31 Jan 2012

Three available players Liverpool could've signed but missed out on...

The clock is ticking on the January transfer window and time is running out for Liverpool to bring in some much-needed firepower. The club has been linked with dozens of players over the last few months but with 7 hours to go, here are three available, reasonably priced players that Kenny Dalglish could almost definitely sign if he was so inclined.

I've chosen three players who are:

1. Attacking.

2. Definitely available for a January transfer.

3. Young, and fit Liverpool's transfer policy.

JORDAN RHODES (Huddersfield)

The 21 year old striker has 28 goals and 3 assists in 25 games this season, and banged in FIVE goals in Huddersfield's 6-0 win over Wycombe Wanderers a couple of weeks ago.

The youngster is no flash-in-the-pan either; in the last three seasons, he's scored 72 goals and created 14 more, a record that has attracted the interest of many top Premier League clubs. Huddersfield Manager Lee Clark on Rhodes:

"In terms of his finishing, I bracket him with Alan Shearer and Andy Cole, though obviously he hasn't achieved what they did at their level yet. Certainly when you put the ball in the box he's as good as anything.

"But the thing that pleases me most about Jordan is that his general play is sensational at the moment. He's not just scoring but bringing other people into play, holding the ball up and he's creating chances for other players and his movement is fantastic"

Potential Transfer Fee: £3-£5m


I'll keep banging on about this until I'm blue in the face: Shaqiri s availble in January, so SIGN HIM! He was in negotiations with Galatasary earlier this week for a potential transfer, but talks broke down and deal could not be concluded. The Turkish giants confirmed on their website:

"Negotiations with the professional football player Xherdan Shaqiri which began on the 23rd January 2012 have come to an end, we have not agreed terms with [Shaqiri] and his club F.C Basel."

Galatasaray vice-president Ali Dürüst added:

"Shaqiri's club Basel wanted a transfer fee that we would not accept and as a result negotiations have come to an end."

Earlier this month, Galatasary president Unal Aysal told reporters:

“We’ve made an official offer for Shaqiri. We didn’t offer €10m; we offered a lower amount, but with bonuses it would come to €13m. The club told us that they received offers from a few other places, and after evaluating them all, they would come back to us”

So, the facts are:

* Shaqiri is definitely available in January.
* He fits Liverpool's transfer philosophy.
* The top bid so far only amounts to €13m (£10.9m)
* Shaqiri himself has confirmed that he wants to leave Basel.

Potential Transfer Fee: £12-£15m


In an interview with TalkSport last week, Bruce Grobbelaar said:

"There are two strikers [Liverpool are interested in]. I know that [Kenny Dalglish] is looking at a South American striker who is playing in Holland and I know that he’s quite close in getting another striker".

This site was the first to reveal that Texeira was the player in the question, and Liverpool's interest has since been confirmed by the BBC's South American football expert, Tim Vickery.

Texeira has scored five goals in his last three games for Groningen (including a hat-trick against NEC last weekend), which has prompted the Dutch press to label him a 'phenomenon'. After the NEC game, Texeira spoke to reporters, and shrugged off the effusive praise being thrown his way. He said:

"A phenomenon is a big word. Football is a team sport, so we do everything together. I always try my best for the team and try to make contribution with goals. I am just happy that things are going well for us."

Potential Transfer Fee: £6-£10m

Liverpool could potentially sign all three for about the same price as Luis Suarez, but if I had to choose one of the three it would be Shaqiri.

I wouldn't mind Darren Bent or Jermain Defoe either; either of those has to be a better option than Andy Carroll.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. yawn still Andy hating.....

  2. SHOCK HORROR!!! I agree with JK for the second time this week! sign them all!

  3. if only this could happen ... surprises do happen but not often at our club, fully agreed especially with the last 2, lets hope KK and DC have some last minute shock up their sleeves 

  4. Gee, I'm sorry. Am I not allowed to have that opinion?

    Andy Carroll is never going to make it at Liverpool. He is never going to score 20 goals a season for the club. You can accept it now, or you can accept it later, it's your choice.

