?. We should be at least trying for the likes of eden hazzard £35, Neymar, Lucas e.t.c they might cost many many  millions of pounds but at least this would send a clear message that we are intent on bringing world class talent to the club.

    The extra cost in bringing  these players to the club, or lose out on C/L again which would be a massive financia loss to the club.

    We need to be beating teams in the relegation zone comprehensively , and need to bring at least 1 of the young lads, morgan, sterling e.t.c to the bench. So if we are a couple of goals up, 15 mins left bring them on, ease them in. 


  87. lowee - Please stop attacking other posters. Thanks.

  88. Spot on, Madness.  The hypocrisy over Dalglish/Hodgson is ridiculous, but entirelyu predictable.  Fans were calling for Hodgson's head after three months in charge, and if Hodgson was in charge right now, there would be blood on the streets.

  89. It's not Maxi's fault.  He's been dropped every time he's scored this season.  I wouldn't blame him for feeling demotivated.  There are far bigger problems than Maxi; at least he has *contributed* something to the cause this season.

  90. Not sure how Johnson has become the worst right back in the league and how this defeat was down to him, really. Apart from Bellamy, they were all clueless and that includes Gerrard who, as captain and the most experienced player out there, has to be more responsible.

  91. Charlie Adams pass completion rate was less than 60%. That is awful for a central midfielder in PL. Sorry but that is absolutely atrocious. The minimum your looking for from a top club central midfielder is to be tidy with your passes and don't give it away needlessly, especially if your playing a kind of holding role that he was. That is a shocking level of completion rate. 

    Leon Britton he is not, that is for sure.

  92. Should have played the Bolton team last week against Stoke city, and last week's team against Bolton...

  93. I don't think KK had a plan at all. He bought players to maker up numbers-he was conned by Ferguson into buying Adam! I don.t think he did his homework when buying Henderson/Carroll/Downing either,none of them have any particular skills!
    I forecast when being made manager,that Dalglish would fail to make LFC competative again,he does'n't have that ability! He does'n't have the tactical nous!
    Fans can say that Benitez failed but the truth is,he kept LFC up there with all the top sides in Europe,and with the money Dalglish has had,Benitez would have LFC vying at the top in no time!

  94. Agree completely re Maxi. Its time the powers that be realize that Hendo, Downing and Adam are not good enough and look like squad players at best. The positive is that we moved out the players that weren't required last summer. 
    We need a couple of excellent transfer windows if we are to make inroads to the top 4. The room for bad recruitment does not exist for us now as all the top 6-7 teams will be strengthening also and it will look like we are spending money to stay still if we don't see a step change in performance. 
    Time to bring in some of the kids? We couldn't do much worse and at least they will be playing at 120% for the shirt.

  95. Exactly. When some of us talked about Rafa's Istanbul moment, people will say please don't live in the past and the world doesn't end in Istanbul. But when we talked about Kenny, the point that he was the last manager who brought us the league title has been raised over and over again.

    Gerrard doesn't need Adam or Henderson in the midfield, what he needs is Lucas/Mascherano who both can release him to be more freely behind the striker. This is what he does with Torres. Without a holding midfielder behind, he can't attack as freely as he wants, he can't get forward whenever he sees a opportunity especially when he knows that the likes of Henderson and Adam behind can't defend at all. If we have a Xabi Alonso type of player, it will be much better, a player who has vision, creativity and superb long pass ability, it will certainly boost Gerrard's influence at the final third.

    But sadly, Kenny can't see it. Gerrard, Adam, Henderson (after the substitution made) at the midfield play as box to box midfielder. He seems like clueless what is going on at his team. I think Kenny should step down if we failed to perform in the next few games, it is better if he goes rather than Agger, Reina, Suarez go at the end of the season.

  96. Dalglish needs to just shut his mouth and go away..he is 90% of the problem... besides, everyone knows that if he really does have the guts (which I doubt) to cut anyone.. it's not going to be any of the garbage that he brought in.. he'll "make an example" of someone like Maxi, who he seem to been trying to force out of the club anyway.. when everyone on the planet knows that the first player gone should be Carroline!.. but like I said.. he is too gutless to cut his little Brit boytoy! ... 

