28 Dec 2011

"You have a problem with him" - DALGLISH plays the victim card AGAIN...

A few days ago, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish played the victim card by suggesting that referees had it in for Craig Bellamy, and earlier today, it was the Press's turn to get it in the neck.

In his press conference a few minutes ago, Dalglish was asked a perfectly fair question about Andy Carroll, and he unnecessarily went on the defensive, accusing the Press of 'having a problem' with Carroll.

The question asked: "What does Carroll have to do to get a consistent run of starts for Liverpool". Perfectly fair and reasonable.

During his answer, a clearly irritated Dalglish said:

"I think you [the Press] have a bigger problem with Andy Carroll than anybody else.

"Every week there's questions. This weeks it's understandable because he's playing againse Newcastle, but I don't understand the rest of the stuff.

"I think someone has a fertile imagination there about the lifestyle big Andy leads, compared to the one we know he leads.

"He's unfortunate that he atracts a bit of attention to himself from yourselves"

What did the question have to do with Carroll's lifestyle? Nothing. Dalglish was being overly defensive for no reason, which (IMO) illustrated (yet again) the persecution complex currently hovering over Anfield like a cloud.

Whether it's referees, the FA, the Football League, or the Press, Dalglish has regularly made it sound like there is some grand conspiracy against Liverpool. Indeed, you only have to look at the ridiculously defensive response to the Suarez decision to see the persecution complex in action.

What does he expect? Liverpool spent 35m on Carroll; he is the club's record signing, and the most expensive British player in history, and he has not delivered. It's as simple as that.

Dalglish should *expect* questions about Carroll, and he should (IMO) answer them with good grace unless the question is totally our of order, which- having seen every press conference this season - has never been the case.

Dalglish made the decision to sign Carroll, and he has to live or die by his decisions.

Dalglish also refuted the possibility that Carroll was suffering from a lack of self-belief:

"Self belief isn't a problem for Andy Carroll, and I don't why it would be. There's no evidence to show he's short of self-belief.

"We've lost two games that he's played in; in one we were down to 9, and in another we got a man sent off as well".

Everyone will be expecting Carroll to play against his former club on Friday, but as usual, Dalglish was non-committal on the issue:

"When I'm considering what team tp play, it doesn't make any difference that it's against Newcastle.

"He's got to earn the right to be picked; the best way to do that is with his performances on and off the pitch".

Overall, Dalglish indicated that he's very pleased with the way Carroll has performed this season, an opinion with which I don't think many fans would agree:

"For us, he's gone about his work very well, both on and off the pitch. He's adjusting to life at a new club, with new philosophies, and a new way of playing There's nobody at our place who couldn't be doing better, and the same applies to Andy".

It's been one year since Carroll arrived now and he's *still* adjusting to a 'new' club? How long will this adjustment period take? Surely a year is enough time to find your feet?

The personality of the manager is often reflected in the club, and how it handles things on and off the field, and in Liverpool's case, unnecessary defensiveness and a victim complex are increasingly becoming defining characteristics at Anfield.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. totally agree wit u there Jamie. people r only lookin at him to provide something because of the price paid. so either Kenny has to come out and say give him another 2 years or so, or make Carroll perform. our weakness in front of the goal is devastating. put luck aside, we have to put teams away. i love the way were playing now. but wit all the possession in the world and no end product, tats got to be looked at. very very closely. midfielders can only do tat much. Suarez has to stop all his trickery n get right in on goal. too much turnin n windin. n Carroll just has to step up a plate. as do Downing. the crosses tat he put in against Blackburn were just woeful. n Enrique has to work on his cross. it went way way far from our players most of the time. all of these players has to step up a plate if they are to assist Carroll, which i think he can deliver if he is assisted. hope Gerrard returnin gave him a boost...

  2. KD can keep insisting there are no issues and he is happy with Andy Carroll but no one seriously believes that. Thus far he has been a flop and we wasted the money.  

    So far Kenny's team have been the worst goal scorers to wear a Liverpool shirt in the premier league era. Every Roy Evans, Gerard, Houllier, Rafa Benitez and yes Roy Hodgson team have scored more goals after 18 games than this side and we are expected to nod our heads in agreement with Kenny when he claims to be happy with the performances and his record breaking costly striker?