    He'll keep huffing and puffing for the rest of the season; he'll bag 3-4 more goals, and he'll have a decent game every 5-6 appearances, but he is not the answer.

    It's got nothing to do with 'hating' him - it's not personal; it's purely about football, and Carroll just doesn't cut it.

  5. would love all 3  JK has the answers i hope kk is watchin

  6. can i also throw marko marin in the fold ????

  7. I dont think we can get them on plane in time! I feel Jordan Rhodes is a godd shout do.

  8. I agree Jamie, I have thought we should buy Shaqiri since last year! Guess I will have to take these thoughts into the summer window too! How disappointing...

  9. Stick to Football Manager!!

  10. Good choice, Craig.  He'd be handy too.

  11. Defoe 1/5 on to come! I think it would be better to spend that money on any of these 3 instead.

  12. andy was man of the match against united and we wont sign anyone today man it just wont happen and i think andy carroll will come good just my opinion

  13. Saying he won't cut it is YOU'RE opinion..... Not a fact! Had you said.....'I think he'll Huff and puff but ultimately not make it', that would be correct. To say he WONT blah blah is WRONG...... FACT! When you know as much as KK and won the premier league..... We may sit up and listen to your heavily VEILED support of our team! You claim to be a fan but every article I've read of your has massive undertones of criticism! We don't need snakes or back stabbers like you! Furthermore.....I constantly see you arguing with other posters! Very immature! As far as I read..... Most people have the same opinion as you! Take the hint! (you'll see I've not been rude.... Merely stated facts!)..... Though I dont expect you to allow this post..... But that proves my point immeasurably

  14. as you say its about opinions. I am undecided over Carroll, there has been an improvement but he needs goals. Dont agree with 2 of your 3 signings but i would take Texeira anyday.

  15. maybe - but not EVERY time you open your gob!

  16. Mate your spot on I said this once before and got blocked. Two days ago Jamie was sayin he was impressed by Andy now he turns against him always negative never positive

  17. should be called Jamie Kan'twar eh?

  18. who told you we could get rhodes for £3-5 million? are you serious. look how much arsenal had to pay for oxlade-chamberlain and walcott, sunderland paid for wickham etc, theres no way on earth we could get him for any less than £8 million and that would only be if he expressed a desire to leave ie hands in a transfer request which he wont do certainly until the end of the season at least. theres having an opinion on a debatable topic and theres been wrong.

  19. Liverpool have signed Defoe for 15m. 

    Welcome to Liverpool Defoe 

  20. If Carroll's not the answer, then certainly Shaqiri isn't either...who "keep banging on about". Finding a 5 foot nothing attacking midfielder/forward with loads of natural talent that only knows how to put their head down, run at the goal, and showboat to the fans in the process is not hard. Funny thing is, every single one of them is available for a cut price if LFC wanted them (Zarate, Taarabt etc.). The key is finding one that can actually make your team better (eg. Hazard)

  21. I'd still be going out to pick up Elia AND Hoilett, as they are young, talented and extremely undervalued atm.  

    All this stuff about there not being value in the January market is pure B.S - there are better players available for less money than we wasted in the summer!

  22. Signing Defoe would just be a clear indication that 4th is the extent of Liverpool's ambitions. I refuse to believe that Dalglish will make such an underwhelming move. Again. 

  23. exactly - in real life you have to spend big bucks on proven players like Downing and Carroll if you're going to achieve success, like a Carling Cup trophy and moving up from the top 7 into the top 6. 

    So many fans are dreaming of players that haven't even played a single game against Stoke on a rainy Wednesday yet! 

  24. I see you've deleted the comments who didn't agree with you AGAIN - not much of a discussion this - HOW BLINKERED CAN YOU BE ?

  25. carroll is shit henderson is shit adam is shit downing is shit i just hope we dont it to the champions league mess ronaldo and co will make us a laughing stock dalglish bought british beef and he has mad cow disease so have the fans who are not realist and like sucking dalglish cock!!!!

