6 Dec 2011

Spearing, Lucas and Balotelli: How the universe took revenge on LFC...

After the Man City game last week, I posted an article arguing (in the interests of fairness) that Lucas, Charlie Adam and Dirk Kuyt did their best to persuade the referee to send off Mario Balotelli. It was unsporting behaviour on a grand scale, and the photo evidence I provided backed this up. I also argued that footballing karma would come into play at some point, and over the last week, it has. Big time.

In my article, I stated:

"What goes around comes around, and the universe has a habit of redressing the balance when it comes to unsporting behaviour and injustice. Mark my words: at some point this season, Liverpool will find themselves on the end of a similar injustice, and it will hurt."

Well, it only took a week for karma to rear its ugly head. In a direct mirror of the unfair Balotelli sending off, Jay Spearing was shown a dubious red card against Fulham last night, and Liverpool went on to lose the game.

The ultimate irony here is that some fans have accused Moussa Dembele of making Spearing's tackle seem worse than it actually was (!)

Hmm. Martin Skrtel writhing around like he'd been punched in the face, anyone?

If you add Lucas's injury into the equation, then it has been a bad week for the club's top four chances. Defeat at Fulham leaves Liverpool five points off 4th place, and things are looking pretty bleak in the fight for Champions League football.

The universe always takes revenge, which is why unsporting behaviour - like trying to get a fellow professional sent off - is never a good idea.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. jaimie, go fuck your mother! 

  2. Jamie, this red card has nothing to do with "footballing karma".  It is due to the fact football has become more about money and protecting players' earnings than the passion filled sporting spectacle we all enjoy.  Why they are taking the tackle out of the game , I don't know.  It really is sad to see great challenges like Jay's tonight getting rewarded with a straight red card. Not a fair result for a fair challenge, in my opinion.  

  3. Suarez clearly onside on that goal!!! these refs are ruining quality football with this idiotic calls. Admit Spearo was a bit on the high side but when the player clearly gets the ball before the player, then it is legal. Very unfair result and unfair to say Liverpool are out of Champions League is outrageous. Didn't count them out in Istanbul, and it won't start now. I think the true Liverpool supporters can agree with me on that. YNWA.

  4. i'm seriously starting to doubt your supporting Liverpool your trying to be unbiased but in fact your only succeeding in slating Liverpool its not a case of karma but that we're unlucky striking the post and cross bar, Andy Carroll ineffectiveness and the fact that the game is becoming soft and players are being sent off for "tackling" not karma you never post anything positive about Liverpool you always seem to find just the negative makes me wonder why you support Liverpool fc 

  5. Jaimie - GTF - as Kenny's fellow Glaswegians might say.  As I said last week Balotelli fouled more times in 18 minutes than anyone else in the whole Man City game.  Leading with your elbow/arm is inviting a second yellow card. 

    And yellow card is about all Jay Spearing deserved tonight.

    One of those games where every marginal call went against us:
    - Dempsey could have seen Red for getting his head in Bellamy's face
    - marginal off-side against Suarez
    - decisive red-card against Spearing
    - Senderos not getting a second-yellow for yanking Carroll down
    - Suarez getting no protection from the ref

    Plus, two more shots hit the post.

    Decent effort. We looked like the home team till the sending off against a better team than recent results imply.

    Keep the faith. YNWA!

  6. the referee was worswt he was standing right there when it happened it wasnt a red card like balotelli own

  7. Last night referees came on the field to destroy liverpool.  Indeed when you see such 'anti-suarez' refereeing and calling of an offside from imagination you wonder, what's next. Referees are the real cheaters these days...prob Man utd fans.

  8. This is not Karma, if is Karma, Liverpool would have draw instead of losing...

    Referee mistakes always happened in football, however there wasn't any mistake Martin Atkinson sent off Balo...

    Yesterday our referee 'Friend' did make a mistake when he show Spearing the red card when he kick the ball before caught Dempsey, GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT...

  9. The ref was a disgrace and got all the big decisions wrong, he shafted Liverpool.

  10. your poes man!!! Talk shit you faggot!!!

  11. 3 big decisions and the referee got them all wrong. Suarez has to cure his attitude proble, stay on his feet and stop antagonising referees - we end up not getting the close decisions - "Karma" in football as in life is just a myth.

  12. I am sorry but Balo had to be sent off, he had NO INTENTION OF JUMPING TO THE BALL... look at it again, he was looking straight at skertl when he realized that skyrtel was going to get it, he ran and PRETENDED to want to jump!!!!! IF (and a BIG IF) you want to pin it to karma, you can think of Rodwell not Balo! even his manager's face showed his frustration with balo that night! he did not say anything about it so that the media dont go DOING WHAT THEY DO BEST!!! shame... really should have got something out of yesterday!

  13. What a hopelessly bad article. Don't bring Karma into it. There are so many instances in football where Karma should have played out and hasn't so leave it out. If Karma did come into life and football as you claim, then gloating over a team's misfortunes in a Karmic instance would see you also suffer a similar fate some way and some how. So  please take care of the powers you subscribe too.

  14. If Jay Spearings tackle was not a red card then Jack Rodwells challenge was not a red card. We gained 3 points at Goodison due to the advantage, we lost 3 points at Craven Cottage due to the disadvantage. We have no right to complain about the decision, the rules worked for us in one game and then against us in another so JK is right, and it also shows some consistency in the rules of lunging tackles.  

    Some fans will argue it was a passionate foul, but fans need to realise this has been stamped out of the modern game, and if Jay Spearing doesnt realise that you cant lunge in with your studs showing that high regardless of the ball being won then he shouldnt be playing - not my rules but it is part of football now like it or lump it.

    Jay won the ball, but he followed through in front of the ref, he could have made that tackle without the intent/agression of the follow through and we would have 11 men on the pitch and a DMF for the next three games - Said it before and it is looking more and more apparent that we will miss Lucas this season, yesterday our midfield was bypassed so easily for Fulham to be facing the back four on a number of occasions due to bad positioning and not knowing when to press and when to hold off.

    All our rivals for 4th (not Newcastle) have scored about 30 goals this season, we have scored a measley 17 - and people have argued we are the best counter attacking side in the country.

  15. Best counter attacking team in the country is Spuds I think you'll find, and on the Red Card, the ref gave it, may have been a tad harsh, but seen them given for less this season i.e. Gary Cahill, Jack Rodwell. Do you guys think that the you were hard done by with the Red Cards at the White Hart Lane ??? 

  16. I totally agree with you.