25 Dec 2011

MANAGER: I'm 'sad and disappointed' about losing striker starlet to Liverpool...

Swansea City manager Brendan Rodgers has expressed his anger over losing out to Liverpool (or Everton) in the race for Cliftonville striker Rory Donnelly.

Rogers revealed last week that Cliftonville had accepted an offer the young striker. Days later, Kenny Dalglish confirmed that Liverpool had 'registered their interest' in the player, and now it appears that Swansea have been left high and dry. Rodgers, who was clearly upset, said:

"I find it sad and disappointing that we had an agreement and now we don't, morally you would think that would stand but we will find out over the next few days."

"We have done everything we can up until this moment...but they decided the fee was no longer agreed and that's something out of my hands."

"He's a good kid and the two clubs who are reportedly interested are fantastic clubs, but it has to be about an opportunity for the player and they (Cliftonville) will decide who will be best suited."

Both Liverpool and Everton have publicly confirmed their interest in the player, and can probably offer Cliftonville more money.

It's not nice to see smaller clubs being gazumped by big clubs i the fight for players, but that's modern football for you; money talks, and I'm sure Rodgers knows that.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. bRING HIM and put into the first team.

  2. Errr...Where does it actually say we have bought him??? Talk about living in a dream world!

    Not sure why you said 'that's modern football for you' Jaimie. When has it ever been different, at least in our lifetimes? Go back 50 years to the 50's and despite the wage cap and so on the big clubs still got their man by offering higher transfer fees than smaller clubs could afford. The only real difference was that then the clubs made the money whereas nowadays the player actually sees some of it as well, only fair considering he's the one that does most of the work! Since when has a club like Swansea ever been able to compete with a top club (even in their brief sojourn into the old first division they couldn't!) when it comes to player pulling power? They have always had to play the same card: 'Come to us even though you'll get a lot less money because we will give you games whereas you'll be bench-warming at a top club or playing in the reserves.' It's a point in their favour but a young lad knowing Liverpool want him will find it very hard to say 'Nah, I'll go to Swansea!'

  4. Hopefully we sign him, his wonder goal alone is worth a punt for a few hundred thousand

    Swansea got a little unlucky, the lad's agent is probably the one to blame

    He may still go for a smaller club than Liverpool

    Remember Robbie Keane as a 17 year old, sensibly chose Wolves over the team he supported, Liverpool, then soon moved to Inter Milan!!! Lippi got sacked and that was curtains

  5. Shame if he goes to liverpool with their record of bringing youngsters through the system. Doubt he'll ever play then get shipped out on load or end up in the conference.