20 Dec 2011

Martinez admits: "This is the BEST Liverpool team in years..."

Wigan Manager Roberto Martinez has revealed his admiration for the team Kenny Dalglish has put together this season, and he's expecting a very tough game at the DW stadium tomorrow.

In his weekly press conference earlier today, Martinez - who was nicknamed 'El Judas by Swansea fans when he left for Wigan - was full of praise for Liverpool:

"They are very impressive. This is the best Liverpool side we've seen in the last few years.

"It's a perfect combination of players with experience and new players, and they know what it means to play for Liverpool

"They can really hurt you on the counter-attack with electrifying pace, and outstanding moments from key players.

"They will be very tough to break down; they've got the best defensive record in the league.

"When you add that to the quality they've got upfront with Luis Suarez, Carroll, Bellamy and Downing, it's a serious, strong side, and they can achieve a lot this year.

Martinez has always struck me as a thoroughly decent guy, and a manager with a positive football philosophy. Let's just hope Liverpool players don't start believing their own hype and become complacent.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. I thought it was torres who said it!

  2. This guy must be learning 'mind games' from fergie. Not a bad one but youcan always improve.

  3. LOL.... Me too...

  4. I'm not reading anything off this site again.

  5. are you talking about Jamie and his titles to his articles... LOL

  6. hahaha...I too thought it was Torres....lol

  7. I agree with Martinez. Many people are still cracking the whip at Henderson, Adam, Downing and Carroll but even with these so called 'mediocre' british players we are seeing some of the most sublime football in a very very very long time under Kenny.

    We most probably would have been very close to City only if we had converted many of the chances Downing has created and lets not forget how many times Downing alone has hit the woodwork this season!

    Little tweak here and there to the squad and we will be hot on the heels of the front runners. Onwards and Upwards!!!

  8. he does'nt rate lucas either then aye ? not a bad judge

  9. Another misleading article hey Jamie?

  10. Well a little tweak would be to discharge Sir Alex from the FA board so we wouldn't have to miss Luis for 8 games...

  11. Imagine where we.d be if kk had spent 83million on quality that was fit to wear the lfc shirt...we would have been in the top 4...we would have scored more goals than bolton and blackburn who are the bottom two.

    A 19year old..JONJO SHELVEY .. signed for 1.7million is a better talent and is ahead in progress than 22yrs old JORDAN HENDERSON..who cost 20million ...why doesn't Henderson performance stand up to the test he has been playing in the premier league for over 60games now compared to a handful of sub appearance by jonjo...

    As for your hero Adam..the attacker....who is better than Alonso and faster than Usain Bolt ..has scored the same amount of goals as Skrtel 2..but for Adam to get two he has to rely on a penalty..says something.....guess what remember his corner being worth 10MILLION alone ..Bellamy and downing seem to be taking them..wonder why...value going down....

    As for Downing..the attacking winger who the season before last went the whole season without scoring s premier league goal and no he wasn't injured ..lets not our hopes too high..

    As for Carroll..no need to waste breath on him...

  12. Evra is a racist himself, remember he boycot z france selection in s africa on world cup 2010

  13. Ah one of European Football's great coaches speaks.....Jamie should write headlines for' The Scum'