    It was a waste of money, and someone mentioned the below to me the other day and I literally cryed.

    Carroll and Downing = cost LFC 55 million pounds

    Sneijder, Robben, Van Der Vaart = cost Spurs, Bayern, and Inter a total of 40 million pounds


  3. You are a disgusting person and a filth monger. Shooting yourself wouldn't be a bad idea.

  4. I agree some of the comments from Kenny, do seem to be garnering a siege mentality at Anfield, as for Carrol i agree that he has not set the world alight, but then again he has not really been given a run of games in the side, against Blackburn, he played really well, he had 3 chances, two were brilliantly saved by Bunn, and a header that just shaved the post.

    I think Carrol needs a run of 10 games were he plays the 90 mins, and our wingers need to actually try and pick him out, instead of just lumping the ball into the box and hoping, i am sure they must practice crossing to Carrol in training, ie where he will make his runs to, but our crossing unfortunately is woeful and there seems to be no consistancy to where they put the ball.
    As for Andy's off field lifestyle, i live in Liverpool, and i have heard nothing of Andy having a wild time off the pitch.

    It is well documented of Kenny's problems with the press, and the pressure it causes him, it was one of the reasons he packed it in the first time round. His press conferences seem to follow the same pattern, with Kenny saying the same things, and then taking offense at what seems innoccuous questions, maybe he should pass the duties onto Steve Clarke if he does not feel comfortable doing them.

     It seems to me we are going slightly backwards and some players are playing within themselves or are not stepping up to the plate.
    And quite frankly i do not rate Glen as a right back, or Henderson, who goes side ways and backwards, he does not offer any penetration, in fact the whole midfield are not performing and are far too deep leaving a cavernous void between themselves and the forwards, who are left isolated in the box.

    We at the present moment are on course to finish 6th unless there is a dramatic change in our football which is slow and ponderous at times.

  5. He's trying to take the pressure off! For christs sake!! Use your noodle!!

  6. Wow, a lot worse than Ferguson with the press. 

    Calm down Kenny!!!

  7. Kenny is doing what all good managers should do, deflecting the pressure away from his young players. Carroll is only a young player, playing at a massive club and away from his Geordie home for the first time in his life. I agree with Kenny and implore people to stop berating Carroll and give him some room to grow. The same applies to Henderson too, again another young lad who needs time to grow. Forget the price tags and just see them as 2 young players with potential who are plying their trade at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

  8. Manager's defence of their players is creditable,but Kenny takes it to the extreme, it doesn't matter what his players do, he defends them, take Suarez's one finger salute to the Fulham crowd, did he condemn him for it? No, he claimed Liverpool and Suarez where being singled out for some reason. He's starting to make an idiot of himself and our club. I was made up when Kenny rejoined,but the honeymoon period is over now, and I'm starting to wounder if we've made a mistake in appointing him.

  9. Wow! patient and level headed reads between the lines? what you doing on here? hahaha Thought i was the only one!

  10. Well we can see why Kennys a manager and you my friend are a hack interweb football knowall.

  11. The Press are buffoons and Dalglish is right to treat them with contempt.NONE of them are friends of this football club.They like nothing better than shit stirring

  12. Ah that old chestnut(!)

  13. Well certainly not in his second reign at Pool, I don't see whats so 'king' about King Kenny these days.

  14. jaimie do you ever get pissed off???? does anything ever annoy you???? if you look at it he is just pissed off at everythin that is happening just like me you and every other fan out there you cant say were not all happy the way the season is going. and your headline that says daglish play the victim card again is harsh mate its like you have got no support in him the waqy you have just slated him alls i can say is KK YOU'LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!!!!

  15. Credit to a good manager for defending his player but i don't see any good on carroll even when he's at newcastle .

  16. PPress pressure getting to kk..what will happen if we don't qualify for champions league (no chance anyway)..and hard questions are asked....kk stop throwing your toys out...live and die by your decisions like every1 else..

    Why is it only our British players are young and need time to settle...ramsey ..wiltshire ..nasri ..Mata..Owen..fowler ..silva ..suarez ..enrique ...rooney ..balotelli even...anelka to name a few who didn't need years and years to grow up and settle in..