  97. You're kidding right??? A 6th place club spends 100m and goes backward...a manager stuck in the 80's brings in a truck full of crap based on their passport and clowns like you defend based on what he did over 20 years ago.....another lemming drinking the koolaid of the past.. 

  98. I didn't say tactics were the issue, I said tactically he did what everyone has wanted to see and it failed. So don't balme him for putting out what everyone would call our strongest line up without Lucas or Suarez. So what you're saying is we just should have overlooked a defensive midfielder rather than use a make shift one? If you haven't noticed Spearing and Lucas are injured. When the line up was announced everyone was filled with the sense that we would score goals gallore, but we were a wreck because the team lacked focus. Every touch was terrible. Even Bellamy's goal was nothing special. Don't say tactics are to blame because you would have chosen this line up, everyone would have.

  99. I'm tired of you always comparing their two eras. Hodgson isn't a proven table topping manager. He's good with minimal low achieving sides. Dalglish has proven himself at Liverpool before, and even Blackburn. Hodgson was never going to fit in well. Dalglish is a legend and has proven this, that's why we believe he can do it again.

  100. You are a fool! Dalglish just lost it. Putting the blame on the players shows an utter lack of professionalism. He is contradicting his own philosophy of "washing dirty linen in private". If roy hodgson had done a similar press conference he would have been kicked in the #ss for that. But since it is the king, supporters like you think this is honesty! That was just cowardice imo, protecting himself by putting all the blame on the players. Who chose the players before the match? Did they pick themselves up for the match, huh? Who chose the formation for this match, uh? Did charlie adam decide by himself that he will play holding midfield? Everybody knows that charlie adam is no holding midfield. He cant tackle without giving away a foul. He is always late and give foul in dangerous position. Anybody who watched him play since the begining of the season knows that. And lastly who do you think bought those shitty british players who are underperforming and who was never good enough to begin with, uh? 35million for caroll! big joke...Aguero cost the same. 20 million for downing!? mata cost the same. 16 million for henderson...it should have been saved. We already had two better players in meireless and aquilani. Kenny dalglish should have apologised to the fans for making us lose our time watching a pathetic match like that. There is no freaking way we are gonna make top 4 this year. 7th at best. I dont think kenny should be sacked. he should folow his own philosophy that nobody is greater than the club and leave asap.

  101. Sacking Rafa was never the solution at that time and it took club backwards and same is case now, if Kenny is sacked then progress that the club is making will be undone. So real fans need to get behind the team and the manager. 

    I have to agree that Kenny made some shocking transfers in the summer and letting go Aquilani and Meireles was even more shocking considering Aquilani was our best player in the pre-season and Meireles had a great last season. Still now whats's done is done and we have to look forward.

    This statement shows that Kenny will sell but the problem is instead of selling non performers he would sell Kuyt and Maxi

  102. over 20 years ago.. it's blindingly obvious that the game has passed him by.. stop living the past.. 

  103. LFC carried the confidence from the last game game...pun intended...The midfield was very poor Adam,Hendo Maxi were totally clueless and lacked creativity and cohesion and inspite of the change the players brought nothing to the game, Glen johnson and enrique did not get into the game,  im glad big AC showed what he is capable of although in patches , kudos to Bolton for taking the game to LFC who were not in the game at all a very poor day at the office by the reds.When will we move in b4 the transfer window closes????? God only knows it will be another frustrating season yet again...sheessssshh i have nothing to look forward to in the weekends.

