6 Dec 2011

"That's Scandalous!" - Dalglish in a rage over new Suarez controversy

Luis Suarez could be in trouble again after allegedly giving Fulham fans 'the finger' after Liverpool crashed to defeat at Craven cottage earlier tonight.

After the game, which saw the Uruguayan fail to score in the league for seventh match in a row, Kenny Dalglish was asked about the incident, and he responded:

"I haven't seen the picture and I'm not taking anybody's word for it.

"If you show me the picture and I'm convinced that what you're saying is true, then I've got a decision to make"

Suarez was barracked by the Fulham fans all night, who gleefully chanted 'cheat' at every opportunity. Dalglish was clearly not amused, and once again threw his full support behind the striker:

"That's scandalous. We'll look after Luis as best we can, and I think it's about time he got a bit of protection from some people.

"His integrity is impeccable. He can look in the mirror and go to bed at night and sleep soundly".

With all due respect to Kenny, it's not really scandalous at all. As we've seen in previous games, Suarez went down way too easily on many occasions, and he made things worse by constantly berating the referee for not awarding free kicks.

If the 'gesture' allegation is true, then Suarez will inevitably be disciplined for it, and Dalglish himself hinted at that in his post-match comments.

It's a silly thing to do but in the grand scheme of things, it's arguably not that serious, but the press will no doubt make it seem like the worst scandal in the world.

What's currently far more concerning is Suarez's goal drought; he's now scored only two goals in the last 12 league games, and this is becoming a serious problem for Liverpool.

Suarez's ability is not in question, but he needs to start scoring goals. If he'd buried about 30% of the chances he's had over the last 12 league games, Liverpool would probably be about 10 points better off right now.

Of course, the burden for scoring goals should not just be dumped on Suarez's shoulders, and he is being let down by other alleged attacking players in the team.

Despite the defeat, Suarez was upbeat after the game:

"We lost a game that we deserved to win, I'm very upset with what happened tonight. Cheer up everyone!"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. Unfortunately he did put the finger up I'm afraid.

  2. luis get that fuck away from englandshit go to italy better people.

  3. Suarez has scored one perfectly legitimate goal tonight. A beauty of a goal actually. It was only an offside that little bit, and the goal stood, no one would have said a word to the ref.
    He was seriously wound up by the end of the game by all the blind eyes that the ref and the linesman were turned on the fouls against him, along with some other inept ref decisions. So I guess, I can understand his feelings.
    I HOPE Kenny brings in some player with a natural flair to connect with Suarez. He's been clearly sufferring from the lack of playing support this season when Meireles was sold and Maxi is not played alongside him.

  4. It has been since the Man U game when Ferguson came out and said he was nothing but a diver, have decisions gone against him always!
    Constantly niggled during the game and no protection because if this!
    A typical Ferguson reaction by referees!
    It's utter crap!

  5. jamie, if suarez had scored 30% of his chances over the last 12 games, he have scored 17 goals. He has scored two goals from his last 58 shots in the league. 

  6. thinking that luis suarez's reputation and how he is treated by opposition fans is the fault of anyone other than luis suarez is delusional. 

  7. Honestly. He is arguably the best player in the league or one of the best. He passes the ball better than any striker IMO and he has the vision of some of the best midfielders in the world. His ball control is great. Great player. And referees are abusing that talent.  

  8. Indeed, ship Suarez off to Barcelona, Real, Manchester City or manchester United! We don't need such players at Liverpool!

  9. He was stupid doing that!!!

  10. Heck I would. Gotta dish out a lil hate to the haters out there. 

  11. Sure .. its not like Man City want him. He'll definitely come to Liverpool with the promise of the champo league. Suarez is enough. Pair him up with Bellamy and Maxi. Flair and pace.

  12. He is what he is.Those who don't like it can suck it up. I would rather have a player who showed passion and who felt the pain of defeat.Check out the famous pic of a mud spattered St John trudging  disconsolately off the pitch after the Cup semi final defeat to Leicester. Would you see that now ?. More likely laughing and joking with the oposition and planning that evenings social agenda

  13. Great player, but he is now going to face the difficulty of decisions against him. We are blind if we believe referees do not carry some predetermined opinions into games, Suarez at the world cup was a villian to many, in Holland considered violent and now in the Prem he is considered a diver so it is no wonder that he is fouled again and again at Fulham and the ref gave nothing.

    He is frustrated but this should come down to the manager speaking to him and being bold with his words. Alex Ferguson has to some extent contributed to this reputation and I dont think KD is smart enough to beat him in "unsettling" through the media - Rafa knew that this was neccesary and attempted it by just explaining a few home truths about Utd and Fergie that no one else had the balls to do so... it back fired but it is needed.

    All in all he will get fined for this but it is more than the fine - he is being effected and performances will regress if he vents frustration at fans, refs and not the opposition.