15 Dec 2011

"Liverpool is a sensational club..."

Toronto FC goalkeeper Stefan Frei is training with Liverpool this week to maintain his fitness during the US league's 'off-season', and Toronto FC director of player development Paul Mariner is confident that the Swiss stopper's stint at Melwood will have huge benefits for club and the player.

Earlier today, Mariner - who played for both Arsenal and Ipswich Town, told the Toronto Sun:

“Liverpool is a sensational club and I hope that Stefan is going to go over and learn some stuff. It will be a fantastic experience for him.

“Stefan is a super professional and...we thought it might be good for him to go over [to Anfield] and build his confidence up to make sure he has a good feeling about coming back"

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. How about decades of Liverpool TV pundits! We have endured a lot of Liverpool's nonsense. So it's Liverpool's turn to suffer the same. Gary Neville is doing football proud with his 'impartiality' as did Jamie Rednap/Hansen/Lawrenson/Thompson...................and many others! How about Brian Barwick as FA Chairdog! 

  2. Good point, but none of those people were involved in a hugely serious racial abuse disciplinary case against a Man United player, the outcome of which could have serious repercussions.

    In law there are 2 concepts of bias. Actual and perceived.

    Actual is the situation where a member of the judiciary or tribunal is alleged to have been compromised in the performance of their role. This is an extremely serious allegation to make against anyone.

    Perceived bias is where the arbiter could be seen to be somewhat impartial. Justice must not only be done but be seen to be done.

    All parties to a court case and its observers are entitled to a panel constituted without either of the above.

    The matters you have raised could arguably breach the second limb. I would imagine (hope) that the issues you have raised are known to liverpool's lawyers and it may be that they have accepted the impartiality of the panel.

  4. Is this the same board who banned Gary Neville for running 60 m and celebrate in front of the Liverpool fans?
    Is this the board who banned Wayne Rooney for bad language in a TV camera last season?
    Is this the same board who banned Evra after a "fight" agains some Chelsea personel?
    Is this the same board who banned Scholes and Rooney for three match after a red card in a training match?

    You can not discuss any ability of this board. There will always be someone with ties to Manchester United, Dalglish, Liverpool or Ferguson in english football if you dig deep enough.

  5. well done tornaldo, you just pointed out why united staff cant be believed or trusted lol

  6. Liverpool FC is an instituition by itself if not an icon. No other clubs in the EPL has this stature not even scums.