  104. Maxi & Bellamy started, Downing was dropped, isn't that the war cry from posters on this site? Are you all happy now? The first 2 goals showed our vulnerability in the middle of the park due to Lucas being absent and a lack of a suitable deputy being present (Conor Coady can play there).
    Although he assisted Bellamy's strike, Andy Carroll was awful in front of goal today, the mis-kick in the second half was embarrassing and we need a natural finisher (Adam Morgan will be here soon). 
    Creativity up front in the final third was severely lacking as well, all the little one twos and flicks were intercepted and the players seemed to lack vision and were heavily out manned outside the Bolton penalty area. We lacked vision and trickery to unlock the defence (Suso & Sterling would be key to this).
    After the 2 cup ties, or even during, I think now is the time to replace some of the underperforming and highly paid first team players with some young & hungry reserves/youth players. If the rumours of this Teixeria kid are true, the sooner he is playing in the first team the better, added to the players I've already named, the team would have an injection of fresh blood and players who want to prove themselves. This might be the kick up the backside that the 'taking it for granted' mob might just need to kickstart a barn storming finish to another disappointing league campaign. 

    I was at school when we last won the league, I would like us to win it again before all that becomes an even more distant memory.


  105. I'll third that, Shelvey, as I've mentioned before, is a monster of a player. Thanks Rafa!

  106. How much have City spent over the past few seasons and only have one solitary FA cup to show for it?
    Yes, we've spent 100m on players but that's to get us on track with the spending of our rivals. Were you expecting overnight success? Did you whinge and moan during the 2nd half of last season when we were playing awesome football and beating just about everybody?
    What would YOU do and who would YOU sign?
    Do you have your coaching badges?
    I wouldn't be surprised if there are players reading the shit that you and all the other negative lovers post and it grates on them. 
    Get off your high horse and show some support to the manager and the team.

  107. Peter, I am a big fan of Rafa, also of Dalglish so, whilst I agree with certain parts of your post, I cannot agree with others.
    The reason we signed Adam, Downing, Carroll & Henderson is that they had, statistically, great seasons last year. Downing was always one of Villa's top performers. Adam was a revelation at Blackpool for two seasons, Henderson was  dynamite with Sunderland and Carroll was banging goals in for fun with Toon. Maybe the players' team mates made them look good, as in the case with Torres as he and Gerrard formed LFC's most lethal strike partnership EVER. It's taking these players time (albeit too much for most of our liking) to gel with each other and form a fully functioning unit. There have been literally hundreds of 'failed' transfers of players who, when they were with their old team, they looked unbeatable;

    Chris Sutton, flop at Chelsea, dynamite with Blackburn alongside Shearer
    Andre Voronin, flop with us, had a great strike partnership with Berbatov at Leverkusen.
    Shevchenko, flop at Chelsea but awesome in Italy, as was Crespo.
    Veron at Man Utd etc etc.

    Dalglish has brouth in a bunch of players who were, on paper at least, statistically good enough to improve the squad and, as yet, they haven't delivered (Bellamy & Enrique notwithstanding). The 'want-it-now' culture we live in now is getting it's collective knickers in a twist because we're not sitting top of the league and destroying everything in our paths. Give it time, there's a whole raft of talent in the reserves & youth set up bursting to get on the scene and do some damage.


  108. Spot on Chad, too many short sighted fools posted on here who can't remember how Dalglish was part of the club's illustrious history and will be part of the folklore of it for many years to come.

  109. I do not think Kenny should be taking a massive swipe at the players like this, he is the one that selects the team in the first place.

    I am not going to call for Kenny's head after not even a full season but he has to look at himself too. As mentioned, Gerrard and Adam are not holding midfielders. Why the hell are we deploying them there? Henderson is not a winger end of the story. Why oh why is he being used as one?

    The team setup is not working. Kenny needs to go back to the drawing board and look at what has gone wrong, not just from the players but himself too. Whatever Kenny has tried so far is clearly not working. He need to have a different approach to his setup and selection of his teams. Change things around for heaven sake.

    We are so severly lacking down the right of midfield. Why the hell are we persisting with Johnson at RB who is becoming more and more appaling at his defensive duties when he is clearly the better attacker. We are in desperate need of somone down the right of midfiield and Glen could be the solution. If we do not try him there then we will never know if it is going to work. Now is the time to take risks ffs.

