11 Dec 2011

LIVERPOOL STAR: "I am always loud in the dressing room..."

Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina is one of Liverpool's most important players, both on the pitch and off, and as he revealed in a recent interview, he always tries his best to be a positive, supportive presence in the dressing room.

Speaking to LFC Magazine, Reina - who captained Liverpool against QPR yesterday, and kept another clean sheet - provided some insight into his pre-match dressing room routine:

"With or without the captain's armband, I am always supportive and I am always loud in the dressing room, trying to get everyone ready for the game, and making sure everyone is well prepared to compete.

"I try to lead by example but I think everyone in the dressing room leads by example in their own way.

"I don't give a talk. Everyone speaks to each other about what we have to do on the pitch, so it's just the normal routine.

"I think the mood in the dressing room, and the atmosphere of the suporters in the stadium is much more established.

"We have the patience of everybody to get the results back and be up there with the big boys".

Reina to take over from Gerrard as permanent captain? I personally don't think that having a goalkeeper as a captain is the best idea, but he's definitely in the running.

Jaimie Kanwar


  1. They say a keeper is the best choice of being a captain because they have a view of the the full pitch from the bottom to top. But personally I think a defender is a good position for a captain to be from. If he could stay fit I would like Agger to be a future captain, he seems respected an isn't afraid to speak his mind, he also leads by example an rarely makes mistakes. However, Gerrard isn't done yet.

  2. Agree, Chuckey. From the current crop, Agger would be my choice too. I have a feeling though that Kenny will do a Wenger and give it to Suarez at some point though.

  3. I personally don't think Gerrard is that good a Captain. If Reina is at least being vocal with the other players he will be doing more than Gerrard imo.

  4. He's a great captain because he leads by example and doesn't give up. Whereas Carra was always the vocal player (who also leads by example). As a goalkeeper Reina may be nowhere near the ball for long spells so it's a bit harder for him to stamp is authority on the game and calm things down or spur the team on.

  5. i think Adam is in line as well. he seems to be carrying the team now.

  6. gerrard is not a good captain??? right have you heared of the saying actions speak louder than words, well gerrard does his talking with his boots! in years passed how many times has gerrard led by example to drag the whole team back up and win. A few games come to mind. west ham FA Cup final, champion league final. cometh the hour, cometh the man!

  7. I personally feel the title and position are merely formalities at LFC. It's by far easier to say who shouldn't be captain as to put forth who should!

    Suarez, Kuyt, Maxi, Enrique, Adam and Lucas have all captained their previous clubs! Bellamy, Agger, Gerrard, Henderson and Shelvey have captained their countries at various levels at some point. Jay was reserves captain. Gerrard, Carra, Kuyt, Lucas and Reina have all worn the first team arm band. There is leadership quality all throughout the pitch, except at right back.

    IMHO, from all the above, the person who should be captain would be our player with the coolest head. Given we've got so many players who are natural leaders on the pitch, our captain is more of the players representative. Therefore, that player must be rational enough to speak to referees, has to be vocal, but must be able to keep calm at all costs. If we keep Jay, he is certainly of the right mindset, but he might not be good enough to be a first team regular. Not only does Jay possess the same winning attitude as Reina, Suarez, Kuyt, Bellamy, Gerrard, Enrique, Carra, Adam, Agger and Lucas, he was absolute class when he was wrongfully sent off.

    I agree Adam carries the team very well, but I would never have him as captain as we'd see more incidences of our players surrounding the referee for bad calls. In the same vein, Suarez, Kuyt, Agger and Bellars may get into the ref's face a little too closely than would be wise.

  8. Gerrard probably isn't the best captain in terms of motivating people around him vocally speaking. I think Reina would make a good captain and then you could have other leaders out on the pitch to do the rest.

  9. 'Lead by example'? Gerrard hasn't been playing well for over a year, so what example is he setting?

    'Cometh the hour, cometh the man' It is fine doing in the big games, and maybe there has been no one better at doing that in recent years in the big games, but what about all the other games?

    He comes over as moody, maybe as moody as Torres. And I don't think I've ever seen him talk to players during a game other than to say 'come on' when the team is pushing forward in those frenetic last 5 mins attacks. Carragher at least opens his mouth. Of the current team I think Reina is the logical choice given that Carragher can't get in the team.

  10. frankly Gerrard should be free to roam as he did in the past and score at will. The captaincy should be with someone else who carries the middle and leave SG to do the damage upfront. In spite of his age, SG still has years and goals to offer !

  11. He is a 100% team player and I can see why he should be captain - but as captain you sometimes need to be out in the middle to have a word with players who are about to "talk themselves" into a sending off (Craig does spring to mind) - it would be difficult for Pepe to just run up the pitch and have that word

  12. I think there's a difference between not playing well and being injured. You can lead by example by not playing well, such as not shying away from the ball. When does Gerrard go missing in a game? Never. An I have seen him talk a lot during games, he's certainly not mute.

  13. Gerrard does go missing in games. He is getting to the age where he is not rushing to close people down as much, and if that was how he inspired as Captain, then when he can no longer do it does he still inspire?  When he plays badly, the team normally play badly. John Terry (in the past at least) could play badly and inspire Chel$ki because he is more of the complete Captain (personal life apart).

    Thankfully we seem to be going beyond the time when everyone passes the ball to him, many times when a ball to another player would be the better option. Him being injured has helped players to realise they can do stuff. Players just deferred responsibility to him.
    Gerrard is a Liverpool Legend, possibly 2nd to the King in Liverpool History, but I don't think he is a good Captain. That's just my opinion, feel free to disagree. ;-)

  14. I respect your opinion an see your point but i can't recall him going missing. You can watch a good twenty minutes of a game an wonder where certain players are but Gerrard to me always seems to be in the thick of it, rarely making mistakes an driving players on.