  26. Jamie you keep removing and then blocking me because you are an attention seeking persion who puts Liverpool down every chance you get

  27. I have said before that Carroll is not a good player. But seeing him vs Wolves, if a player is "committed" enough he can be okay. But 35 mill is still a waste at the end of the day. If Carroll does more hustling like he did against Wolves, then I think most fans would feel content. Thats his best performance for Liverpool IMO. Now Downing needs to start taking pointers from Bellamy, because Bellamy is just untouchable atm.

  28. Are we buying the wrong Texeira?

  29. I would have gone for Hoillet from Blackburn. If they would not have let us have him now, loan him back to them till the end of the season. I like the look of Rhodes as well, surely not every good young player is snapped up by the big clubs? Why did we used to have European Cup winning teams coming out of players who played for Scunthorpe and Doncaster Rovers and now we don't find anyone who played in the lower leagues ever making it to international recognition? I reckon that, with youngsters, a top premiership team could fill their squad with players from the Championship and league one and they could do a good job as stand ins.

    As for Shaqiri, no brainer, definitely would be in for him as well.

  30. Let's all settle down to what we have already and get on with the second half of the season. A first calss attacker would have been good but was not to be. It now depends on getting behind what we have and push for improvements on the field. Carroll WAS a different player against Wolves I agree and hope he can continue improving..

  31. i'll bloody love it if he bangs in 10 so you look like a knob.

  32. Andy Carroll nearly was discarded by Newcastle when in the Youth Set up, but he worked his absolute socks off to get where he is today, the one thing he has is the right mentality. You can clearly see he is working as hard as he can and there is definitely a lot of potential for success for him. It wasn't so long ago that people were calling for Lucas to be kicked out of Liverpool now he is one of the first names down on the team sheet. Carroll is clearly getting his confidence back and the goal he scored against Wolves showed his desire and fitness having got the initial header clearing from a Wolves corner and about 30 seconds later was tapping in at the back post having surged the lenght of the pitch.

    In terms of transfer targets....Jordan Rhodes as well as he is playing will probably end up playing at the level of Sunderland/Everton/Villa....!!! Don't think he would be a Top 4 goalscorer.

    Shaquiri is talented but seems to believe in his own hype from what I have heard and we don't need a big shot thinking he has made it before he has even pulled on a shirt.

    Texeira certainly looks promising and someone we should definitely make an effort of signing come the Summer.

    As mentioned previously Marin is defo a player we should be interested in, as well as Hazard if we can gain a Top 4 position come the end of the season as he wants a move to England, and a place where he can be guaranteed first team football.

  33. your quote - ''exactly - in real life you have to spend big bucks on proven players like Downing and Carroll if you're going to achieve success''.............  <<<<<< are you for real??? 

    55million on these 2 players and your calling them proven players and you call that achieving success???? :/ catch yourself on mate.... how many goals have they scored between them this season, how many assists has downing had for a ''proven winger''??? lol how many goals has the most expensive english player in history got since hes a ''proven player''???? 

    55mill could have got us 3-4 quality players.... it could have been spent alot more wisely.. and dont get me started on adam and henderson lol... 

  34. Jordan Rhodes....No thanks, would struggle in the Championship let alone the premier league.

    Shaquiri....obviously not that special.......Galatasaray.....puuuuurrrrllleeeesssseee. If he was that good why aren't RM, AC,Inter et al fighting over him. One trick pony and we've had enough of those in the last few years to last my lifetime at least.

    Texiera I'm not sure about, lets see how he lasts the rest of the season at Groningen, cold weather etc etc b4 we possibly go back in the summer for him ???

  35. How do you know Rhodes would struggle in the Championship or Premier League?

  36. I believe they have signed David Texeira actually

  37. andy carroll showed glimpses of great quality last night, in the right hands and at his age he could soon be banging in  20 plus a season.

  38. Lol!! I actually hope you're serious as it makes what you've written even funnier!!