    Spearing was not fit to play and I am assuming he will be fit for the next match. We all wanted Maxi to play in this match too but he was non existent. That is the way he has always been. Hot for a couple of matches and cold for the next five. Both Kuyt and Maxi need to be replaced with quicker, more attack minded and more skillfull players.

    My team for the next match

    Kelly Carra Agger Enrique
    Johnson Spearing Adam Bellamy

    Yes I have gone with Doni as Reina has made quite a few mistakes this season and needs to spend some time on the bench.

  110. Here's the team, in my opinion, who would have us as world beaters, had we kept them;


    Johnson          Skrtel                 Agger          Enrique

                                Alonso            Mascherano


                           Suarez              Bellamy


    Subs; Doni, Carragher, Lucas, Kuyt, Crouch, Shelvey, Maxi.

    All of these guys are still playing and, if we could get back the ones who we sold, I'd be one happy chappy.

  111. You should not insult fellow fans for their opinions, state your facts and we will either agree or disagree with them, the main issue with you is the undying loyalty to a 'person' rather than the club. We will criticise Kenny up to the point where he makes up for the poor results, tactics, selection and perfomance. 
    KD should stop making excuses, he is the Manager after all the buck stops with him.
    Fans calling for Rafa to be back can only wait up to end of the season, where the contract terms that KD agreed to will be reviewed.
    Comolli does not seem to be mentioned in any of your posts, yet he and Kenny made the signings after agreeing on 'Stats' my ..se, stats do not make a good player.
    KD had more supportive owners and monies than Roy and Rafa put together FACT, but why are we having players that are not good enough.
    Season ticket holder or not that does not give you a higher opinion than other Red fans, we contribute our share to the piggy bank and we are by all means REDS TO THE BONE...YNWA

  112. You seem to be the fool not others, you still clinging to the past? Where were you last couple of games? Wake up and smell the coffee, Rafa Back!

  113. Mate what's up with up. How can you leave Henderson out and play Adam. At least Henderson contributes something to the team like pretend to chase the ball or player. . what does Adam do apart from take corners and hoof the ball up. Even I could do that.

    Our problem is that Adam plays like Adam . Henderson plays like Henderson . Downing plays like downing .

    we are a 7-10 place team with the players we have and so we are where we should be.

  114. I think pressure is getting to Dalglish

  115. Spot on mate Maxi, Kuyt, Spearo, etc should be playing, the weakest link has always been Henderson FACT. Gerro cannot move up and leave him and Adam behind, the boy does not tackle, tail, take on an opponent, always passes at first touch either backwards [almost created another goal for Bolton] or sideways and then HIDES! Playing Maxi behind the striker is our best option now, Shevely in for Henderson, we may have a more balanced team. 

  116. You seem to be confusing the situation, we have the 'meanest' defence and they play well, Johnson has been better this term, my suggestion would be to move him forward and play Kelly at the back maybe that will be good fer you.

  117. Managing LFC is pressure mate no matter who is in the hot seat.

    Adam has created goals unlike some of our other midfielders have and Adam has been responsible for many of the other goals that have been created by other players too. Playing him as a holding midfielder will not help the situation we are in at the moment. Gerrard also needs to play higher up the field!!!

    Henderson is not ready to be a first team regular and he is also not a bloody winger. Maybe using him as an impact player at this point would be a much better idea?

    I have picked this team because we need to try something different. We cannot stick to the same plan when nothing has changed since the start of the season. 

  118. well said mate, but the point you are missin is Jordan Henderson!  if you watch him throughout the game, the kid is simply 'clueless', Adam needs Spearo to jerk him up, shevely should be in there too.  What of the junior players we sign each and every year?  At least Downing does try the flack must hit all signings bar Enrique

  119. Spot on mate you have mentioned one sticking point Henderson! I have called on Shelvey to play, he can mark, beat an opponent and score, why put him on the bench the?  KD is clueless his raving was meant to deflect fans opinions to the players [remember Warnock-Burton twitts], he is THE MANAGER AND HE IS TO BLAME. Bring back the team that helped us towards the last part of last season, battlers, spirited never-say-die players. 