    If David Ngog who was only 19 when he came, was given the same support Carroll is getting..we would have seen his return being far better than Carroll.s ..and he only cost 500k...

  17. Bergkamp, Henry, Beardsley, Christiano Ronaldo, Lucas etc all needed years to produce! Some do and some dont.

  18. People need to stop posting on this pathetic ragsheet of a blog you're only encouraging him to write more negative garbage about a club he claims to support.

  19. Beardsley? You're having a laugh, right? Beardo produced the goods from day 1 for Liverpool.

  20. Correct.. he was hardly here for 2 or 3 yrs!

  21. Ronaldo was only 18 when he joined the mancs! 18!

    Bergkamp got going from the moment Wenger replaced Rioch (the list is endless with the amount of players that failed to shine at Inter during the 90s, as they were frustratingly consistent failures). Maybe Pool need to do the same with Dalglish as KK is trying to fit his square pegs (players) into his round holes (his tactics).

    Henry was scoring goals aplenty from his first season in PL. He had only 6 months at Juve, playing out on the wing. Not even a year.

  22. the Roman empire wasnt built in a single night. so stop thinking that Kenny has to deliver immediately. hes slowly reshaping the team to his style, the Liverpool style

  23. Rafa could of had both VDV and Sneijder when we sold Alonso but snubbed them and took the cash!Robben is always injured only played 14 league games last season and only 8 out of 17 this season!

  24. for the people who want KK out; who are we going to replace him with? you can moan as much as you want but like AVB at chelsea, KK is rebuilding, trying new things, moulding the team. to be honest lets look at the way we play; other than totenham we have played teams off the park but have failed to score through a mixture of bad shooting and great opposition goalkeeping. When hodgson and benitez where in charge, you did not know what type orstyle we would play. Under kenny our football is entertaining and attacking. the only problem he needs to solve is the goals. i honestly believe he should play maxi and bellamy up front, as maxi seems to have a knack and can finsh when put in on goal.

  25. Get over yourself.

  26. Now he's out of a job and writing a website. while Robben and Sneijder played in the champions league final a couple of years ago. Whats your point ??

  27. Cristiano ... remember how much he cost ?? Lucas, Henry ?? Were they record purchases. Bergkamp had proven himself at the highest level and deserved time to be given. Surely any Arsenal fan happening to visit this post will baulk at the fact that you compared Andy Carroll to Dennis Bergkamp !! And this is a list containing CRon and Henry !! Way out of order. The man's a legend.

  28. I actually question the lifestyle he leads. He is supposed to be a star footballer worth 35 mil, but hes looking like a dud every time I see him play. And its not the press asking those questions its the fans. Some times even I think I can play better even if they signed me for free. But its not all Andy's fault. Other players are not performing. 

    Some players have a spark when they play, Henderson doesn't show that. I know he can do that but he doesn't. Downing can put in a good cross, but how many bad ones does he put in. How many times do you seem him put his head down running with the ball and not thinking. Then there's Adam, that looks great playing with Lucas, but is destroyed without him. Also it takes one free kick for Gerrard to show how dangerous he is, and Adam cant do that out of 10.  

  29. Oh dear, did you forget he wasn't allowed to spend the money on Stevan Jovetic?  The deal was lined up, but the owners said no as they had to pay off the debts that they saddled the club with.

    Those thick planks did not realise you HAVE to invest to win things.  They thought they could get that useless hippy Klinsmann to 'motivate' players more so they could save their money.  An absolute shambles were Hicks and Gillette, and utter and complete joke. 

  30. Kenny under pressure from the press, feeling like a victim, creating a victim mentality?  I do not think so.

    Do you know anything about football management?  This is classic take the heat off the team.  Rafa did it routinely.  Let the press (And this site) have their little spiteful, daily mail say about the manager to keep the pressure off the team.

    The author clearly thinks he knows so much better than anyone but has to air his views on a website that is largely reviled by a huge number of LFC fans (who are considered either members of a cult or blinkered according to the author).  If he knows so much about LFC and how LFC should conduct itself as a club, why - then does he not work for the club in some capacity as a PR advisor????

    Instead we get daily-mail type knee jerk articles, having a pop at certain players and general disdain for one particular former manager while heaping praise on the disastrous appointment of Hodgson (which never should have happened).