27 Jan 2012

Alan HANSEN: "I have NO worries whatsoever about him..."

Anfield legend Alan Hansen believes Jordan Henderson should be exempt from the criticism that is increasingly being levelled against Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish's summer signings.

Speaking to the BBC earlier today, Hansen expressed concern about the performances of Stewart Downing and Andy Carroll, but he was upbeat about the former Sunderland midfielder. He enthused:

"I have no worries whatsoever about Jordan Henderson. He is a fine young player who breaks things up, gets from box to box and can pick a pass.

"People tend to forget that Henderson is only 21 because he came from an established Barclays Premier League club in Sunderland, where he played almost 100 games"

Hansen is not the only ex-player who believes Henderson is a great prospect; Didi Hamann and John Barnes have also been quick to sing his praises. Speaking to LFC TV recently, Hamann made the following bold claim:

"I strongly fancy him to go to the Euros next year. He's a very talented kid, and England have to bring these players through now and take them to major tournaments".

"The England team has lacked this youth in recent years; they've stuck with the same team for too long, and they haven't performed. If he has a good season for Liverpool then I have no doubt whatsoever he'll be in the England squad for Euro 2012".

Barnes seems to agree, as he told Soccer AM:

"Make no mistake, he is very well thought-of by England, and I think he can make it"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Totally agree with Hanson and he is an Ex pro whom actually does seem to know what he is on about!!! Shame he would not join the coaching set up at LFC!!!

  2. I think he is a coward , it seems he is scared to pass the ball forward .He is far to negative with his passes .He needs a lot of improvement and some guts.I think its all to much for him , he would be better getting loaned out for a bit.He will come good but i think it will take another two seasons.

  3. Potential Player . He Can Pass and Cross Ball Very Wall . But MUST learn How To Run With Ball And Don't Scare From That ! Plus Must Training For Improve His Shooting Skills ...

  4. "I strongly fancy Henderson to be at the Euros next Year" I dunno.... Henderson looks like he prefers to spend his holidays on a Caribbean beach putting his feet up and leaving responsibility to others whilst passing that blunt sideways.....Always sideways....never forward...(sighs)..........

    I think this kid will come good eventually.  You can tell he is star struck at the moment though.  Whenever SG or GJ calls for the ball JH turns into Mutly the dog and does exactly what he is told.  When he mans up we'll see good things from him.

  5. For a young player in the sort of dodgy side he is in, he has done alright for a young lad.

    He hasn't really asserted himself. No, I'm not expecting 'roy of the rovers' stuff but in terms of technically showing what he is about, instead of looking like he thinks the ball is a bomb and wants to simply offload it to the nearest person. Playing too shy at the moment. Show some of that attacking verve you showed against Chelsea last season, more of that please, Hendo.

    A long term project, Hendo, in a team that maybe is not ready to handle carrying the inconsistency and learning progress that comes with playing a young player in the first team. 

    I don't think the first XI can afford to carry both Carroll and Hendo at the same time, got to be one or the other.

    Less said about Carroll, Downing and Adam the better.

  6. Mali341, wherefore art thou?

    Still pissed off because of our worthless brit players making a cup final?

    Now we just need to win some silverware and then maybe you will go find another team to go piss and moan about.

  7. A prospect, but still have not seen anything that justifies his tag, but maybe in the future he will show he is worth it. Still feel he wasnt required as we had midfielders at the club already and we could have spent the money used on him to get another striker.

  8. I think his potential is plain for all to see but, at times - and more recently, shown that he can look like a fish out of water. Maybe he's a confidence player and needs Kenny to throw and arm around his shoulder now and again. I remember watching Stevie G at that age make some mistakes and improve with age as his reading of the game got better with experience. If he stays clear of injury and improves steadily then I'm confident the kid can become a world beater for club and country - and I'm Scottish!

  9. Did it the hard way as well winning every away game! Tricky away fixtures at lower league teams then beating Stoke, Chelsea and Man City, then showing the guts to come from behind against City but it seems a little lost to some fans! Over 100 comments when we lose but only 30 comments when we get through to a final!!!
    In still a winning spirit in Cup games!Even Fergie has been taking the Carling Cup seriously for the last 5 years had to get United back into winning ways 3 wins when Chelsea came along done Spurs no harm in winning it! Mourinho's first trophy for Chelsea!
    Plenty of pluses to getting to any final gets players ready for games in the future like Henderson and Carroll show why they joined us and give them a taste for more nights like Wednesday.    

  10. Henderson has been handed the most attacking role in the midfield trio, but does not yet posses the inventiveness or courage to carry out the role as far as I'm concerned. He's technically a good player, but without the propensity to actually risk losing the ball with a cutting pass, it's all for nought. Shelvey isn't as good as him individually, but he is far more suited to the role due to his tendency to attack at every opportunity. And Gerrard is far better than both, which leaves me confused as to why our biggest goal threat is left in defensive midfield while the team continues to struggle for goals..

    Anywhoo, Henderson clearly has the favour of his manager which is 70% of the battle. As long as his manager likes him, he'll have plenty of time and opportunity to play his way into form - time and opportunity which wouldn't be afforded if it was purely based on the quality of his performances so far.

    As such, Hansen is right to keep faith that Henderson will eventually come good, in the same way that Lucas developed after years of being force fed gametime that he didn't deserve. If he was given the Babel treatment though, the dude would be toast!