18 Dec 2011

Liverpool LINEUP vs. Aston Villa: Shelvey and Bellamy start. Maxi on the bench

Here is the the Liverpool line-up for today's game against Aston Villa. You heard it here first!


Reina, Johnson, Agger, Skrtel, Enrique, Downing, Adam, Henderson, Shelvey, Bellamy Suarez.

It will be interesting to see where Shelvey lines up; he'll probably be shunted out to the right to accommodate Henderson in the centre.

It's a shame that Maxi is on the bench again - I would've played him instead of Downing.

I would like to see the following formation:

----------------- Reina

Johnson --- Agger --- Skrtel --- Enrique

------------ Adam --- Henderson

Downing ------- Shelvey ------- Bellamy

---------------- Suarez

Jaimie Kanwar


  1.  Not convinced Shelvey can play at  this level. Was never a fan. Lacks pace and very sloppy in possesion. He's up against Delph and Petrov today. If he can't shine against them two he might aswell pack it in. Bold move again by Dalglish.  No Bent or Agbonlahor. 

  2. Jonjo over maxi??? LAME. shelvey had better do something useful, this aint the championship /leeds back line.

  3. I bet Carroll's happy :-)

  4. Shelvey was great:) think some on here forget he did well last season as a sub showed more heart and fight in that game then Henderson did in 10 games. Team played for the full 90minutes with no problems any where on the pitch except for that effing woodwork which needs benching!  

  5. LOL. Honestly, what does  a player like Shelvey gotta do to win some "fans" over when he is only 19 years old. Give the guy a break, in terms of potential he can be up there with the best. He has vision, and and an understanding of the game already. It was either Gerrard or Shelvey available today with Charlie Adam. 

  6. His vision and understanding of the game places him head and shoulders above other footballers his age - this is not even taking into account his playing with more passion than Henderson. He shoots like a 22-24 year old and distributes it like he's at least 25, but he's not even 20 yet.