  120. Since Lucas got injured what has Adam created?

  121. Lucas is a defensive minded player, he is our only real definsive midfielder, Adam is attack minded so what exactly is your point?

    How many goals did Lucas create while he was not injured and playing next to Adam?

    Spearing and Adam I reckon could form a partnership just as good as what we had with Lucas and Adam.

  122. I thought it was the players that slaughtered Rafa !

  123. i say K D wont be manager at liverpool, if manchester city goes to final, and reason POOR FORM AT ANFIELD ..........chances are high , and i am waiting for inevitable  lool

  124. The fact attendances were dropping and then Roy came out with this famous line 
    Saying we were relegation material with the squad of players Rafa had left and the same group of players Kenny got playing! .
    He explained: 'We've had to live with that for quite a long time now as ever since I came here the famous Anfield support has not really been there.

    Read more: http://www.metro.co.uk/sport/851505-roy-hodgson-turns-on-liverpool-fans-after-shock-wolves-defeat#ixzz1kBaTv4rh Didn't he have to apologise to the fans?Saying we were relegation material with the squad of players Rafa had left and the same group of players Kenny got playing! Comparing us to Fulham! Or were you happy with that comparison!I would say Roy turned on the fans!You area a typical Rafa fan who fell for we weren't good enough to win the league but we could beat every top club in Europe and happy just to be in Europe and be also rans in the league so you need to look at yourself!

  125. One south aussie to another i tottally agree but lets remember he never put the 4 sale sign 35 mill ono up on his forehead.

  126. If Lucas played as a attacking midfielder like Adam....

    never had to run

    ...didn't have to tackle.

    ..took all the corners...

    took all the free kicks and penaltys

    ...tried shooting from 30yards every time he got the ball ...


    And does Adam look like a attacking mf when on the pitch.

  127. How do you know what I thought of Roy? I thought he could be good for the club but it was a step backwards it just like getting Neil Warnock, Mick McCarthy or Sam Allardyce as manager
    getting the club ready for relegation or do you put Dalglish on their level of management? There is no COMPARISON with Kenny and Roy.
    The fans had voted with their feet at last nights game and left well before the end of the game and there has been an eerie silence at games as well with some booing groaning at players for not performing.
    Didn't want Kenny as manager but he did a BRILLIANT JOB when he took over 
    and we started playing REAL football again and had high hopes for this season but because of one thing or an other the new players haven't clicked.  I wanted
     Louis van Gaal or any manager from an Ajax back ground were total football began and what Barcelona based their football on.

  128. This team would cause chaos !

  129. all three of them needs to be recycled !

  130. I'm being moderated why?..I've never sworn and all my posts are being removed please explain

  131. You're not being moderated. Due to spammers, there are certain words that are caught by the spam filter; they can be innocuous words/combinations also. It happens to me too! If I didn't have this in place then this place would be overrun with spammers/saboteurs.

  132. Lucas has only scored 6 goals in his entire LFC career Mali341 in 5 seasons and only one of those goals have come from the EPL.

    WTF is your point?

  133. Never said we should have 'overlooked a defensive midfielder' and not gone with a makeshift either

    Hasn't Carra played a holding role before?

    Hasn't Stevie G played there before too?

    KK should have reined in Stevie G but instead, Stevie G was too here-and-there in his position. So it was either KK or Stevie's fault for Stevie for not holding the defensive fort in central midfield. Seemed like KK didn't instruct Stevie G to sit defensively in midfield

    It seemed like Charlie Adams was the primary holding player, which is crazy as he has rarely played in that role. Even more crazy is that Stevie G has played more in that role, yet Charlie Adams is the sitting midfielder.

    And lastly, please don't put words in my mouth. I would not have picked this line up, as I would have gone with Kelly at right back as I don't rate Johnson. Secondly, I would have Stevie G in the hole behind the striker, with Hendo/Adams alongside Carra.  

    Yes, tactics are to blame as well as lack of quality and commitment.

    Tactics, there I said it.